Be As Naughty as You Want When You Phone Fuck

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You know that familiar thrill of those first few sexts you share with a new partner. The conversation begins to move in that direction, both of you a little nervous about who will be the first one to cross the line from flirty into fantasy. The exchange goes on and on, building both your longing for that person, and increasing your arousal, until you feel like you’re going to explode! Even if it gets to be so hot that you have to take a quick break to masturbate, you become doubly aroused afterward – either rereading the exchange, or coming back to find a new sexy message! Sexting takes the fledgling relationship forward, out of the awkward “getting to know you” phase, and into planning where and when you’ll make it real! The sooner, the better!

Yet, all too often, that kind of sexual desire fizzles out, and couples stop sexting. The urgency for sexual intimacy is sated, and couples fall into more routine patterns of communication. The thrill is gone, so they say, and it starts to take more work at being “romantic” to inspire that old lust which once came so easily. One of the easiest remedies to put the sexual spark back into a relationship is to start sexting again! Taking a step back from the normalcy of the relationship, recalling and reconsidering what you find sexy about your partner, and then writing them a whole string of naughty desires and lust provoking characteristics to them throughout the day! It’s amazing what a few compliments, and a few naughty suggestions about what you can do later to please each other, can do to invigorate an established relationship!

Then, there are those of us who are burnt out on relationships. But we miss the flirtation, the intimacy of that sexual exchange on our phones. No need to start any drama by texting the ex! You can get all of that sexual titillation and raunchy flirtation you crave with thousands of hot, local singles! There are tons of apps, now, which directly connect you to people in your area that want nothing more than to seduce you with their words, to share some intense flirting via text. That long, slow buildup, the anticipation you feel with every notification alert on your smartphone, and the fact that you can be as naughty as you want, is the kind of action which makes orgasms even harder and longer! Local singles out there no longer have to suffer the humdrum of unsatisfying relationships to get the kind of attention and satisfaction they deserve!