Pompoir is the act of using your vaginal muscles in ways to stimulate your partner’s penis during intercourse. It’s essentially Pilates for your vagina, but is really used to give the male pleasure while helping the woman’s bladder health. There are numerous movements a woman can learn with her vaginal muscles from squeezing, contracting, pushing and pulling. Pompoir is sometimes called “milking” the penis, and it has origins from ancient India and in Arabic culture. Pompoirs actually go all the way back, thousands of years ago to ancient India, when Hindu dancers used the act.

According to Denise Da Costa, a pompoir expert “It improves the sexual experience for both the woman and her partner. Da Costa is also the author of Pompoir: The Ultimate Guide to Pelvic Floor Fitness. Da Costa also says that, “Pompoir focuses on four different motions — squeeze, contract, push, and pull. The different motions make a more complete workout and allow the woman to better control the intimacy between her and her partner.”

Pompoir is the manipulation of the male’s genitalia with the women’s vaginal muscle. A woman contracts her vaginal muscles, which caresses the male genitalia. When the woman squeezes, it feels like a kissing sensation on the male genitalia. If you’re looking for a woman to pleasure your penis in a way you never felt before, call in now for a proper pompoir. There are so many seasoned, sexual and sultry women on our chat line that will make you come like crazy. If you can master the pompoir, it is said your partner will you above all women and wouldn’t exchange you for the most beautiful woman in the world, so get to practicing ladies.

Sex is all about experimentation and exploration, so trying something new he is always encouraged. If it doesn’t work its not the end of the world and you can always try something different if you and your partner don’t like. It takes a long time to master, but if you do you will be your partner’s unicorn.