You could either make up teams from your organisation itself, or invite the local community to represent certain teams. Some of the best sponsored events are a little bit weird, and a bean bath is definitely up there with the weirdest. Ask for help from other people in the organisation, and ensure that you’re not trying to do too much on your own. If you decide to do this, make sure that you get in touch with local schools and colleges, as they will consider it great advertising for their art departments, so are sure to want to join in with the fun. Do you want to avoid the hassles of other fundraising products like taking orders and distributing products for only a tiny profit? Seed paper products that grow cottage flowers when planted in a pot or the garden. Best placed on a stall at a summer fair, games such as guess the name of the teddy or guess the weight of the cake are always popular, with the thing that you’re guessing the name/weight of being the prize in the end. Most people get a little bit of an adrenaline rush from getting behind the wheel of a fast car, so you should find that they all enjoy this event. This means that the money will soon be rolling in, leaving you with the funds that your organisation needs so much. When you’re fundraising, it is important that you understand that every little helps, and for this reason a great fundraising idea can be a coin collection. Featured fundraising products. We have come together to create a one-stop-shop for businesses to manage, communicate and evaluate their staff fundraising … On the occasions where there are more than one bids the same, you could hold a face-to-face auction, to see who is willing to pay a little more for the item. Gumboot throwing is an event that has been around for a long time, but yet it never seems to get any less fun. This is often an event that can be incredibly popular, thanks to the fact that bingo is a game that most people know how to play, and holding an evening means that they have the chance to win lots of prizes. You could also sell this type of thing at pretty much any event that you’re planning with regards to your fundraising, and you should find that it can increase your profits steadily over time. Don’t forget to research the latest songs as well as including all of the disco classics, as you need to make sure that there is something for everybody. If you’re looking for an event that would add a lot of interest thanks to its quirkiness, then there is no doubt that a zodiac night would be the perfect thing for you. We all loved sports day at school, and why should the fun end just because we’re grown up? }); Branded, personalised products that can make massive profits for your school, club, sports team or organisation. You have to make sure that you know how to look after dogs, and that you’re responsible when you’re in charge of them, but overall this should be a nice little earner. By passing jobs to people who you know will do them well, you’re using everybody’s skills to the best advantage for the team. Almost everybody has something that they’re good at, and for this reason a talent show really could go down a storm. At this event, a group of people will aim to dance for a certain amount of time, or to a certain number of songs, in return for sponsorship. This might not be the easiest thing to organise, however there is a chance that you could raise a lot of money from it – as you can sell tickets for the event plus raffle tickets on the night. Scratch and Help fundraising booklets have been a huge success in the USA and are proving just as popular here in New Zealand. We're passionate fundraisers! Not only will you raise lots of money, but your guests will also have the chance to meet people who they have never seen before, meaning that they could make new friends, too! We’ve heard really good things about this product and they suit groups of all sizes – which is good news for groups such as sports teams, culture groups, churches etc. If it is a special time of year, for example Christmas or Easter, you could make it a themed event, which would add even more excitement to it for the children. This could include your main fundraising donation or sales page, your fundraising … By asking people to sponsor you for the weight that you lose, particularly with the funds all going towards to your organisation, you should find that you have more motivation that you have ever had before. With just 5% government funding, we rely heavily on the generosity of those who choose to make a difference. You could charge a small amount for each one, and you will usually find that people will pay a little bit extra because of the fact that you’re a charity. When formulating the Finance … The children could spend a few weeks making the gifts to sell, and you can then set up tables on the day. Boost your fundraising profits with an extra 2 free Scratch and Help Sponsorship Booklets with every 10 that you order! Youth fundraising groups are one of our most popular and successful clients! If you have long hair, you could cut it short or shave it off, or even just go for a completely different style to what you’re used to. This is a great way to make money, as lots of people will be willing to enter due to the fact that it is very entertaining to do and also to watch. This is an event that has been around for a long time, and many charities have made the most of this in order to raise funds. Many people don’t even check which charity they’re giving to, but they will still put their change in the tin regardless. Online fundraising using art for schools & preschools. Make sure that you plan this well in advance, as they are perfect for Christmas presents, and can be sold at any events that you might be holding in the run-up to the festive period. They