Best irons I have ever hit,when you hit the sweet spot it is like they say going thru butter. The heads are so small that sometimes they can be tough on balls sitting up in the rough because if you hit under them, their isn't much mass abouve the sweet spot. DG S-300 with high kick gives a good boring flight helping on distance control. With its clean lines, you would be … I use to work as a club pro at a private country club and was able to play everyday fine tuning my game. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. KZG Evolution Reviews Click here if this is your business. I've had a variety of kzg sticks. | But all fall short of the kzg blades. From United States +C $55.09 shipping estimate. I also use their driver and 3 wood these are great clubs also. The LDI Irons are universal. The shafts are pured S300's. All Products; MENU . The pull draws were killing me! If I had these irons back then, it would have only taken me once to pass the PAT instead of three! These clubs just stop a ball like nothing I have seen before. When you hit it sweet it is amazing. Progressive cavity backs which go from a full cavity in the 3-iron to an almost blade-design PW. I hit a few bad shots however there were straight right pushes that turned out not that bad. KZG Forged Blades Irons. For me, it is a toss-up between Wishon 555M and these KZG's. I got serious about golf nearly two years ago and decided to go with a players club. That was the year KZG was founded (1994). C $326.08. Within the first week, the score dropped by 10%, and continues to fall. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. Irons. Used a professional club fitter in Vic Australia. Greatest irons I've ever played. Not only are the new XXV irons great looking golf clubs, the performance is amazing. It literally is slicing butter with a hot knife. C $203.04 +C $27.07 shipping. The other major difference is the forging on these clubs. KZG’s innovative Forged Evolution Irons offer every advantage a set of irons can offer: workability, consistency, control, accuracy, and great feel. Forged blades have come along way over the past 10 years and these are some of the best. These irons are simply superb! Like all KZG irons, they’re hand ground and double forged from the finest grades of carbon steel to give them the excellent performance that KZG fans are used to in a KZG model club. The only thing I can properly say after getting fitted with my new KZG Evolution irons. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. These are easily the best feeling irons I have ever hit. KZG PC-III IRONS PC III 3-PW, DYNAMIC GOLD SL S300 STIFF, RH (Z-2441) MAKE OFFER . 1 Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. I appreciate your attention to detail. The KZG Zo blade is true performer w/ a great deal of shot making ability. The clubs are very forgiving while still giving you feel. I'd be very interested in trying 1, if I can find a little flexible income. My distance has improved by about 20 yards on every club. 8 hdcp. Dunn sold the Bullet name and those heads became available from Kyoei again. The dual faced Gemini driver is still great, and I still have 1 I keep ready. Our double-forged process manufactured by expert craftsman in Japan is unmatched in the golf industry. No more! Buy It Now. Bottom line, if you're looking for some irons that you can trust and play true, these are the boys you want in your bag. MENU. The MC III and MC IIIx Irons bring the total number of KZG iron models to 14. These heads give great feedback and are really forgiving. The feel of these irons are GREAT! This is why we have so many dealers around the world fitting people with KZG golf clubs. Last week I was at the Dicks sporting goods store looking at all the name brand clubs and IMHO, they look and feel like toys compared to my clubs, like eventually they'd break on me. Putters. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Absolutely, and their Gemini drivers just may be the best big stick you can buy. Compare the best Golf Irons including KZG Evolution Irons & more latest golf clubs, golf shoes & golf equipment reviews at Review Centre. I out drove my playing partner with the 3 iron off the tee on a par 5. Product Watch – KZG LDI Irons August 29, 2017 Scott MacLeod Golf Equipment 0. Thin top line, little offset, perfectly designed, in a word: the ultimate player's club. | The #2 iron starts as a full cavity and each iron thereafter gradually evolves into a muscle-back. KZG MC-III IRONS / 4-PW / SENIOR FLEX NOVA TEC BTR SHAFTS / KZIMCI001. In a world of pretenders, KZG’s Forged Blades are rare: Authentic, double-forged