Booty Grazing

booty grazing

Booty Grazing is the act of texting or calling multiple people to try and land a hookup or a lay for that evening. The person will ask: “What’s up for tonight?” or “Lets meet up later?” The person behind the phone calling or texting could care less what you are doing later unless you are DTF (Down To Fuck). One of the booty grazers’ methods is to keeping the messages and questions short and general, this way they can talk to as many people as possible until one of the fishies bite.

It basically is a booty call on steroids or an x-rated spam email. These attempts usually come late at night or early morning when the booty grazer’s hornyness is at a maximum high. If booty grazing at the wee hours of the morning is your thing, then you might as well try your luck on our local sext lines. You can graze our sexters as long as you want and we will even connect you with the person you want.

Our local text lines are great for singles to mingle on the phone or even meet up for a date. Instead of throwing out 20 meaningless texts to potential booty calls at 2am in the morning, try texting our local lines for some real fun and conversation. Our chat lines are filled with texters that are as horny as the horniest booty grazer and our phone lines are open 24/7/365.