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Women who want to sext

women who want to sext

Women who want to sext!


What are women’s secret fetishes?  Want to know mine?  


While I won’t tell you exactly what it is but I could become persuaded to give you a hint. It has to do with a picnic table and some rope.  The rest you will have to leave to your imagination or connect with me to hear the rest of it…. Are you brave enough?



Women who want to sext


Want to explore BDSM, sissy slut, findom, femdom or other fetishes that might be considered taboo by some? Too shy or unable to take it to the real world?  Looking for women who want to sext and share their naughty secrets with you? Want to sext has exactly what you need. Tons of sexting girls who love to chat about different fetishes. Some are mistresses, some are submissive, some have big breasts but what they are not, is shy.  They will help you explore your fetish, no matter what it is and share your deepest darkest secrets in a safe and non-judgemental way.


We try to be fair to everyone and while we do not want to make too many rules we do have one, all conversations must revolve around consenting adults only.  Sorry, no discussions about kids, animals or hardcore porn because well, it’s just kinda gross. Sexting is for entertainment purposes only, nobody wants to hurt each other, well, maybe just a little!  I like a little spanking here and there, what about you?


A spanking and a whipping here and there is definitely what I can dig my teeth into, what about you?  Come sext with me today.