Convert your dog’s age in human years now. There is no doubt that the Cirneco dell'Etna is a very striking looking hound and that they do resemble the Pharaoh Hound only smaller. Terrazze dell'Etna Available in: Canada, North America The Terrazze dell’Etna winery was founded in 2008 by Nino Bevilacqua, an engineer from Palermo, when legendary Italian winemaker Riccardo Cotarella helped him to plan and build this extraordinary property. Cirneco dell'Etna may live 3 years less than Chiweenie. Breed. compare height, weight, life span, litter size and more Pharaoh Hounds are such beautiful dogs, and even cuter puppies. - Looking for a Cirneco Dell Etna Puppy or Cirneco Dell Etna Dog Breeder? If you have a mix-breed dog, see our puppy weight charts to see which breed category your puppy falls into based on his current weight and age. Intensity Dilution. 1.8K likes. The breed, whose origins are similar to those of the Pharaoh Hound, evolved by adapting to the environment. Your 2 years 7 months old Cirneco dell’Etna is 26.86 years old in human years and is considered as a Young Adult dog. Cirneco dell'Etna. Cirneco Dell'Etna Puppies For Sale - AKC PuppyFinder The Cirneco dell'Etna was named for Mount Etna, Europe's highest active volcano, which sits on the coast of Sicily. Browse more videos. ... You can mix this into his dry kibble occasionally with a little bit of raw meat too when you have. Cirneco dell'Etna puppy CYRENENSIS CAPITANO, 3 months old, kennel Cyrenensis Cirneco Dell Etna Puppies For Sale! Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area. Comparison between Cirneco dell'Etna Dog and Abruzzenhund Dog. So, how old is my dog in human years? To use, enter his current weight, age, and breed size, and the interactive tool will do the rest. Find out about training, behavior, and care of German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix dogs. CHARACTERISTICS The Cirneco Dell’Etna is an excellent hunting dog, well adapted to difficult terrain. Hailing from Sicily, the Cirneco dell’Etna is one of the oldest known dog breeds, dating back more than 2,500 years. Allow us to introduce you to: cirneco dell’etna Where Can I Buy A Caucasian Shepherd Dog Adorable Puppy Pics Anushka Shetty took to her Instagram handle and shared a cute morning selfie with her pet. Find Cirneco dell'Etna Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Cirneco dell'Etna information. A DNA analysis of the Pharaoh Hound and the Cirneco dell'Etna of Sicily indicate that their separate breed formation occurred within the last 200 years, however the genetic foundations of these breeds date to the more distant past. He’s also smart and trainable. Cirneco dell’Etna Club of America, Cat Spring, Texas. We encourage you to post comments, photos and videos. Report. Search Keywords. They have very sleek, shiny coats that range from a dark fawn to a much paler fawn with many dogs having white markings and spots on their heads, bellies, chests, feet and on the tips of their tails. The breed derives its name, “Cirneco dell’Etna,” from the Mt. The intensity coat color gene variant causes an extreme dilution of phaeomelanin (red or yellow pigment), resulting in a cream to white coat in dogs. ADOZIONE. Cirneco dell'Etna . It has an elegant, slender build and a red or chestnut colored coat, as well as erect, upright ears. See why Sheltie owners are in love with the breed. Sighthound & Pariah Dog Group. Cirneco dell'Etna vs Abruzzenhund. Disclaimer: The Kennel Club makes no warranty as to the quality or fitness of any puppies offered for sale.We cannot accept responsibility for any transaction between puppy buyer and the breeder arising from publication of the listing. Hunting in a rubble stone wall in Malta. Currently, there are no Cirneco Dell Etna Dog Breeders listed in our directory. AKC Cirneco dell'Etna puppies for sale in Belfair, Washington Share it or review it Irekei currently has 3 beautiful Cirneco dell'Etna puppies available for adoption (2 males and 1 female).This is a rare and ancient Sicilian hunting breed.