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How To Get Cheap Phone Sex

In my honest opinion phone sex should be absolutely free. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against anyone making a living off charging for cheap phone sex. What I mean is, why should the dude pay for anything is the woman can enjoy the thrill of good steamy phone sex except maybe for the standard telephone bill. I understand my thesis is lame and cannot move every professional phone sex model to waive their subscription fees but still- no one should pay for phone sex!

cheap phone sex tips

Cheap phone sex

So in solidarity with my little campaign, I’m going to serve you some essential hacks on how you can get cheap phone sex with real genuine women and still be able to enjoy the experience like the next guy that paid for it. And so my class begins; here’s what you need to know about phone sex- the woman also craves it as much as you do, therefore, never beg for it least it looks disgusting! As you might have noticed, there are professional phone sex models that have made themselves a career in phone sex, and there’s the typical next door girl that is genuinely looking to broaden her sexual experience and nothing else. The latter is the perfect group you can score free phone sex with.

Search is the key

Don’t act surprised, the second group has been there all along it’s only that you’ve been focusing your search in the wrong place. You already know the magic word “free”. I’ll give you the phrase “free phone sex.” Copy-paste that to your browser and thank me later. Now learn how to navigate the scams, anyone asking for your credit card information is a thief, close the page and move on. Also, when it feels like you are talking to a bot it’s because you are actually talking to one so don’t waste your time unless you have a fetish which is perfectly understandable.

Real women ready for you

From the numerous pages you just saw, there lay authentic offers for you. Believe me, I don’t quite understand the economics behind these sites but my best guess is that they profit from selling ads, which is totally none of our business. They offer real women you can blow steam with on the phone and that is enough for me to save their pages on my browser and just click on them whenever I feel like I need to speak dirty to someone that gets me. Good luck getting yourself one!

How to Make Sex Chat With Your Wife

If you ever feel tired of having sex with your wife, the first thing you should know is that it’s normal. If you would be eating your favorite meal every single day, eventually you would end up hating it. That doesn’t mean you have to change your wife but spice up your relationship with sex chat.

Sex Chat With Your Wife

How to start sex chat with your wife

The fact that you know your wife is a huge advantage here because you are comfortable with each other. Still, sex chatting might feel odd if you haven’t done it for a long time or ever. The idea is to tell her your fantasies, and you’ll see that it’s easier to do so than in person. Be confident and give her a few ideas to think about. Tell her what you would like to try and make her eager to come back home and have sex with you.

Rebuild your passion

Sex chat with your wife could be a part of your daily routine. Whenever you have a dirty mind, grab your phone and send her a message. Imagine her reading and replying while she is in public place or at work, as she feels the heat between her legs. It’s almost like having sex in front of everyone. No doubt she’ll give you a reply that will make your day. Sex chat doesn’t mean you have to sit and talk for hours. You can send a message and reply whenever you feel inspired. It’s all about quality, not quantity.

Make her want you

There is nothing as sexy as a woman who craves to have sex with you. As you open in your sex chats, her sex drive will get thru the roof! This will be like chain reactions as her excitement will also get you going. Best of all, you’ll never know what is exactly on her mind every time you two are alone not only at your home but everywhere else.

Sex chat for a spicy sex

Unlike sex chat with unknown people, you can use it as a tool to turn your sex life into something that you could never imagine. It will make your relationship fresh, and you’ll be surprised about the results. So don’t waste your time, and start sex chatting. There is nothing to be afraid of, and, you don’t even have to tell your wife – surprise her, as the effect will be even better.

What to use instead of Yahoo chat sex

If you are really, really looking forward to sexting an attractive person on the internet, you will have to the lookout. And make sure that you know exactly what kind of man or woman you want to bump into. After all, we all have our own definitions of “sexy,”. And for this reason, there isn’t that much “objective” advice when it comes to helping people find their other half. However, you will need to use something instead of Yahoo Chat Sex in order to get the job done. Moreover, there are some rules that must be respected when it comes to sexting people over the internet. If you get that person on the other side of the screen to be curious, they might want to have sex with you in the end.

A person who knows how to turn someone on by only texting them is surely capable of doing all sorts of filthy sexual things in real life. This is how your future significant other knows that they are going to get into something neat if they decide to get it on with you.

yahoo chat sex

This is surely Yahoo chat sex

Seeing as there aren’t many ways to sext a person, you need to limit your choices to the best methods. If you want to turn someone on when you’re not right next to them, you will need a bunch of tools. But only two will be enough for the experienced flirting maniac. First off, you need to make sure that your texting app has some sort of emoji-sending system going for it. Adding these will make your messages a bit more flavorful, and this will help you express yourself so much better. As weird as it may sound, emojis will help you get laid if you use them right. Now, things sometimes need to be taken a bit further, so stick around and listen.

