Why slew rate is not infinite in Ideal op-amp? Several drawbacks related to performance characteristics were highlighted like no protection to short circuits, latch-up problem and absence of external frequency-compensating network for stable operation. Temperature indicator is also constructed using thermistor as a transducer with the only difference that output meter is calibrated in degree Celsius or Fahrenheit. This set of Linear Integrated Circuit Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Ideal Operational Amplifier”. Semiconductor strain gauges are sensitive to maximum extent as compared to that of wire type & hence they yield more accuracy and resolution. Another name of VCO is Voltage to frequency converter.For e.g. IC 741 has three stages such as differential input, gain, … There are many 741 compatible chips readily obtainable; however, the problem is that many students and colleges are not aware of the different manufacturers and the model numbers. Explanation: Narrow & Wide band-pass filters can be distinguished only on the basis of quality factor. ANSWER: IC 741. Loop gain should be unity; Loop gain should be less than unity; The phase of a feedback signal with respect to input should be 0° or 360° The evaluation of the test taken by a candidate will be provided on line after submission of the answer of last question.Duration of The Test- 18 minutes**Note- This test is available only to authorized users.This MCQ is created bySatyajit's ClassesMr. Explanation: Given data:Voltage Peak Value = 7mVFrequency = f = 1KHzR = 1500K Ω C = 2μF = 2 x 10-6 FAn input voltage equation of a differentiator circuit can be expressed by, V1 = Asin2 πft= 7 sin2π x 1000 t= 7 sin2000π t mVScale Factor = -CR = - [2 x 10-6 x 15 x 105] = - [30 x 10-1 ] = -3Hence, the output voltage of differentiator circuit can be evaluated as:Vo = -3 d / dt [7 sin 2000 π t]= -3 x 7 x 2000 cos 2000 π t= -42000 π cos 2000 π t mV. The pin configuration of IC 741 … This can only be possible when all input resistances belong to the different values. Output of Delay Equalizers can be generated by using Super-position theorem. Explanation: Comparator is a circuit which performs comparison between the signal voltage on one input of Op-amp with reference voltage on another input. 33k Ω As we know that Rf should be equal to 0.586 x R1, then R1 = 27k Ω)Thus, Rf = 0.586 x 27 = 15.86k Ω By taking into consideration the pot value of about 20k Ω, estimated resistances are R2 = R3 = 33k Ω C2 = C3 = 0.0047μ F R1 = 27k Ω & Rf = 15.8k Ω Step 4 : Since the values of resistors and capacitors are equal , the passband voltage gain must be equal to Af = 1 + (Rf / R1) 1.586However, the gain must satisfy the Butterworth response & hence, the value of R1 must be selected = 100k Ω in order to estimate the value of Rf. Due to this, they offer maximum stability & predictability but are very expensive similar to that of ferrite EI, U & toroid cores. There are different types of transistor amplifiers operated by using an AC signal input. Powdered permalloy toroids possess are highly permeable with lower values of leakage inductance & losses. The cardinality of differential amplifier can be most probably seen in industrial & instrumentation aspects due to superior ability of rejecting common mode noise voltages. The modern integrated circuit version is typi ed by the famous 741 op-amp. it is limit size value. Explanation: Frequency Scaling is a process of conversion of original cut-off frequency to a new cut-off frequency. © Copyright 2016. The Barkhausen criterion for an oscillator. Only the scaling or (weighted amplifiers) possesses this characteristic of operation that exhibits different weightages at the output. Explanation: No explanation is available for this question! Eventually, the parameter of settling time is totally not involved in comparators. Whenever there is an application of signal to input of only one op-amp, then some of the other signal appears on the output confined level of other op-amps due to physical vicinity of op-amps in dual and quad form of packages.However, the amplitudes of all these signal are almost similar and therefore, can be evaluated with an assistance of channel separation. Explanation: All-pass filters allows to pass all the frequency components of input signal without any attenuation by anticipating phase shifts for different frequencies. Explanation: Since the value of high cut- off frequency is mentioned. On the other hand, the time required for rising the logic threshold voltage at the output after the driving session of strobe terminal is conducted from zero to one logic level. But, the output voltage is absolutely zero when the input voltage is zero. Which