irons, handcrafted to the tightest tolerances for the most discriminating competitive player. awesome blade game has improved with these sticks. So smooth and easy. | Had a set custom fit with E-21 Scandium shafts. I now use X-tour callaways but am in the process of building another set of ZO's. Buy It Now. Actually, one could argue that they rival Titleist, Taylor Made, Mizuno and Ping. I've heard people say it feels "soft" and never knew what that meant until I hit these irons. The clubs are fantastic! Model Reviewed: KZG PC-III According to the KZG website, this club's designed for the 8-18 handicap golfer. The perimeter- weighted cavity back design of the long irons offer maximum distance and accuracy. The KZG Build Department has built its reputation as one of the best in the industry. Designed by Clay Long, one of the top designers in the industry, each head was meticulously engineered for superior performance and is ten percent different from each of the heads of the conjoining irons. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. can do almost anything with them. Best irons I have ever hit,when you hit the sweet spot it is like they say going thru butter. I had the MA-1 fitted last year and they changed my game from a 18 to a 12 in 8 months. Model Reviewed: KZG CH-II Cavity Back Irons What a great set of irons!!! Model Reviewed: KZG MC-II Irons Amazing clubs...the feel to me is similar to forged, though the sound is a bit muted. Make Offer - KZG II Golf Clubs set Forged Cavity Back irons 3 thru PW w R Flex Steel Shafts. and dropping. If I'm correct, you can only purchase these irons brand new from a KZG certified club builder or used on EBay. They're cast clubs, which keeps the price down and helps durability. Get fitted and good luck. See The Specifications. I found them more forgiving than Miura with only slightly less feel. Wow!! The new KZG Forged Evolution Irons are the ultimate in a blended forged iron set. The KZG Forged II Irons are relatively versatile clubs that feature a cavity back design which gives them a good amount of forgiveness. knocking shots down into green is daed on. These club are stupid long with this shaft set-up! Model: KZG ZO Plus BladesAvailability: 3-9, PW RH onlyMSRP: $179/clubAdditional Notes: KZG requires clubs to be purchased through an authorized KZG account and custom fit to the individual golfer. High Handicap Irons (20+) XXV *FORGED. The hype is justified on these irons they are staying the in bag. Model Reviewed: KZG Evolution Irons I bought these irons about a year ago from Jeff at Golf Provisions in Largo, Fl.Had them custom fit with 6.5 rifle shafts. The Evolution Irons are made with 1020 carbon steel bars, which are hammered into shape, cooled, and trimmed, then hammered again before being hand-finished to exact specifications. only reason i stopped playing them was when i put my blades against my current set of tm tp's irons it was no comparison. I know it can't be just me. What a combination! They are similar to irons designed by Lou Ortiz of Orlimar Golf and produced for both Orlimar and TaylorMade around 1980. KZG Evolution Forged Iron Set 4-P Fujikura ZCom Regular Flex … All Rights Reserved. From United States. never had an issue with their cast irons, forged wedges, or woods. I lost a little distance with the blades but gained much more in accuracy. Slightly More Offset & 3 Grams Lighter than the ZO Blade; Softer Leading Edge; Triple Forged with One Piece (No Welding) & CNC Milled; K Tour *FORGED. A definite must. Forged Irons April 6, 2018 KZG has long been known for the quality of its forged irons and has received numerous awards of recognition from the industry and media. KZG believes that quality comes first. In this video I build my own KZG forged blade irons with KBS $ - Taper shafts and Lamkin Sonor grips. You know what I mean? Model Reviewed: KZG ZO irons I am a professional club maker with a 6 handicap, I used the ZO irons for about a year and loved them, I had the Project X 6.0 1" over 2* up. These clubs are sweet in the sweet spot, but they are player's clubs for sure. Available in RH and LH, in any configuration, from #4-9, PW, AW and SW. A RH Driving Iron is also available. Most manufacturers only vary their blended sets by only 3 club increments. From United Kingdom +C $24.38 shipping. I am actually longer with these than others I have played. What a difference it has made. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Titleist 962 Titleiset 962b Cleveland cg4 tour Ping S59. Good Luck! The XXV irons have oversized forgiveness and explosive distance in a midsized iron. KZG Maraging Power Irons Set 3-PW Regular … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. KZG’s dedication to the game, award-winning equipment and discerning practice of working only with premier Professional ClubFitters is why golfers of all skill levels from beginner to touring professionals carry KZG in their bags. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | The KZG website will direct you to the nearest CB in your area. KZG is a great club. Buy It Now . KZG is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) you say? I bought these irons about a year ago from Jeff at Golf Provisions in Largo, Fl.Had them custom fit with 6.5 rifle shafts. Contact. Buy from Amazon. Only played three rounds to date but have hit some excellent shots. About KZG. | The perimeter weighted cavity back … Wedges. I have the rifle 6.0 shafts which help tremendously on the trajectory. It did take me sometime to get use to the progressive offset on the Evo's. The Forged Blades feature just a hint of offset for a slightly higher launch. Beautiful thin top line finish. 10 watchers. Pre-Owned. Using the woods, the balls goes straight! C $190.91. All Rights Reserved. Every level of golfer has been giving them rave reviews. KZG OC-1 IRONS / 5-PW / REGULAR FLEX TOUR FIT SHAFTS / KZIOC1002. KZG just may be the BEST OEM that you have never heard of. The ball flight coming off the irons is a boring flight that does not balloon. Even though I knew they'd be harder to hit, my instructor said they'd make me improve. Best Budget: Wilson Staff Model Utility. But once I got use to the visual aspects of a square offset club, (what little it has) the swing groove kicked in and I am very pleased with the results. The metal they are made with is japaniese steel, which has much less slag than american steel. Designed for the Competitive and Low to Mid Handicap Player; Muscle Back Provides Optimal Trajectory ; Soft Feel; ME-I *FORGED. I have also made several other KZG products and think they are the best you can buy bar none, from driver to wedges KZG makes a great product. Buy It Now +C $55.45 shipping estimate. The best forged iron I have ever hit - Not forgiving, but incredible feel and workability. KZG Forged ZO Blade Golf Iron Set 3-PW Steel Stiff. Make sure you match these up with a shaft fitted for you and I promise these bad boys will be in your bag for a long, long time! I lost a little distance with the blades but gained much more in accuracy. Great clubs. ZO Plus *FORGED. The club is stable through the ball and extremely soft sweet spot. And this is coming from a golf club snob who only (up till now) played Japanese forged irons. If you are considering new irons, check out the big boys, then go to a KZG fitter like Jeff Parrot in Largo, FL and see the difference KZG can make. Mizuno Musclebacks, Bridgestone X-Blades, Zodia Wedges and Titleist Vokey. My set is fitted with the KZG graphite shafts which are awesome and fit the irons … It provides more compact, dense molecular alignment, giving players the ultimate feel. Most companies forge their iron heads once, which produces voids and porosites in the metal that contributes to inconsistent shot dispersion. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Each iron is unique in design from all other irons within the set. The ZO (zero offset) are pure performance driven with crisp lines and no fuss setup. You won't be disapointed with these clubs. Dealer Resources; Stay Updated. Irons. I'm 48 yrs old and smoothing a 6 iron 180 yards high and soft consistently. KZG happened to be in the right place at the right time. These are a game improvement club with perimeter weighting, slightly wider sole, but have a nice thin topline (unlike many other game improvement irons). Wishon, Blade, Mizuno, Miura, Wilson Staff. KZG’s answer is that it’s a player-centric company that disavows a profit-at-all-cost model in favor of one committed to giving golfers a tour-van quality build and a comprehensive no stone unturned fitting process for about the same price you’d pay for an off the rack set from a major OEM. I like to hit a draw but all the ball wants to do is fly straight when it comes off the face of these KZG Evolution irons. | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. They were the first irons TM sold. 0. by tiger_nick Jan 27, 2008. List of kzg golf clubs, user reviews, editorial reviews, kzg golf clubs deals, used kzg golf clubs and more - They say the irons are designed for those looking to rekindle their youth-like distances. Even coming in with the long irons they hold almost every green and I can even now back up the shorter