I want to sext

i want to sext


I want to sext, chat or have sex with your best friend’s mom is what many refer to as a MILF fetish. MILF translates into “Mother I would like to F*ck,”  regardless if it is a best friend’s mom or not. It usually refers to an older woman or what is termed as “cougar,” by some.  Believe it or not, Milf sexting is one of the most popular fantasies that our chat hosts explore with clients. There is something extremely hot about a young stud wanting to have sex with an older woman that just gets everyone’s juices flowing. However, the best friend thing is a touchy subject because no one really wants to imagine their BFF getting it on with mom in the backroom.


For some people, this is just not cool and could be a potential friendship deal breaker.


Then there was sexting!


Sexting came along and changed the rules of taboo sex because it’s discrete and non-physical. The jury is still out if they consider sex texting or phone sex is cheating or not, so, at least for now the concept of sexting is justifiable for exploring fetishes.


Is it wrong to say I want to sext with a best friend’s mom?  Of course not, but should you do it?  That is another question entirely.


In dealing with things in life, the best course of action you should follow is common sense.  If you would be upset about it, then you probably should not do it. However, if you really cannot stop yourself from wanting to have sex with your BFF’s mom then sexting is probably the best way to go about doing so. It is less likely that Dad or Junior will walk in on you while you are sucking on his mom’s big toe. Sexting is great fun, but like everything in life, it must be in moderation and properly otherwise you could end up with your foot in your mouth, literally!




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