are interchanged between the positive value and negative value, hence this is the one way of presenting the common emitter amplifier circuit to function between two peak values. Higher the value of quality factor, more is the selectivity of the filter. In case of non-inverting amplifier, the input is applied to non-inverting input terminal & inverting terminal is set to be grounded while in case of inverting amplifier, the input is applied to inverting terminal & non-inverting terminal is at ground level. The resistance value decreases with an increase in the intensity of incident light & hence the typical value of resistance of photo-conductive cells is absolutely 100 ohm. Basically, each input voltage gets amplified by a different factor & then weighted differently at the output level. Explanation: For non-inverting mode of an amplifier (voltage series feedback amplifier) 1) Af = AB / 1 + ABBut, B = R1 / (R1 + Rf) = 2 k / (2 k + 20 k) = 1 / 111 + AB = 1 + 400000 x (1 / 11) = 36364.6 Af = 400000 / 3636.4 = 10.99 2) fF = (1 + AB) fo = (36364.6) x 10Hz = 363646 = 36.36 KHz. Hence, both the shortcomings can be resolved by using positive or (regenerative) feedback. Explanation: The leading role of an instrumentation amplifier signifies is the amplification & magnification of low level signals in order to drive the display or an indicator. Explanation: By taking into consideration the approach of application point of view, selection of an efficient digital to analog converters must have good specifications in terms of resolution, linearity or non-linearity of error, Gain & offset errors along with the settling time. No, IC741 has a low slew rate. It is an 8 pin IC. Generally, there are mainly two types of strain gauges like wired strain gauge & semiconductor strain gauge. If you are looking for a reviewer in … So, as the temperature level range display variations, the op-amp IC741 are further sub-categorized under the series of 741C, 741A & 741E & so on. Signetics NE/SE 566 VCO generates the triangular as well as square wave outputs simultaneously as a function of an input voltage. All Rights Reserved. All the mentioned parameters tend to infinity except output voltage & resistance so that it becomes feasible for an output to drive infinite number of other devices. The IC 741 operational amplifier is used in two methods such as an inverting (-) and a non-inverting (+) The IC 741 Op Amp applications mainly includes an adder, comparator, subtractor, voltage follower, Integrator and differentiator.The circuit diagram of IC 741 op amp is given below. Explanation: Open loop configuration of Op-amp may increase the threat of distortion as well as clipping of output signal. VCO are applicable in conversion of low-frequency signals into audio frequency ranges especially in bio-medical applications EEG (electroencephalograms) & ECG (electrocardiograms). Explanation: Structural Configuration of a differential amplifier is semantic to wheatstone bridge since the amplification is done between two input signals in exactly similar way just like the outputs of Wheatstone bridge network. Objective: To study the working of op-amp … Choose the letter of the best answer in each questions. Explanation: Typical electrical parameters of comparator include positive & negative output levels, strobe current & strobe release time, response time & saturation voltage. This is MCQ Test with 12 Questions. _____ multivibrator is a square wave oscillator. A bistable multivibrator is a (a) free running oscillator (b) triggered oscillator (c) sawtooth wave generator (d) crystal oscillator Q2. ANSWER: Infinite output offset voltage when input voltage is zero. 2: Image showing Output from LM741 OPAMP IC based RC Phase Shift Sine Wave Oscillator on an … Thus, the interval between input step function & the duration of crossing logic threshold voltage at the output gives the conceptual idea of response time. It is possible to control the current in the heat-generating circuit with an assistance of relay driven by the temperature controller itself. Set 1; Set 2 ) Post navigation. Multiple Choice Questions on Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits. ANSWER: Unit change in R per unit change in 'l'. Narrow band-reject filter is commonly known as notch filter since it has high quality factor (Q>10) & bandwidth is very much smaller as compared to that of wide band-reject filters. What are differential gain and common-mode gain of a differential amplifier? Explanation: Channel separation is a measure of the amount of electrical coupling between the op-amps which are integrated on a semantic chip. Q2. The transient response affects the settling time while slew rate give rise to distortion if exceeded. Q1. So, as the … There is sometimes possibility that low frequency signal may consume some more time to cross zero volt because of which output voltage cannot switch over instantaneously from one saturation region to another. Study how an integrator and a differentiator work. Similar to band-pass filters, band-reject filters also gets classified into wide & narrow band-reject filters. Therefore, quality factor is a measure of selectivity which infers that the selectivity of the filter depends on the value of 'Q'. 