On YouTube, you can upload your videos and share them with a massive community. Also remember that your fans can be a fantastic source of content themselves. And, there are limits to how you can use the platform. Wait, what about ReverbNation? Let’s be honest: marketing as a musician is tough. Here are the facts when it comes to social media versus email marketing… Social Media vs Email Marketing. You may have a different perspective on this matter, and that’s okay. “I feel that social media marketing for music artists isn’t really a topic that’s spoken about. Your audience is key to getting you to the top and whenever you come up with new content i.e., music, they will garner the proper response. The internet and, more specifically, social media, has been incredibly disruptive to the music business and so labels and artists have had to adapt. If you have some time to kill, why not record a quick off-the-cuff social video to keep your feed fresh? Otherwise, I would add it into the mix later. While there, get people to follow you, buy your music and share it on their favorite social network. Once you’ve successfully built your presence on one or two platforms, that’s the time to look at adding another. Even if you use Twitter as a slave (i.e. Some examples of smart tagging include: Last night. Hitting the road? That is, how do you keep your social feed filled with fresh stuff for your followers? Oh, and bear in mind that social selling is totally fair game for musicians. Local Love - the social media podcast: Tune in with music artist and digital marketing whiz Laura Semple to get your dose of marketing news and tips for music artists and freelancers. Usually, advantageous, social media marketing for music artists can also be disadvantageous, which is why we will now explore the pros and cons of social media marketing for musicians. For instance, if you’re doing well on Facebook and Twitter, but the moment you begin posting to Instagram your results on Facebook and Twitter begin to diminish, it’s a clear sign you’re taking on too much. You don’t need a sophisticated content repurposing strategy. After claiming the social media throne from Myspace, they are still the best way of effective promoting your music. Tumblr? Just avoid the common trap of building a huge following on one platform and not collecting people’s email addresses on the backend. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and there’s a good chance you’re already on it. Social media has become a powerful tool that any musician, artist, singer, or influencer can utilize to grow their audience and overall expand their careers online. As such, it never hurts to tag others in your posts where appropriate. As the social media landscape develops, musicians must learn how to navigate these channels if they want their careers to reach their full potential. You’ve got to be on Instagram – they just launched IGTV! Google has slowly been buying up Twitter’s developer products. Increasingly, people live on the Internet and wouldn’t be a smart move … YouTube Is The Top Social Media Website For Musicians Right Now. You can get plenty of people looking at your stuff just posting to Facebook. | As noted, YouTube is the number one place where people stream music versus Spotify, Pandora and a whole slew of other services combined. Use the embed code to put your releases on your website and get your fans to do the same. Social media is a great way for a musician to gain exposure. Yes, it is a lot of noise. If you want that sort of professional vibe for your profile without hiring a designer, don’t fret. T hese tips for a sure-fire way to get attention from fans so get ready to g et your social media hot and up to date.. And although imagery certainly matters, it’s perhaps most prudent to make sure that you never let your profiles gather cobwebs. Music and social media are linked more than ever, according to new research from industry analyst MusicWatch.. Ninety percent of social media users engage with music or musicians – by viewing videos or posts featuring musicians, liking or sharing a musician’s post, discovering music or sharing music. By D4 Nguyen July 13, 2016 March 12th, 2020 Facebook, Instagram, Social Media, Twitter. As musicians and artists, we all want the maximum exposure for our work, and we know social media is the #1 (free) way of getting our creations in front of people. | You don’t want to clutter up their feeds with a ton of announcements or updates. Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tips For Musicians, Do Musicians Need Social Media? Social media tips, tricks and strategic guidance, Access to Sprout’s most popular social resources, Training to help you get the most from Sprout, Advice from industry leaders to help you think differently, How to analyze and improve your marketing, A beginner’s guide to the most essential tools and features, How to create and track great social campaigns, Written by By the same token, it doesn’t take a lot to stand out. Sharing snippets of your music and photos from your personal life is a great way to get a great following. That goes for all social networks, by the way. Upload videos to Facebook (in addition to YouTube). You can use the Sprout Social Calendar to plan posts in advance. In your video description, you can add links to anything you want, including your website, your music on iTunes or Spotify, your latest review, or anything else you can think of. Considering how to promote your music on Instagram can be challenging thanks to things like fickle algorithms and how fast social media moves in the first place, but frequent hype posts are totally fair game. Privacy Join and participate in groups. Social media management tools, such as a Unified Social Inbox, make it easier for you to quickly track all notifications and messages across all your social media platforms. sale storewide over on www.chvrch.esUse the code MVRCHES for 25% off, Posted by CHVRCHES on Tuesday, August 14, 2018. Embed your tracks on your website or blog. Here’s a great example of Fall Out Boy’s cover photo promo, which scores bonus points by being visually striking as well. Share.  