It consists of both an upper and lower section. Kicking while their guard is up will stagger them and leave them open to attack. If the Drake is not at the end, it will come flying from behind - either way, there will be loads of fire when you are about halfway across the bridge. I think I'm causing damage to the Knight, but it seems his hp isn't going down. Boards; Dark Souls; Master Key door in Undead Burg....question (spoilers) Topic Archived; Need More Help? Hello all, just a little background, I recently got into the souls games.. Take care of them and continue down the ally to climb the ladder. At the top of the stairs on your left there's a room with a bonfire - but since we have cleared out a lot of enemies it may be best not to use it just yet, but the choice is ultimately yours. 107. Szóval kikerültük a hordót, bosszút álltunk a legörgetőjén. Just defeated my first Black Knight! I have tried jumping and rolling from the bridge but I always bounce off the building next to the bridge. NOTE: As you advance to seemingly the only path to available (up the few steps and across the small bridge on the left), you may notice some barrels at the end on the right, make a note of this section as we'll come back here later. Reaching the top of the stairs, a large dragon known as the Hellkite Drake, will crash down overhead. Ignore the enemies but avoid the arrows since they will slow you down. You'll also find one Black Knight in this area - a highly dangerous foe who can overwhelm inexperienced players quite easily. Kill them then go back down again and start crossing over. Optional Challenge: Undead Parish Black Knight. Undead Merchant Black Knight Bodies to Pillage Bonfire; Shortcuts The Entrance Edit. Once this is done, go back up and take the other door that leads under the bridge. Lure them out and dispose of them and then go up the second set of stairs to get rid of the archer. Grab the Gold Pine Resin. Dispatching the Firebomber quickly is key in avoiding a very uncomfortable fight, once you garner the attention of the Hollow in the building. There is also a bonfire in here and a doorway leading to the covenant mentioned above. Head through to find a chest containing Gold Pine Resin (x3). The black knight´s sword sunk in the fur of the knee and made the beast roar again but this time in pain. Got the shield at 5% spawn chance, but after killing the black knight in Undead Burg, Asylum, Darkroot Basin and Undead Parish, still no sword. If you can't afford them, do a few runs from the merchant to the bonfire, killing a few guys along the way until you have the souls to enable your purchases. Buy the Rapier and 2-4 Firebombs from the Undead Merchant (2 for BoC, 1 for Seath, 1 for safety). That's stupid. Snuggly the Crow: is a talking crow living in the Undead Asylum. Undead Burg a legelső helyszín, ... (Ha lefelé vennénk az irányt, akkor egy Black Knight lesz az ellenfelünk, mint ilyen elég nehéz legyőzni, főleg a játék elején, okosabb, ha későbbre tartogatjuk az összecsapást vele.) Ascend the ladder on your immediate right instead to find two zombie archers (with swords) that will attack you once you reach the top. Vicious. I’ve died like 50 times already. Undead Asylum protecting your old cell. Head straight ahead, up the ladder, and follow walkway to the end to find Humanity on a corpse. There are 6 Undead Warriors guarding the entrance to the sewer system leading to the main area. NOTE: You will see some barrels at the end on the right blocking a path ahead, make a note of this section as we'll come back here later. The one on the right has some stairs going down - that is the one you want to aim for. Keep going up until you reach a fog gate and go through to find yourself on some battlements with another gate at the end, but don't cross the bridge yet. Head up the stairs outside. Alternatively, shooting an arrow at it from the stairs will make it leap down right away. Important NPC's are the Blacksmith Andre of Astora, Oswald of Carim and Knight Lautrec of Carim. Into the fog Pt 3 - Once the two spear wielding Hollows are dead, head over and destroy the boxes initially behind them to reveal stairs leading downwards. Down the stairs, the door ahead will lead outside where you will find the Undead Merchant. Pull the lever and go through the gate to enter the Undead Parish. Wields a sword and a shield; Drops a Titanite Chunk. Undead Burg on the tower guards the dragon's rear. Note: If you do decide to try your luck with our friend Havel, be weary. Past the second one an Undead Soldier (sword) lurks. "If your not in my group, don't post or comment". :( 0. If you don't like people to have an opinion then maybe you shouldn't have made the Wiki in the first place. It's not the black knight in Undead Burg, it's the fat looking knight with a giant club you can only encounter early with a Master Key.....and yes he definitely one-shots me. Remember the barrels from earlier blocking a path to your right? Heading back the way you came, take a right and proceed forward with caution. Even if you manage to defeat him, there's only a locked door down here (it opens as a shortcut between Undead Burg and Darkroot Basin later in the game), so you will have to go up to proceed regardless of if you decide to take him on or not. Two Black Knight Sword wielders in the Northern Undead Asylum, when revisited. From the other door, you will see an item on a corpse outside. The second it does this, quickly bolt through its legs towards the doorway behind it. The best Black Friday 2020 deals on Dungeons & Dragons books. Behind a picnic table.) On this bridge is a broken wall section with a balcony underneath. Up the stairs you will find another corpse with a Soul of a Lost Undead. About three quarters of the way across the bridge, a monster will come crashing down in front of you... Boss fight: Taurus Demon. S. P. 119,445 views. I was also refering to the knights a whole, meaning Havel and the Alter knight included. After defeating the Taurus Demon, head through the fog gate at the end of the boss arena. Head out the door and take the next door on your right into a building. Guides and Walkthroughs 15 Guides / Maps. There are additional variants to the Black Knight wielding different weapons which have a chance of dropping their respective weapons when defeated. Grow up!!! Take the path to the left of the last pillar and you will see a Undead Soldier (spear) patrolling. 