38) Which Op-amp IC … Due to this configuration, the dependability of voltage gain which varies in accordance to changes in emitter resistance can be ablated. Besides these, 741S & 741SC are recommended for military as well as commercial aspects due to high slew rate. This entire functionality is undertaken by Voltage -Controlled Oscillator (VCO). Besides these, instrumentation amplifiers like μ A725, ICL 7605 & LH0036 find their wide range of applications due to dexterity in precision & stability at the most confined level. Hence, this is the major drawback because of which it is highly impossible to use Op-amps with open loop configurations in linear circuit applications. ANSWER: R2, R3 = 33k Ω, C1 = C2 = 0.0047μ F, R1 = 27k Ω & Rf = 15.8k Ω. 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Explanation: Silicon steel EI butt stack method shows better permeability & high flux density along with the simplicity in construction phase. Hence, it is also regarded as 'Second-generation Op-amp'. Explanation: Photo-conductive cells can be categorized under the family of photo-detectors which shows variation in the resistance due to incidence of light or any other form of radiant energy. IC 741 mainly performs mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, integration, differentiation etc. The arrangement of diodes in comparator circuit is in such a way that they play a cardinal role in protecting Op-amp from getting damage due to excess of input voltage. Explanation: External resistor of a differential amplifier is connected in series combination with each emitter. The Clipping Amplifier Circuit. This input voltage performs the functionality of controlling voltage level & hence, precisely referred as 'Control Voltage'. Explanation: Op-amp ICs varying in the version of 741 are highly approved or sanctioned for military grade since the temperature range lies within -55° to 125°C. 1. These short solved questions … a) Explain IC 741 along with its Pin Diagram and ideal Characteristics of Op-amp. Educational Learning Point having all the articles of multiple subjects/area e.g; Computer Science, Medical, General Knowledge, Law, English, Islamic studies and Others. Ferrite EI, U & toroid cores exhibits lower performance in the aspects of permeability, high temperature & expensive to greater extent. However, crystal & LC oscillators find their applications in generation of high frequency signals while RC oscillators are intended for audio-frequency applications. Explanation: Temperature control circuit can be built up by using a thermistor in bridge circuit along with the replacement of a meter by a relay in the structural configuration of differential instrumentation amplifier. Explanation: The inceptional phase of first generation was initiated with the utility of IC op-amp 709. For an instance, twin-T network. Explanation: Band-reject filters are those which shows the frequency attenuation in the stop-band while they get passed outside this band. 7. The DC Level at the output of intermediate stage is good above ground potential in case of direct coupling. Even if we used as a comparator the IC still observes the weak signals so t… Apart from this advantage, external resistor also possesses a beneficiary notion of increasing the linearity range of differential amplifiers. Electronic Engineering (MCQ) questions & answers. If an input is in the form of a sinusoidal waveform then the output will generate a cosine waveform due to direct relationship of output voltage and negative negative integral of input voltage. Hence, they can be sinusoidal if RC components are used while they can be square if LC components are used & even they can be saw-tooth or triangular if crystal oscillator is used. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Oscillators. Thus, when the input value falls below lower threshold voltage, then the output gets returned to its original position or state +Vsat. Here, the frequency gets converted & not deviated or translated or divided before the conversion process. These diodes intentionally undergoes clamping of difference input voltage to 0.7 or -0.7 volts. Operational Amplifier, also called as an Op-Amp, is an integrated circuit, which can be used to perform various linear, non-linear, and mathematical operations. Resistances of photo-conductive cell are noted along with the corresponding light intensities & then the resistances are expressed in terms of ohm while the light intensities are expressed in terms of meter candles (lux). ANSWER: Reference voltage must be less than input voltage. 