Putting the camera to good use

If you’ve got the other person all turned on with your texts, then you must get that camera out and starts sending those sexy pictures. However, if the app you decided to use does not support that kind of thing, you need to ditch it. Do you have any idea what you will use instead of the Yahoo Chat Sex app? At this point, it is more than obvious that you will need to utilize emojis and picture sending. Just give it a try…there are so many alternatives, and you only need to choose.

Putting the old fella to sleep

Seriously, you can’t force yourself to stick around with the same sexting app for too long. You must get with the times, and in order to do this, you will need to use some other app to video chat instead of Yahoo Chat Sex. And you need to make sure the app is capable of sending pictures and emoji. Don’t waste your precious time. You never know what lies behind the corner.

How To Start Sexting A Guy

Sexting a guy is the dream of every horny woman. Over the years, women have been made to believe that making men stupidly craving for sexual companionship requires carrying whipped cream. And ice cubes to the bedroom for a night of passionate lovemaking. This way of doing things are an icing to the cake. Considering that men are the easiest to seduce in comparison to women if you ask me. It is true that the aforementioned accessories can be the salsa that spices things up a notch in the bedroom. But they should not be passed as absolute necessities. 

sexting a guy

Sexting a Guy

Men are naturally anxious to take delight in the sexual charms of women; the same way the latter enjoys gratifying men’s sexual desires. So It takes little energy to get a man rock hard in a few seconds. Considering men, unlike women, are more naturally into their animalistic sex drives. In my opinion, a modern woman only needs one arrow in her quiver to provoke any man to full potential- sexting! 

No Better Technique

As crazy as it might sound, sexting is a magical flirting technique. And it is proven to produce an instant and lasting effect in general. I heard from some random dude that a woman loses half her power when she draws her phone to text a man first. Unless she’s sexting in which she gains double the power. However, I’m not totally sold to the thesis but the part where she gains double the power is intriguing. 

First Text

The question is, “how do you start sexting a guy?” It’s simple, set the mood right and things will come together. Be suggestive in your first texts. Let him know that you are sexually available in some vague way that leaves more to the imagination. A good old-fashioned game of truth or dare can do the trick. So corner him slightly with dirty truth or dare question- perhaps something along the lines of “have you ever had an exciting dream about me?” monitor his response, read between the lines to discern if he’s truly into you. 

Wet and creamy ending

He will definitely ask you a dirty question as well, and when it’s your turn to answer-ensure you turn on the charm. Flirt with him so well that he can’t help but take some break to self-complete. When the environment feels casual enough and it is safe to exchange visuals, tease him with a racy snap of your cleavage and wait for him to completely lose control. That simple and the next thing he’ll be interested in is soaking his disturbed wang in your dripping wet pussy! 

How To Have Shower Sex

Shower sex can be an adventurous way to spice up your sex life. If their idea has ever slipped your mind, I assure you that your sex life is about to be in an even greater shape. Movies have reinforced the idea of sexting with with their steamy shower sex scenes. The phone sex scene in dramas always end up in it until today. Fifty shades of darker sex scene was a huge success; you need to check it out in case you haven’t yet. It can be a worthwhile break from routine. A perfect lay is always inspired by a great scene. Right now I cannot think of a better scene than one involving a hot water shower with scented soap. However, if you are looking to indulge in some soapy haze you have to consider the inherent safety issues involved.

Shower sex and sexting

Beware of inherent safety issues

To be sincere, shower sex is not always a walk in the park especially for starters. The good thing is that the resultant sexual pleasure from shower sex outweighs the inherent risks. Showers are always slippery from floor to wall, and maintaining balance while romping at the same take can be grueling. It means that you have to be conscious all the time especially because slipping and falling in the bathtub is the most common type of accident according to statistics. Another challenge with shower sex is aligning your bodies efficiently in the tub to avoid the case of person enjoying all the warmth while the other rattles their teeth in the cold. Being in the cold can be off putting especially for men whose tools work best in room temperature.

What to do – Shower Sex

If you are planning to partake in an erotic online sex, you have to learn to do it right. Besides observing all the safety protocols, it pays to bring all the right accessories to the scene as well. When eating that pussy under water is in your agenda remember to bring non-toxic edible soap. Your toys should also be water proof or rather shower-safe. If you are experimental enough you will bring a vibrating sponge for extra pleasure. Do not count on water for lubrication. Iím sure youíve noticed that water is an awful lube that ruins even normal lube. Get yourselves a silicon-based lube that cannot be washed away. Most importantly, research on the effective sex positions that work in the shower.