How To Have Shower Sex

Shower sex can be an adventurous way to spice up your sex life. If their idea has ever slipped your mind, I assure you that your sex life is about to be in an even greater shape. Movies have reinforced the idea of sexting with with their steamy shower sex scenes. The phone sex scene in dramas always end up in it until today. Fifty shades of darker sex scene was a huge success; you need to check it out in case you haven’t yet. It can be a worthwhile break from routine. A perfect lay is always inspired by a great scene. Right now I cannot think of a better scene than one involving a hot water shower with scented soap. However, if you are looking to indulge in some soapy haze you have to consider the inherent safety issues involved.

Shower sex and sexting

Beware of inherent safety issues

To be sincere, shower sex is not always a walk in the park especially for starters. The good thing is that the resultant sexual pleasure from shower sex outweighs the inherent risks. Showers are always slippery from floor to wall, and maintaining balance while romping at the same take can be grueling. It means that you have to be conscious all the time especially because slipping and falling in the bathtub is the most common type of accident according to statistics. Another challenge with shower sex is aligning your bodies efficiently in the tub to avoid the case of person enjoying all the warmth while the other rattles their teeth in the cold. Being in the cold can be off putting especially for men whose tools work best in room temperature.

What to do – Shower Sex

If you are planning to partake in an erotic online sex, you have to learn to do it right. Besides observing all the safety protocols, it pays to bring all the right accessories to the scene as well. When eating that pussy under water is in your agenda remember to bring non-toxic edible soap. Your toys should also be water proof or rather shower-safe. If you are experimental enough you will bring a vibrating sponge for extra pleasure. Do not count on water for lubrication. Iím sure youíve noticed that water is an awful lube that ruins even normal lube. Get yourselves a silicon-based lube that cannot be washed away. Most importantly, research on the effective sex positions that work in the shower.