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Adding BDSM to your Sexting

So you and your lady friend like to play with BDSM in the bedroom. Maybe it’s a little bondage and maybe it’s a little S&M. No matter what it is, you both enjoy it and it gets your jollies off. Now, though, you want it to extend to your day lives. She’s into it and it all sounds like a fun time, but is it actually possible? Is there anything you can really do when you want to sext with an edge?

Of course you can!

Yes you can and it’s a lot of fun! There’s your answer, thanks for reading! Have fun!

Not doing it yet?

Oh, you wanted more information? Of course you did, sorry. I got excited thinking about it and suddenly had a few messages to send.

Ease into it

Anyway, you’re going to want to ease into the whole thing. You can’t just go whole hog like you do in the bedroom. You always have to be wary of your surroundings and keep your sexting private. That means not ordering the other person to send a crotch shot when you know they’re on the bus. Keep things simple at first and figure out exactly what you can fit into your daily lives.

Hand out tasks

I don’t know what happens in your bedroom. I wouldn’t mind knowing about the good stuff, though. That’s not what this is about, though. The fact of the matter is that I don’t know who’s on top in your BDSM. Maybe you like to switch off. I don’t care. What matters is that the person on top gives the person on the bottom tasks to carry out. Have them report on it in their sexts. Keep in on the DL and have fun with it when you can.

Wear something sexy

Another thing you can do is wear something sexy and naughty under the clothes. That’s the kind of thing that sexting was invented for. The two of you are the only ones who know about it and you share it whenever you can.

That’s how you BDSM through sext!


Get Her to Sext in Public

At some point you’re going to run into a girl who just doesn’t want to sext in public. You probably already know her. She’s the girl who can have a ton of fun with every single night. The problem is that once she gets to work, her naughty bits are on full lock down. It’s frustrating when you just don’t give a crap. You can sext all day long and never suffer any consequence. Hell, doing it in public probably adds to the excitement for you. So, how are you supposed to get your rubbin’ buddy to play during day? Well, let’s find out.

Don’t expect too much

First and foremost, you can’t expect a full sexting session out of her. That means that, no matter how hot and heavy things get at night, you can’t expect her to duck into the ladies room to give her undercarriage a polishing with you. You also can’t expect her to sneak into a stall to send you a close up of her fun bags. She has a job to worry about and that just can’t always happen. If she has boundaries, don’t try to cross them. They’re there for a reason and they must be respected.

Treat it like foreplay

The best thing that you can do is treat your daytime fun like foreplay for the main event. Tease her and talk about all the filthy things your perverted mind usually comes up. You need to keep things at that level. Keep her excited and interested and you’ll be rewarded when she finally gets home. She may even find a new passion for being secretly naughty at work. That’s really the best case scenario that’s possible here.

No Nudes

Keep the fact that she can’t send nudes in mind. That also means that she can’t receive them. Don’t ever send her your naughty bits, no matter how proud you are of them. It can get her into a lot of trouble if someone catches her looking at them.

Keep all this in mind and you’ll be sexting during the day in no time!


Find Out if She’s DTS (Down to Sext Chat)!

So you’ve been texting the same girl for a while and you want to bring things to the next level with her. The problem is that you’re not sure if she’s the kind of girl who would want to sext chat. You’re going to be running the risk of being run out of town and disowned by all your friends if you just go full speed ahead. Then there’s the other hand. You can miss out on something awesome if you don’t take a chance and see what’s up.

Find Out if She's DTS (Down to Sext Chat)! | Want to Sext

Sext Chat Fun

Don’t despair. We’ve all found ourselves in this position. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Feel Her Out

You’re going to feel her out first. The last thing you want to do is flat out ask her if she wants to sext. That’s gross and will dry her out faster than the Mojave Desert. It’s going to kill the mood immediately and your budding, perverted relationship may never recover. What you’re going to do instead is be funny about it. Ask her how many guys she’s talking dirty to when she’s talking to you. Obviously, you want the answer to be zero, but it’s the way that she answers that you’re looking for. If it’s something like “Eew, gross, none!” then it may not be meant to be. She clearly doesn’t look kindly on sext chat with one hand. If it’s something like “Wouldn’t you like to know ;)” then you’re in! It’s a non-answer, but she’s clearly up to play.

Start by Being Funny

Now that you have a good answer, start slowly. Be funny about it. Send her naughty messages that you can write off as a joke at first. She’s going to start playing along at some point. As soon as that happens, it’s on! When she’s playful with you, hit her back with some extra naughtiness. Chances are very good that she’s going to respond in kind.

It’s on!

Okay, it’s on! You now have a new sext chat partner. You’ve broken through the barrier and felt her out. Now it’s time to talk nasty while you feel yourselves up!