work on the philosophy that many people support fundraising groups for the pleasure of giving and helping others rather than for what they will get in return. Set a date that you would like to do it, get a few volunteers, and ask people to bring donations for things that you could sell. ... meaning that you’re making valuable contacts that will work … The activities are grouped together by letters of the alphabet to make them easier to find, so browse below and see if there is anything that you think you would enjoy. You often find that people will buy multiple straws in an attempt to win, so this is a stall that is well worth having at your event. This is an event that people would more than likely be willing to come and watch, so you would raise plenty of money. You can arrange the teams however you like, and you could have a lot of fun with deciding who works with who. Many people are willing to donate prizes, and people are happy to buy a few tickets because they don’t cost very much. Get sponsored per hour or per day, depending on how long you think you can manage it for, and just sit back and watch the money come rolling it. jQuery(document).ready(function($) { Each scratch booklet raises $80, of which $64 is pure profit for you to keep! There are many things that you are able to make, and with most items it gives you the chance to personalise them, meaning that people could buy items from you to use as gifts for their family and friends. A jailbreak is always a fun event, and it basically involves putting people down in the middle of nowhere, with no money, and challenging them to get either back to base, or starting at base and getting as far away as they possibly can. Fast Fundraising You could, of course, sell refreshments too, which would boost your income a little bit. If there isn’t anywhere suitable in your local area for you to camp, somebody’s back yard is just as good. School fundraising or Charity/Club Fundraising? Simply, your guests have to bend over backwards to get underneath a bar without touching it. One of the most popular fundraising ideas is to run a raffle and it’s popular for a reason. You could also have some smaller prizes such as the team with the best name, and this can often add a little bit of entertainment into the evening. Recreating a school sports day is a great way to raise funds, and you can be sure that people will have plenty of fun on the day. You can sell refreshments, raffle tickets and many other things, meaning that everybody is sure to be in for a great day. The responsibility of running a fundraising drive can be a bit daunting, but The House of Fundraising will lift that off your shoulders. This can be great fun, as you can organise the teams in a number of ways, and then ask for sponsorship depending on how many “rounders” each of you score. A prize is given if they manage to get a goal past them, and it is a great way to encourage people to give it a go, as you will find that they go for multiple shots just to make sure that they get one in. Although it is easier for them if they are of a similar height, it can be even funnier if they’re not, so this is something that you could try. You should also make sure that you advertise your event outside of your organisation, too, as many people enjoy going to these types of sales as a hobby. At the end of the day, people can sponsor them if they have hit their target. You could also sell merchandise if you have anything, and have stalls for example a raffle, craft stalls, books stalls, or anything you like. Make sure that you advertise this event well, as you will get plenty of outside entries. There is also great scope to do other things here, such as sell other refreshments, run a raffle, sell merchandise if you have any from your organisation, and hand out information about any other events that might be happening in the future. Usually, the fundraising organization will ask for donations of used books to sell at the event later on, but feel free to get creative to find the method that works best for your community. If you have a community event coming up, this might be the ideal fundraiser for you. ‘Scratch & Help’ booklets are New Zealand’s most profitable and easy fundraiser for all types of fundraising. You will need a great host, as that can make the night go with a bang, and some good prizes – plus of course contestants and an audience. Refreshments should be served, and you could take small breaks to play some little games to keep minds fresh. It’s up to you what you do for prizes – some people like to use money, and others have specific things to win. You could have lots of prizes, and tournaments. Ask at your nearest sports centre whether you can use their field for a day, and sell tickets to the event. Everybody likes a sweet treat every now and again, and a tuck shop can give you the chance to make money from this theory. In this article, you will be able to read about some great ways to raise money, that are fun and effective all at the same time. This means that they raise money simply for doing what many do every day – shaving – and it can provide an awful lot of entertainment along the way. … This gives you the chance to not only get your creative hat on, but also to sell stalls to local businesses who might make things like cards and gifts. When you’re trying to think fundraising ideas, it is important that you think of something that would appeal to the most people, and nothing is better for this than a calendar, because almost everybody has one! We are here to help you raise money. Unless you’re lucky enough to be involved in an organisation that gets sponsored, chances are you will be constantly worried about how you’re going to raise enough money to keep yourselves going. They will raise your fundraising group the money you need. There are things that you can do to raise money in any season, and bonfire night is a great chance to hold an event to remember. Walking is not only great fun, but also great exercise, so why not get sponsored for it to raise funds for your charity? A professional visual record of each child's development which can be displayed all year. Chocolates, sweets and oth... Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. If you do an event that is perhaps a little scary, you’re certain to raise a lot, so if there are one or more people in your organisation who would be willing to try this it is certainly worth a go. You could ask for people to sponsor you, and also charge entry for the event itself – plus selling refreshments to those who are watching. Portrait painting can be great fun, even if you don’t really know anything about art at all. You could have it somewhere simple like a school, or wider afield in the countryside, and the team who gets to the end first are the winners. This is an event that is always popular, and people are likely to come in groups of friends, which means that you will raise even more money. If you can’t afford a DJ, you can easily play your own songs, and then charge a small amount for a ticket, plus refreshments while they’re there. You should find that somebody will be willing to donate their time for free, particularly if they’re trying to boost their own career and take their first tentative steps into the industry. Not only this, but once you have made contact with these companies, you may find that they are willing to sponsor more of your events in the future, meaning that you’re making valuable contacts that will work well for you in the long term. The idea is that they blag their way onto public transport, or ask people for money to pay for tickets, and the team that does the best wins a prize. Reading is one of the best things that a child can learn to do at an early age, and for this reason it can be a great idea to hold a book fair to try and encourage them to do this. Find AskRIGHT in your city, as we help Fundraising … Timaru, NZ Charity & Nonprofits Hire a coach, sell the seats including entry fee where needed for your destination, and make sure that you set the price to ensure that you make a profit from the event. You can either have teams or individuals, and see who is the strongest. Children find this particularly fun, and enjoy being able to write messages on pieces of paper or whiteboards while they’re not able to talk. If you have a market in your local area, then this gives you a great chance to rent a market stall to try and spread the word about your charity. You could ask for a donation as the entry fee, and then sell refreshments, which means that you should be able to have a great night indeed. Do you have a local leisure centre near you? The weather is often lovely and sunny in New Zealand, and abseiling can be a great way to enjoy that weather and have lots of fun at the same time. Fundraising Works Ltd delivers great fundraising results and practical solutions for charities of all sizes. Raise it supports a large range of online fundraising with no upfront costs There are some beautiful places to walk in New Zealand – you’re spoilt for choice – so if you’re looking for a way that you can raise money whilst in stunning surroundings, then this is definitely a great idea for you. Buy things like chocolates, crisps and drinks in bulk – or anything that you think people might like to eat – and sell them each week when your organisation meets. Fundraising Woks 1115 Illinois, Suite 1 Joplin, MO 64801 1 - 800 - 207 - 5552 [email protected] You can do versions for adults and children, with them having to find clues to lead them to the treasure at the end of the journey. You could even have a few duets or larger groups if you have the time to arrange the music, and this is sure to bring a great evening of entertainment. . Whether the people who come are involved in your organisation or not, you should find that it is something that they would like to attend, as it is a great excuse to socialise. This can be very exiting, as many children won’t have stayed out in tents before. This is always a popular one, particularly with children, and you should usually find that there are companies who are willing to donate the prizes that would be suitable for this type of event, too. You could either all go as individuals or form teams, and this means that you could also give small prizes for the winners. Beforehand, you could even run a little competition for who can come up with the best clues – which can add even more excitement to the event. No matter whether you enjoy singing, dancing, juggling or rapping, you’re sure to have something that you can add to an evening like this. We all need a bit of class from time to time, and if this is something that you’re interested in, then you may find that it is a good idea to plan a wine and cheese evening. Not only will this get plenty of people involved, but you could also take collecting tins for when you’re on the walk itself – people are likely to donate if they see you walking by, as they will be entertained by the costumes that you have chosen to wear. You could see who is able to play an instrument, and ask whether they would be happy to play a solo for the audience. Because a marathon is such a huge thing to do, you’re certain to raise plenty of money in sponsorship, and if you advertise the fact that you’re doing it, you might even get people willing to sponsor you who don’t know you, meaning that you will get even more funds for the pot. Online Fundraising Pages for New Zealand; We helped people from all over New Zealand crowdfund the things that matter to them most. You can invite friends, family and