15. Resolution specifies the number of input bits with the valuation in the form of least significant bit (LSB) whereas the settling time implies the requirement of time for DAC output to settle down between positive or negative ½ LSB of the final value of digital input (which is generally zero to full scale). ... c. IC LM 117 d. IC 741. Determine the output from the following circuit a) 180 o in phase with input … Therefore, the voltage difference 'Vref' must be smaller than input voltage. Explanation: Microprocessor interfacing is an application of ADCs while all the remaining applications like microcomputer interfacing, programmable power supply & CRT graphics are the applications concerned to digital to analog converters in accordance to their functionalities. All Rights Reserved. Fig. Other ICs mentioned in the question are only applicable to certain specific sort of applications other than the military ones. However, all these mechanisms are adopted as per the requirement of desired application of switching regulator. Explanation: CA3086 play a significant role in proper execution or operation of the circuit during the construction of mirror circuit. a. IC 555 b. Hence, this scaling amplifier is also referred as 'Weighted Amplifier'. Explanation: The type of waveform generation by an oscillator totally depends on components used in the circuit. © Copyright 2016. Apart from this, average circuit produces the output voltage by considering the average of all input voltages. Apart from these versions, IC 555 are widely applicable in timers, oscillators & pulse generators. Also, the noise at the op-amp input terminals may fluctuate the output between positive & negative (+Vsat & -Vsat) saturation voltages. Explanation: (a) By applying voltage -divider rule, initial voltage at terminal 5 is given by,Vc = (20K) (15) / 11.5K = 26.09 VThus, the frequency of output waveform (nominal frequency) is approximated by,fo ≈ 2(+V - Vc) / R1C1 (+V) = 2 (15 – 10.43) / (20K x 10-9) x (15) = 30.47 kHz (b) Thus, the modulation in the output frequencies can be calculated by initially substituting Vc = 10V & then 11.5 Vfo = 2 (15 – 10) / 20K x 10-9 x 15 = 33.34 kHz fo = 2 (15 – 11.5) / 20K x 10-9 x 15 = 23.34 kHzHence, the variation in an output frequency can be evaluated by the difference between these both frequencies.i.e. Pin Diagram of an Op Amp IC. IC LF 398 forms a leading part of sample & hold circuit while IC LM117 can be used as a switching regulator & also provides full overload protection to other ICs. Notch filter finds its applications in the aspects of communication & biomedical instruments so as to remove the unwanted frequencies. The most probabilistic approach of hysteresis occurrence can be observed in the comparators with positive (or regenerative) feedback. Hence, it is obligatory to use the level shifter in OP-Amps. Thus, manufacturers generally holds the original type number in their own IC designation. The 741 … Intuitively, sensitivity measures the degree of accuracy & resolution. Frequency Scaling is most oftenly performed whenever there is a necessity to change the cut-off frequencies in filter designing process. The pairs mentioned in the question clarifies this conceptual notion in the form of an illustration where the manufactures & their associated IC designations are mentioned. This figure of merit conveys that if 'Q' > 10, the filter is considered to be a narrow band-pass filter whereas if 'Q' < 10, then the filter is considered as a narrow band-pass filter. Multiple Choice Questions … I collect a lot of IC-741 circuits or tiny amplifiers using 741 op-amps as main. Explanation: Level shifter or translator is usually connected in a typical Op-Amp so as to shift the DC Level at the output of intermediate stage which is grounded onward to zero. When an amplifier is overdrive output waveform of voltage and current distortion. Many amplifiers have a slight output voltage due to temperature changes in the components. Explanation: Offset minimizing resistors are the only means of reducing the amount of output offset voltage. A waveform generator is an electronic circuit, which generates a standard wave. Here, the diode gets formed with an assistance of transistors placed adjacently.
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