This is your destination. I rang the bell. Member. For large shards the slugs in the blighttown swamp drop them ,but the drop rate isn't super good. In the first half of Blighttown, after going in through the depths and finding the bonfire, before going down to the swamp area, there's a giant slug-looking thing on a wall that kills you if you get too close. To access the area head left toward the large tree from the Blighttown swamp bonfire and you should see a huge tree root going upward like a ramp that you can walk up. Blighttown How to explore Blighttown in Dark Souls. when u go to the swamp, turn left and there is a cave, go inside the cave and there is ur bonfire. From that place you can also enter The Great Hollow (and later Ash Lake). Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Light it on. Blighttown exists to give you items and to convey you to the next Bell of Awakening. If you continue with this path, you … here it is: When you reach the swamp you have to go right and stick to the wall, eventually you will find a small tunnel. - Although two bonfires aren't alot, it is still nothing compared to Demon's Souls where you only get a ''bonfire'' when you beat the boss after running 15 minutes in that disgusting swamp - The grab attack is fairly strong but there is a huge delay when they prepare that attack. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Namco Bandai Games or From Software. What's your favourite Fashion Souls load out? The Firelink Shrine and New Londo Route To use the Firelink Shrine route, head to the bonfire and then head down to the left where the Fire Keeper is. When you first reached Blighttown's swamp, you headed right, to the bonfire. Before you choose where you want to go, read all possibilities! At the top, you can hit the wall to the left of the corpse (holding the Plank Shield) to reveal a secret area with a chest. One of the rough areas due to status effects, difficult terrain, and framerate issues. You'll find some worms there and a root taking you inside the tree. Once you get to swamps, run along the right wall - there is a bonfire nearby. Going there you will have to use a machine with walkways to go up. When you come into Blighttown through the shortcut, you'll face a handful of monsters and then make your way down through some platforms and a waterwheel. You can get there by climbing the giant root growing from a swamp (check the description of The Great Hollow). Take the water wheel up. I'm a filthy casual, and I need help cheesing this game as much as possible. 3. After you descend a very short staircase, find a hidden ladder behind some boxes, to your left. From the Blighttown swamp bonfire, look for a large hill off in the distance to your right. Go through the secret passage. Dark Souls Game Guide & Walkthrough by Aquire the key to unlock Blighttown by defeating the boss of the Depths: the Gaping Dragon. Neither are really tough, just don't stand in the mist and dodge the SLOW attacks. You should find it easily if you look around a bit. Dark Souls is known for harboring secrets - and these hidden spaces and secrets in the game might be ones you haven't found yet. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. The great hallow has very few enemies, basically the basilisks you faced in the depths, and some SLOW mushroom men. Watch out though for an undead dragon on your way. From this second Bonfire, you will want to make a beeline to the hairy mound type … Nothing. and I'm getting killed all the time while trying. The only shortcut is using the wooden elevator from the poison lake. I used a homeward bone to get back to the last bonfire (the one on the stone bridge) and then died twice in a row trying to leave. From the first bonfire, you can take two routes in the deadly poisonous swamp. From this bonfire you can go to several places and visit the entire swamp. A speed run from first bonfire to second. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Once you get to Valley of the Drakes walk over the narrow bridge and head to the left. On the lowest level, you’ll find the Darkmoon Bonfire. You can easily defeat them on the ground, just avoiding their slow attacks. But it is best to deal with Chaos Witch Quelaag - your opponent can be found inside the white hill with thorns, in front of the bonfire (Quelaag's Domain). See my signature for a link to my blighttown for new players topic. In that time you can easily stun them and kill them After visiting the path described above, return to the bonfire in Blighttown swamps. There is a Fire Keeper Soul up the rotating lift just out into the swamp on the right. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @Mars: the second bonfire is past blighttown in the swamp. I know there is a bonfire down there somewhere, just don't seem to find it. Imagine dying on bottom of swamp area of Blighttown and then respawn back to top area bonfire? After collecting these items, go back over the roots over the machine and climb up. If you lit the bonfire before the boss, just to the right when you exit that tunnel you can see the big elevator thing. Over 20k. [2] From a location in front of the gate you can go along the rocks to the main part of Valley of the Drakes. There's a bonfire in the Blighttown swamp, you should find some summon signs there. first time player need help on populating the sorcery slot. 1 Description 2 Location 3 Notes 4 Enemy information 4.1 Characteristics 4.2 Attacks 4.3 Defenses 4.4 Drops 5 Trivia 6 Gallery Tainted and bloated, these undead are slow-moving and hard-hitting. From the bonfire tunnel, head right and hug the wall. You can use this to climb up and out of Blighttown. Kill enemies below (there is one blowdart warrior) and go up the stairs around a column. At the top you'll find a chest with Key to New Londo Ruins. Now, rush for the bonfire situated under the arch and rest there. To the left from the first bonfire, you can find a Ragged Mask by a group of leeches, Titanite Shard 1x, and on a small island Prism Stone 10x. If you go to the right from bonfire, you'll get to the platform leading up to another complex of ladders, chambers and corners. alon_a 8 years ago #1. Try this. Dark Souls: Blighttown Shortcut to Bonfire then Boss - YouTube I have gone down all the way to the swamp, several times. From the swamp bonfire you go right towards Quelaags Domain. Traversing the Swamp. Once you get to swamps, run along the right wall - there is a bonfire nearby. You can also get behind it, but it intoxicates you … Don’t let the confusion or the challenge distract you from that. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. [1] Open the gate - a shortcut to New Londo Ruins and Firelink Shrine is created! A bonfire can be found in a niche to the right. From that place you can also enter The Great Hollow (and later Ash Lake). Warning! Basically hug walls and you should eventually find it, if for some reason you still can't. Invest in blocking and parry as without those, you will most likely be killed more. There you'll find a chest and behind it an illusory wall. Dark Souls: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed. From the sewer bonfire, head straight out the hallway and take the first right. it rains dogs at one point -- Use the one near the bonfire to go down. You’ll eventually reach a wooden ramp leading up to a makeshift elevator. Oct 27, 2017 9,617 Mexicali, Mexico. Keep going down, killing other spiders. It is worth to take look there, because at the end you'll find Fire Keeper Soul among other things. Light it on. Unfortunately the passage is guarded by three ogres with clubs (you can run past and ignore them or kill them one by one). If your facing the elevator turn right and hug the wall ull run into a stone tunnel thing and the bonfire should be just inside it. Blight town is not fun even at higher levels as the place still has shitty FPS and the enemies can still bump you enough to knock you off the ledge. Overall though neither has stuff that will help a newbie out much, and it can be a pain to get back out if you haven't gotten to a "special" part of the game yet. You'll reach a tunnel full of flaming door and enemies with blowdarts. A path to the left from the bonfire, towards a giant tree, leads to the area occupied by leeches. Form that area you can easily get to Firelink Shrine. Blighttown swamp - where is the bonfire ? The swamp at Blighttown’s feet is rife with leeches, giant mosquitoes, and boulder-tossing giants. User Info: alon_a. Can you summon people in New Londo Ruins? Please help. On the platforms on the other side of the machine (you can get there over roots) you'll find more items: Crimson Set, Tin Banishment Catalyst and spell Remedy. 7 years ago There's another bonfire in the poison swamp area before the boss, which is closer. Cess007. That will put it up on the first page so other players having trouble with blighttown can go straight to my topic, Having trouble with Dark Souls Blighttown? In a corridor behind the bonfire you'll find a chest with Dragon Scale. Warning! Keep going down, killing other spiders. When you reach the door that has been sealed by the Crest of Artorias, look to the left of the path leading to the Forest Protectors to find an Illusory Wall with a Bonfire behind it. Blighttown swamp - where is the bonfire . Can be accessed early in the game if you have a Master Key. You can kill him with a bow from the distance. At the bottom is a "special" place with a secret "special covenant" and some cool stuff. ... so I ended up finding that Bonfire before the main one in the swamp. Infested Barbarians,also known as Giant Undead or Blight Ogres,are enemies in Dark Souls. Hit the side wall in order to reveal a secret passage to the bonfire (and other). A path near the chest leads to a cavern with a shortcut to Valley of the Drakes. Pretty sure it is turn RIGHT if you are coming from the depths. The entrance to Blighttown can be found in the same room as Domhnall of Zena. Second Bell location. If you find it has helpful information, then go to the first post in my topic, then message detail, then request sticky. I'm in Blighttown, at the bonfire on the bridge. A path to the left from the bonfire, towards a giant tree, leads to the area occupied by leeches. At the bonfire, become human if you wish to summon Mildred to help with the next battle and equip Flash Sweat. Dying in Blighttown was a lot more devastation where bonfires were very far away from each others and getting back where you were was very difficult and there was no shortcuts. The area is also guarded by giants throwing boulders - these are slow enemies with mighty blows. Wear the Darkmoon Séance Ring near the statue of Gwyn to reveal a secret path that leads to the Darkmoon Gwyndolin boss battle… Now, when you reach the swamp part go straight for the pyromancer set (I suppose you already have the Spider Shield) that is situated behind one of the bigass columns (the ones you see once you get to the swamp) equip the pyromancer set and you'll have some really good poison resist. A bonfire can be found in a niche to the right. If you Reverse Hollowing at this Bonfire and walk a few feet out into the swamp on the right you will be invaded by Maneater Mildred. It can be sorta devilish, but you can ride it up then climb a bunch of stairs. There go another 20k souls. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Aside from making your way back to the top, the only other obvious path out of Blighttown is a mountain of white webbing with a small hole in its center. You will pass a wooden structure. Then make your way down carefully to the swamp area and the second Bonfire inside a drainage area. At the very top there will be a chest with a key you will need to grab. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. From the bonfire, go back the other way to the left side of the swamp. You want to know the best leveling spec for warlocks? Then I ran through blighttown after dying 20 times, killed Quelaag, but couldn't find an elevator. After visiting the path described above, return to the bonfire in Blighttown swamps.