the local community, and serve refreshments for a small fee. [email protected] Children love to do this, as it can be exciting to wait for their label to be returned. The only thing that you need is somebody to agree to buy the stock and man the stall, and then the money will come rolling in. Entertainment is one of the most important things at any fundraising event, and a three-legged race is certain to provide you with this. Nothing is better than being able to make money from things that you don’t need anymore, and a bring and buy sale is one of the best fundraising ideas in this respect. If you’re fed up of all of the clutter that is building up in your home, then you might like to try running a car boot sale for your organisation. Bookmarks, bus... A new and profitable way of generating funds at an event. Sale or Return Policy - unopened shippers in original condition can be returned to The House of Fundraising … Selling tickets is a sure way to boost your funds, as this is an event that is quirky yet perfectly plausible, meaning that many people would be interested in it. Whichever you choose, you are certain to get enough donations to boost your bank balance. You could either have members of your organisation sponsored by friends and family for abseiling, or you could plan it as a fun event and sell tickets to those who want to join in. In the modern world, money isn’t easy to come by, and for this reason you need to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to raise the funds that you need. It is great fun, and it is popular with many groups of people, particularly students, so if you’re looking for a way to get some outside interest, this is definitely a great thing to do. If the weather is likely to be good, you could even hold the event outside, and make a few other stalls to encourage people to have fun and spend money. Scratch and Help booklets are so simple to use. 0800 210 7770800 210 777 What could be easier than that! The more imagination you use with this the better, and people are more likely to sponsor you for doing quirky things. If your organisation is a sports club, you might want to organise a charity rounders match as a way to raise the funds that you need. The idea is that everybody involved in the organisation bakes cakes to be sold, and then invites family and friends to come and enjoy an afternoon of chatting and eating cakes. With everything added up together, you should find that you raise a fair amount of money. Or purchase any quantity of Scratch and Help Booklets. You can have games that people pay to enter, and sell raffle tickets or other merchandise, plus refreshments. The everyday financial … If you’re a music group, or have a few musicians in your number, then it is great to make use of your instruments by planning a sponsored play. There are lots of popular game shows on television at the moment, and this gives you an excellent opportunity to recreate one of these as a fundraising idea in order to get some much-needed cash for your organisation. If they pick one that has been coloured, they win a prize – it’s up to you how big or small that prize is – and if they pick a white one then they don’t win this time. You can have running races, obstacle courses, egg and spoon races, skipping races and much more, as well as offering refreshments and other pieces of entertainment (for example a bouncy castle for the children) in order to raise even more money. If you wish, you can turn this into a sort of beach party that you can hold outdoors and include costumes for everybody. Your fundraisers take them around and ask people to scratch off a few dots and donate the amount revealed underneath. The Fundraise Factory is able to source a huge range of … Either as part of a bigger event or standing alone, face painting is always popular, and is a great thing to do if you have somebody who is able to provide the service. Make sure that you’re up to date with the latest films and cartoons, as you’re certain to get requests for things to be painted, and you don’t want anybody to be disappointed! The great news is that no matter who you are or what your talents are, you should be able to find a way to raise those much needed funds. You will be able to sell these to your members and supporters, and can then take them along to any other events that you hold. If you would like to know how Kids Art Works can help you raise money, click this banner. A 30 day credit period is available to qualifying organisations. Boost your fundraising profits with an extra 2 free Scratch and Help Sponsorship Booklets with every 10 that you order! Do you eat too much chocolate? This is good either as an event on its own, or as a part of something like a fun day or fair. Friends and family will be thrilled to come and see the performance, so you can look forward to a packed audience. Sowing the Seeds of Love is a one-day fundraisers forum loaded with inspiration and practical examples of fundraising that works in New Zealand. Works ‘out of the box’, is quick to learn and easy to use Makes advanced fundraising possible, even with small teams Delivers automation and process intelligence that saves significant time Achieve more, save money and work … Fundraising at Work is the joint venture initiative of Good2Give and GoFundraise. Fundraising consultency Our fundraising consultants will work with you to produce a tailored fundraising system that will maximise the benefit from your own contact database. If you don’t want to hold this event indoors, then you always have the option of holding the event on a beach. The more people you get entering from outside of your organisation, the more money you’re likely to raise, as they are sure to bring friends and family along to watch for support. You might find that local