Get A Girl To Have Sex With You By Texting

Apparently getting laid isn’t automatically for every dude. The reality is some guys get hookups often while others have a rough time to get a girl to have sex with them! What influences the decision of a woman to have sex with one guy and turn down the other? Good looks? Let’s examine; it is true that Ryan Reynolds can have it easy with girls compared to an average looking dude. Nonetheless, there are dozens of average looking dudes get a girl to have sex randomly after discrediting the theory of aesthetics. There must be something else that transcends good looks that women base their decision on. First, you ought to understand the aspects of a man that gets women drooling aside from looks and emphasize them during your encounter. Or you can rely on sex texting.

Here are a few pointers that can help any man get laid either by a woman you just met, one that has trapped you in a horrible friendzone and one with whom you’ve been in a relationship but the spark has faded over time.

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Pamper and get a girl to have sex

First, make your woman feel sexually attractive during your interaction. It’s all about what you say and how you say that increases or decreases your chances of bedding her. Fashion your conversation to reflect on your masculinity. Use a masculine tone and not an undermining one for that matter, your body language, and style of conversation should be selling you right. Get a girl to phone sex with her and try to create a spark. Also send her pics when she asks for while doing online chat. Be naughty but please do not overdo it! Your compliments do not necessarily have to be sexual, say something about her smile, intellect maybe etc. Refrain from archaic words like hot and sexy, any psycho can say these. Ensure that you are not too generic in your conversation.

Declare intensions

Be clear that you are sexually attracted to her. Being vague can earn you a reservation at a very uncomfortable corner- friendzone. Tell her that she is attractive; you can never get a bad reaction from this, never! Learn to build up sexual tension between you two. She might want to have sex with you to relieve the tension and awkwardness. Physical sex escalates from mental stimulation. It is important to know how to turn her own mentally first before you can have a chance to get a girl to have sex with her. Another important consideration is building trust. If your woman is not feeling safe around you, she won’t go anywhere with you. Make her feel at ease with while around you.