Find Out if She’s DTS (Down to Sext Chat)!

So you’ve been texting the same girl for a while and you want to bring things to the next level with her. The problem is that you’re not sure if she’s the kind of girl who would want to sext chat. You’re going to be running the risk of being run out of town and disowned by all your friends if you just go full speed ahead. Then there’s the other hand. You can miss out on something awesome if you don’t take a chance and see what’s up.

sext chat

Sext Chat Fun

Don’t despair. We’ve all found ourselves in this position. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Feel Her Out

You’re going to feel her out first. The last thing you want to do is flat out ask her if she wants to sext. That’s gross and will dry her out faster than the Mojave Desert. It’s going to kill the mood immediately and your budding, perverted relationship may never recover. What you’re going to do instead is be funny about it. Ask her how many guys she’s talking dirty to when she’s talking to you. Obviously, you want the answer to be zero, but it’s the way that she answers that you’re looking for. If it’s something like “Eew, gross, none!” then it may not be meant to be. She clearly doesn’t look kindly on sext chat with one hand. If it’s something like “Wouldn’t you like to know ;)” then you’re in! It’s a non-answer, but she’s clearly up to play.

Start by Being Funny

Now that you have a good answer, start slowly. Be funny about it. Send her naughty messages that you can write off as a joke at first. She’s going to start playing along at some point. As soon as that happens, it’s on! When she’s playful with you, hit her back with some extra naughtiness. Chances are very good that she’s going to respond in kind.

It’s on!

Okay, it’s on! You now have a new sext chat partner. You’ve broken through the barrier and felt her out. Now it’s time to talk nasty while you feel yourselves up!