1010450: Undead Burg Chest #1 (In the house near the bonfire. this is such terrible advice for the wyvern bridge part about crossing it, i tried the heater shield instead of the black knight shield i had been using thinking i must have misread the thing in game and it still one shots me, the heater shield isn't even good for fire resist, it's 15 lower than what i already had! Rock Bottom - Inside the tower you'll find a door straight ahead of you that can be opened with the Master Key but it's best to avoid this area for now because Havel The Rock is waiting downstairs, although if you have summoned spirits with you it is worth a try. I'm sad. Part 03 – Undead Burg Part 2 – Dark Souls Walkthrough April 6, 2017 April 6, 2017 Beer Baron 1 Comment Undead Burg: Killing the Black Knight, Getting the Blue Tearstone Ring (Part 013) I am having a hard time beating the Black Knight in Undead Burg. HINT: There are two zombies hanging on your immediate right. Once you enter the doorway at the other end (and safe from the firebombs), you'll encounter two axe zombies. After you have disposed of them, there will be a ladder to the left of the stairs you came from. Archived. Kazumi was confident the monster would end up crumbling under its own weight once the leg had received enough damage and fall over the edge of the wall into the cliff below. You'll end up at rooftop where you will find a corpse with Throwing Knives (x10). As mentioned, about halfway across the Drake will spew fire, killing all the enemies (and hopefully not you). Kill them then go back down again and start crossing over. You will be using the bridge you previously crossed while being targeted by firebombers. Once they're dead open the other door in here and take on the Undead Soldier (sword)that's waiting outside. To your left there's a wide and long bridge with some enemies on it and to the right you'll find Solaire of Astora out on the platform looking at the sun. On this bridge is a broken wall section with a balcony underneath. See the rest of the guide here Dark … So I figured out a way to exploit the enemy AI to kill all three Black Knights in the starting areas of the game, the knights in question being the one guarding the Blue Tearstone Ring in Undead Burg, the knight in the tower above the dragon in Undead Perish, and the knight in the depths of the tower below the Taurus Demon boss battle. Head straight ahead and take the ladder. There will be a corpse up here with Soul of a Lost Undead. One leads under the bridge and the other is a shortcut to your last visited bonfire. the Lower Undead Burg is literally sealed off by the upper inhabitants, but MAYBE you could say they just want to keep their secrets safe, or something (there is that one staircase leading directly to the Lower Burg that's just locked from that side). Also be aware that one or two of the firebomb zombies from earlier may have dropped down here. Chapter 3: Undead Burg. Return to the bonfire to remove the poison and try again) Once inside the rat room, you can climb a ladder on your left to reach the Undead Parish. Dispose of them and head over the small bridge on your right into the building. You can purchase this weapon from the Undead Merchant in the Undead Burg for 600 souls, right at the start of the game. I have 180 basic arrows and a longbow, and causing 17 damage per hit. Past him you will see a door leading into a room. If you have any Pyromancies such as the starting fireballpyromancy, or some firebombs, you can kill them with a single shot by standing at a middle distance and lobbing the spell or firebomb so it arcs beneath their shield and hits their legs. The building to your left hides another zombie which may complicate the fight if you take too long with the firebomb zombie. Anonymous. Straight ahead you will see the doorway with the broken wooden bridge. Straight ahead you will see the doorway across the gap from earlier. It also shows the location for the black fire bombs. The lower section can be accessed with the Basement Key at the door atop the bridge, opposite the Hellkite Dragon. Take the one back to the bonfire first and note that you will need to kick down a ladder to open a way back up. Back out that door and to your left you will see two spear wielding Undead Soldiers. Head down the stairs and you will see two doors. After the bonfire in Undead Burg there is a bridge that gets pelted by firebomb throwers. Cool bro. He just runs after you and stabs while you heal. There are two zombies hanging on the other side of a wall and will climb over to attack you once you are close to them. Killing Black Knight in Undead Burg...Need Help. Really, the motivation to continue playing is dwindling. If you met Solaire in Undead Burg and if you also freed Lautrec and then talked to him back in Firelink Shrine you will find their summon signs on the ground nearby the fog gate, so look around. You will also notice a locked gate in this room that you will be able to unlock it a bit later from Lower Undead Burg. Run to the Black Knight, and shoot him with an arrow to get his attention. Note: Once done, you should be aware that there are three ways you can proceed. I picked up dark souls remastered just a week ago and I have managed to survive Undead Burg. This is a useful tactic with many shielded enemies, so it is worth practising a bit by resetting these two soldiers a few times via the bonfire. Repeat this process a few times and he'll eventually expire, giving you a load of souls, allowing you to traverse bridge at your leisure, letting you pick up the items and get to the room at the back to access the bonfire and covenant.