irons and wedge. I'd just have to order a lefty. If your swing is off, you are going to find out. The Forged Evolution irons give each head its own unique design because a players needs vary from club-to-club. I went to graphite shafts because I fought hand pain after a round. Way back when, I was lucky to hit the 6 iron 165 yards on a good day with my Mizzy's. History; People; Close; FAQs; Articles; Close; Contact; Sign Up; Dealer Locator . The clubs are fantastic! I am a professional club maker with a 6 handicap, I used the ZO irons for about a year and loved them, I had the Project X 6.0 1" over 2* up. By offering our dealers a great line of cast irons we can ensure that the customer can receive a proper fitting. Irons generate a soft feel and forgiving. | Mid-size forged with the forgiveness and power, (with help from the PX flt) to take any player to the next level. With a perimeter weighted cavity-back in the 2-iron; the emphasis gradually shifts from game-improvement to playability and control in the mid irons, ending with an exquisite muscleback blade wedge. Stay Updated with our Monthly Edition of THE CLUBHOUSE. First time I ever felt compelled to write a review. Pre-Owned. Pre-Owned. WRITE A REVIEW ★★★★★ 4.5 / 5. I've been out of golf for almost 10 years. Don't change anything just line up and swing Read full review... 0. I've only broken 70 once in my life and I have a good feeling with these irons I will do it again by the end of this golf season! Mid-size Cavity Back Head; Total Control and Forgiveness; Triple Forged and CNC Milled; MO-I *FORGED "Oversize" Cavity Back Head; Triple Forged and CNC Milled; Easy to Play, Very Forgiving; Forged V *FORGED. From United Kingdom +C $24.31 shipping. I had my reservations since I hadn't heard about this brand before. KZG Forged ZO Blade Golf Iron Set 3-PW Steel Stiff. I used to sell KZG's and played between 2-13 clubs in the bag from 1999-2008. i found the price points, options, availability, and people to be fantastic. I have been playing golf since I was 12 (over 40 years now) and this is the first time I have actually gotten fitted. I have also always wanted to try graphite shafts in my irons so I bought a set of UST Harmon CWS shafts. Our cast irons are no different. KZG custom ClubFitters can dial in the perfect club for every golfer regardless of skill, size, strength, and swing style. C $324.01. There were some strange looks in our foursome as others digested what had just happened. The ZO Blades are a solid no-nonsense blade not unlike the old Wilson Staffs. Excellent product KZG and with the custom fitting process, a real winner! Get the best deals on KZG Iron Set Golf Clubs when you shop the largest online selection at I haven't hit that many other blade/mb's/players clubs, but of what I've hit these were the best. Several sets of irons, woods, and drivers. Pre-Owned. They are comparable to Mizuno at a much lower price. The club is perfect. Make Offer - KZG Forged CB Irons 3-5, 8-PW,AW Left-Handed *LH* .370" (7 HEADS ONLY) KZG II Golf Clubs set Forged Cavity Back irons 3 thru PW w R Flex Steel Shafts. This permits the professional fitter to select the perfect set of irons to assure peak performance for each individual golfer, regardless of skill level, strength, size, preferences and budget. Footer. KZG, a company that specializes in clubs meant to be custom fitted and built by a club fitting professional, has introduced its LDI Irons (Long Distance Irons). I almost hit a hole in one with the pitching wedge on a short part 3. quality is as good as it gets with these and cost is half as much if you just look around. I also use their driver and 3 wood these are great clubs also. As with all KZG irons, they can be purchased in any configuration making them ideal for combinations with hybrids. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The term “utility” might not inspire … Model Reviewed: kzg blades I have been a die-hard titleist man, and have played alot of there irons from 704s to 660s to 695cbs. The A fairway wood is still one of my favorites. I have had my eye on these for awhile and finally bought a set of heads. It is the perfect progressive set with each iron 10% different from each adjoining iron. Also, the price is right. After playing these and then hitting my old Cobra SS Oversized, I understood what good players talk about when they say "feel". KZG forgings have been played on every tour by the very top players on tour … and we have never paid anyone to play our clubs. C $139.21. control with yardage is above anything else I have played. Distance is very good, as is trajectory and control.