Sexting Numbers Guide – Sext Unlimited With Multiple Girls

Sexting Numbers Guide - Sext Unlimited With Multiple Girls | Want to Sext
Sexting Numbers Guide - Sext Unlimited With Multiple Girls | Want to Sext

Sexting Numbers of Girls

Chances are that if you’re reading this right now, you’re looking for a quick and convenient guide on getting an unlimited sexting numbers of girls. The good news for you is that this is exactly what I’ve managed to work out in the last few days and in this post. I’m going to talk about my quick and simple method to virtually unlimited sexting numbers and partners to message. Now I know what you’re thinking: “this has to be a scam! I’ve looked all over the Internet for the last hour and I’ve found no sexting numbers at all!”
But you’re wrong! Don’t take it personally! I was just like you a few weeks ago when all I wanted was sexting numbers of girls. So that I could find the next hottie to send pictures and naughty messages to.

The Solution

I actually did a lot of research so that now, you don’t have to. The simple fact of the matter is that there’s a very easy solution to finding numbers of horny girls. Read below and I’ll give you all the information you need so that you’re not spending hours on end in a hopeless hunt for girl’s numbers.Okay, so now for the big secret – the only thing you need to do to find sexting girl numbers is click on this link now. It will take you through to a website by the name of Arouseme and this place literally exists for just one reason. Hooking up guys and girls that want to trade erotic SMS messages, naughty phone calls and sexy selfies. This place has only recently launched and by all accounts, it’s still  unknown by the vast majority of guys out there. Thankfully, their loss is our gain.

The Hunt

Use this site to find a bevvy or wild ladies that are online right now and ready to sext. Forget your hunt for numbers of girls that want to sext. This site is the only place you’ll ever need to visit for all of your sexting needs!You’ll notice pretty much as soon as you hit the homepage that it’s the real deal. They’ve got girls for days that want to chat with you. And the best thing is, they’ve all got profiles. So you can confirm they’re the beauties on the other end of the messages you’re sending. I honestly couldn’t believe this place existed when I first tried it out. But sure enough, I received a cute selfie from a girl with her tongue poking out (just like I asked) after talking to her for a few minutes.


I think it goes without saying that if you’re the kind of guy that is fed up of wasting your precious time searching all over the internet for numbers of girls to sext with. This is a great way to cut the process short and have access to genuine chicks with just a click of your mouse.
So what are you waiting for? Check out the available girls right now and see what you’ve been missing out on!

Find Girls Who Want To Sext: The Ultimate Guide

Find Girls Who Want To Sext: The Ultimate Guide | Want to Sext
Find Girls Who Want To Sext: The Ultimate Guide | Want to Sext

You want to sext but you’re not sure where you ought to go in order to find ladies who feel the same way? Have no fear, because Mary Joe is here to help! This short and simple guide will give you killer ways to find girls that want to spend all night sexting with you. Take it from me – I’m a girl and I know what approaches we make to finding the right guys to send our nude photos to.

Find Girls on Arousr

I’ve long been of the opinion that sites devoted to sexting are the best way forward. Arousr is a great example of what everyone needs from an adult-related app in this space. You can try the site completely free of charge to get a feel for what’s on offer and if you like your experience. Consider grabbing some credits to separate yourself from the other men out there using free profiles. I’ve sexted around 8 guys from Arousr now and I absolutely love it. Click here to sign up now – it’s 100% free!

Bars & Clubs

Do yourself a favor: find a bunch of bars and clubs in your area and go to their Facebook pages. Check out the photo albums of who frequents the events. If you like what you see. wait until a Friday or Saturday night and go down there. This is without a doubt the best way to find girls. They’re a little tipsy and basically advertising themselves as being available! Talk, play around and be a stud. Get a few numbers and maybe even take a babe home with you. Suffice to say that if you end up sleeping with a sexy nightclub chick, she’s going to be sexting you all week long!

Traditional Dating Sites

These are a little tough to convert ladies via. But the right platform can be a great way to not only find a hot sexting buddy, but a potential partner too. I highly recommend using places that are honest about their focus on sex and hookups. You’re probably not going to have much luck finding sexting partners via eHarmony or Christian Connection! You might want to also brush up on your first-date sex skills. Especially if you’re planning on making your sexting efforts something more physical.

Reddit Communities

There are a number of Reddit communities devoted to people finding one another and talking dirty. I’ve used Dirty Kik Pals  before. But honestly, you’re going to have to have quite the package deal in order to get the attention of a lady here. I received about 30 messages from a post with no image! The other popular destination I know of is Dirty Pen Pals. Even just reading some of the posts here is enough to get me horny – I love a good slut!

Thanks for checking out my list – hopefully this will help you come across a naughty sexting partner in no time at all.

Got any other recommendations for finding girls to sext? Leave a comment below!