businesses are willing to donate prizes for bingo if you approach them, and by doing so you will be able to maximise the amount that you can take home for your organisation from the event, as you won’t have to use any of the income for the prize money at the end of the evening. If they are old enough to walk on their own they could do this, or you could push them if they can’t. No matter where you live in the world, it is important that you try to take care of the environment, and for this reason you may want to consider opting for alternative transport options for a week and getting sponsored for doing so. Have you ever wished that you could hold an event that meant your dogs could socialise with others? You can either go around housing estates or into businesses with your collection bucket, and sing carols in return for a small donation. The best part is that you’re sure to get lots of donations for things to sell, as people will most likely be happy to have the excuse to clean out their houses. Virtual fundraising ideas. If you enjoy getting out and about in the great outdoors, then abseiling could be a great way to raise funds. If you have the time for a bit of organising, then a treasure hunt can be very fun to do. You can either do a raffle in its own right, or you can add a smaller one to an event that you’re running. By charging a small amount to enter a piece in the exhibition, and offering a number of prizes for winners in various categories, you will be sure to attract attention. It could help to raise funds for your organisation, and it could also encourage people to stop swearing at the same time. The Kings Seeds Seedy School Fundraiser Programme is a healthy way to raise money for your school or kindergarten through selling packets of vegetable and … You can charge for entry to the event, and provide each person with one candle and the materials to decorate it with. no round numbers, as this gives you a much better chance of having a unique highest bidder. You can arrange for either one person or a group of people to try and fast for an entire day, or longer if you think you can manage it, and write about how they feel during the day. This means that you can lose weight and raise money at the same time, so you’re achieve two things at once. You can also sell refreshments and raffle tickets, plus give the audience information about what is happening in the near future with your organisation. If you are doing aerobics in the sunshine, it will be a wonderful experience, and most people who attend will agree that it is one of the best fundraising ideas they’ve ever seen. If you don’t have your own premises then you could hire a hall (or ask whether the use of the hall could be donated to you) and invite people to pay a small amount of money for a table. SABAI.init($("#sabai-embed-wordpress-shortcode-3")); Variety is the spice of life, and sometimes the events that seem the most random can add the most excitement to the day. There are many tracks for you to choose from, and most allow you to book them out for a group of people whenever you wish. Particularly in the summer months, it is important that we are able to have our gardens looking colourful and pretty, and to help with this, you could organise a plant sale at your organisation. New Whittaker's Chocolate Fundraisers Made Fun, Easy and Successful. Fundraise for us SPCA helps thousands of sick, injured, abandoned and abused animals every year. SEEDY SCHOOLS FUNDRAISER PROGRAMME! If you are keen on trying new fundraising ideas then visit the Fast Fundraising website. By seeing 13 – 20 people, each seller should easily complete their booklet. If everybody involved in your organisation brought items, you would be sure to raise plenty of money – and everybody would have been able to have a clear out at the same time! This isn’t something that you could do on your own, though, as you would have to contact a local club for information about how and when your sponsored event would be possible. And that first taste of chocolate when you’re done will never have tasted so good! If so, then you may want to take part in a chocoholic challenge, where you are sponsored to give it up for a certain period of time. You should be careful that you don’t push people too far, though, and obviously people with certain health conditions would be excluded. It will take a little work to get right, and you will have to hire a venue if your organisation doesn’t already own somewhere that is suitable, however you should be able to sell tickets for a decent price, meaning that you can raise a lot of money for your funds. Used book sales are easy fundraising … Easter is a season that many children enjoy, so why not plan an Easter egg hunt as part of a brilliant family day out to raise money for your organisation? Personalise your booklets to motivate your group and engage your sponsors with our FREE design service! It’s a good event to hold if you’re not too sure of the weather, too, as it doesn’t matter whether it’s dry or not. The’Scratch & Help’ booklet is a fun and effective fundraising tool that gives structure to the sponsorship process by letting the person reveal their sponsorship amount, instead of having to decide how much to give. Everybody buys a balloon and attaches a label to it, fills it with helium and then lets go. Arts and crafts are great for young children, so if your organisation is made up of youngsters then you might want to organise a gift sale. Snack It is a source for fundraising packages to use in your campaign. At the end of the event, everybody buys their portrait to take home. This is usually better if it is men who are being waxed, as it can be very entertaining to see a hairy chest go through the torture of having wax strips applied and then ripped off again.