69 position

69ing is when two people simultaneously give each other oral sex. Basically, one person is lying on their back while the other person is on top of them in the opposite direction so both are mouth-to-genitals. It gets it name “69” because you want to imagine the partner’s head as the round part of the “6” and “9” because they are inverted just like the two people involved.

Obviously it is easiest when the two people are similar heights. It’s not really going to work if you have a 6’ 8’’ WNBA power forward and a 5’ 4’’ horse jockey, but if you have a height discrepancy in your relationship it’s better if the man is on top. 69’ing makes it difficult to really focus on giving pleasure while receiving pleasure, but once you and your partner get the hang of it it’s sure to be orgasmic. 69ing is really a kinky, sexy way to spice up your bedroom and it’s always a plus when you’re both getting pleasure at the same time.

If you like to dominate in the bedroom and you want to be the one in control, take the top. Have your partner lie on their back, and then straddle their chest while performing an upside-down blow. Your genitals should be within your partner’s mouth for them to perform oral sex on you. If you get tired your partner can always take the top, 69’ing is all about being accommodating to one another.

Are you a freak that loves to try new positions like 69’ing? Are you looking for another freak to join you in the reverse romp? Text into our phone lines and let everyone know that you’re looking for a 69 partner. When you hear a greeting that is appealing to you and turns you on, just send that caller a message or request a live chat connection. If you make a romantic connection on the phone, the next steps could be to meet up in person and who knows where that will lead too. The possibilities are absolutely endless if you got game.