Perfect Sext Message Tips From A Female

Perfect sext message tips from a female sex addict

Perfect Sext Message Tips From A Female | Want to Sext
Perfect Sext Message Tips From A Female | Want to Sext

I’ve always loved sexting, but I think I need to help a lot of men I share naughty conversations with – they often just don’t know how to hit the right spots with their words! Try as they might, it’s generally on me to spice up the messages and guide them down the path to SMS pleasures. So let’s go over my top 5 tips for sending a perfect sext message.

#1 – Timing is Everything

If your potential sext partner is currently in an important meeting or has just clocked off a 14-hour shift, it might not be an ideal time to get raunchy with your words. Be intelligent with when you approach the idea: you’ll want to take it slow and keep it sparse to begin with – no one likes a 24/7 sexting marathon (except me, of course). The weekend should be your busiest period – brunch time on a Saturday is the perfect sweet spot to message a lady with a perfect sext message.

#2 – Picture Perfect

Framing a perfect sext message isn’t just based on language any more – images are becoming more and more important for digital debauchery. Get good at taking selfies and add a little naughtiness into the mix every once in a while: just make sure you give them the heads-up beforehand that they’re about to see your rock-solid 10 inch dick in a matter of seconds! Also, consider taking a mirror selfie wherever possible – the cameras on the back of most phones are much better than the front, making the quality much better.

#3 Graphic Language

Unless the girl you’re sexting with is highly reserved (in which case, you’re probably not sexting her until you’re married anyway), be rough with your language. The lyrics in Sensual Woman are a perfect example of how I feel about men sexting me: tell me you’re going to fuck me hard and give me your cock to suck. I want to hear those naughty words, because when I read them, it makes me tingle downstairs. Don’t worry – your girl will tell you soon enough if she thinks you’re going a bit too extreme with your word-choice, but that’s probably never going to happen anyway, so be as smutty as you want.

#4 Just Asking Questions

Shy chicks generally don’t want to initiate a sexting conversation without some reason to let loose – this is why questions are a valuable tool in any male-sexter’s arsenal. People have a natural inclination to respond to questions: “how many minutes do you think I’m going to last with you sucking my dick?”, “Tell me: are you going to be a good girl and swallow all of my cum?” and “I want to cover your naked body in oil and massage you on my bed, got something to offer me in return?” are all good starters. Constantly leave the conversation flowing with a perfect sext message that demand a response: you’ll realize soon enough just how effective it is for sexting!

#5 Share The Porn

See something on a porn site you enjoyed? Want to do something exactly as it appears in a tumblr GIF? Send it on over, buddy. If I don’t like it I’ll tell you as much, but even better than that – I’ll get into the routine of showing you what I do enjoy. This is a great way to gauge the interests of your partner and let them know what you’re personally in to as well – it’s a win-win!

Thanks for tuning in to my top 5 tips on sexting. I hope this helped!