Advertise. Instagram is a great place to get a lot of engagement on your visual content, I can’t argue with that. How to Succeed on SoundCloud: Share something new (music or audio), once per week if possible. Posting new content doesn’t have to be a massive production, either. Uncover trends and actionable insights from social conversations to better inform marketing strategy. Don’t neglect valuable real estate such as your cover photos, too. Share Tweet Share Pin. There are tons of image creation tools out there like Canva that can help you create your own banner, tour announcement and everything in-between. 1. Social media can seem overwhelming, but knowing how different platforms can serve you … What are the pros of social media marketing for music artists Social media allows you to be more visible. Nowadays, if you (artists) don’t have a strong presence on digital platforms you will hardly get anywhere. As with Facebook (and most social networks now), Twitter has an advertising platform you can take advantage of to boost your following or get more views on your tweets. You’d be an idiot not to take advantage of Facebook Live! Vary up your content – graphics, photos, videos, quotes, etc. Want to learn how to do that? Get your fans to do the same. Use Facebook Live and advertise your top performing posts. With so many platforms to choose from and a need to stand out from the crowd, where should you focus your energy? Really, it’s okay. How to succeed on Twitter: Tweet several times per day. It is also a place where artists can share their music. Social Media’s Role in the Music Industry Following in the footsteps of the microphone, the radio and the internet, social media is the newest revolution in the music industry. Running a social media campaign for an artist is relatively easy in the build up and soon after new music is released but what do you post when there is no new music to promote?. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of SoundCloud is that you can embed the player anywhere on the web, whether on a website or a blog. Given that it only takes a few seconds to snag a snapshot to post to your Facebook or Instagram story, consider behind-the-scenes shot as a sort of “backup plan” if you don’t have anything else to publish. Be a real person and interact with others. If they choose to shut down your account, you can’t do anything about it. P.S. : savannahhhjai, A post shared by CAYETANA (@cayetanaphilly) on Feb 23, 2017 at 8:09am PST. Especially if you’re an up-and-comer, covers a long-term way to expose yourself to an audience that’s unfamiliar with your work. For me, it is still all about the music. Post Views: 1,426 Some simple overlay text is a subtle yet significant way to make your videos stand out from the crowd via search. Your email address will not be published. And, depending on your genre and esthetic, that will vary a little. This might seem like a no-brainer, but don’t overlook the importance of going back-and-forth with fans. Fighting for the attention of fresh fans. Case in point, this cover of the Cranberries’ “Zombie” amassed nearly 130 million views within the span of six months. Additionally, it’s a smart move to put together frequent fliers and announcements which are perfect for pinned tweets or posts. These numbers blow the likes of SoundCloud and Bandcamp out of the water. Then get our free ‘5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career’ ebook emailed directly to you! headliner.fm Sizzle Reel from headliner.fm on Vimeo. Connect with fans, discover new music, and share the music you love with your friends. We’ve covered this topic in another guide, but here’s the lowdown – you need both. Upload videos, at least once per week. Social fan pages aggregate media from all your social accounts into one engaging, promotable page. Interact with the community and comment on other people’s tracks. Brent Barnhart. When someone looks you up, they’re more than likely going to find your social profiles via Google or through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Fan Interaction. You’ll gain a lot of traction just by being real and being human on the platform. That way, you can secure your username should you ever end up needing to build a presence on one of these sites. So, it’s a little uncertain as to whether it’ll be sticking around over the long haul or if they’ll have to close their doors at some point. Musicians sometimes ask whether they should have a profile, fan page, or both. Spreading yourself thin achieves nothing. Artist pages on social media can seem pretty quiet between releases. Don’t get me wrong, social media is useful and you should have an online presence if you’re an artist or business. They can even serve as some much-needed escapism for your fans. If you’re regularly touring or playing shows and not sure how to promote your music on Facebook efficiently, shouting out attendees and posting pictures of your performances is a good start. platform, because whatever Bandcamp decides, goes. Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. Tough luck. This is what YouTube is all about. San maximizes his social presence by being accessible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (besides … Oh, and did you know that YouTube is technically the most popular music streaming service right now, beating out Spotify and Apple Music? With social media… It seems more people are growing wise to the fact that creating playlists can help them. Use other social networks, your website and your email list to direct traffic to your Bandcamp page. Whenever I talk about social media with musicians, inevitably the topic of Instagram comes up. Start conversations. Through creative promotions and sales, you can hawk your merch via social with no shame. Why social media marketing for musicians matters so much Make no mistake: social media isn’t some sort of silver bullet for musicians with stars in their eyes. But so long as they exist and you’re in good standing with them, there’s plenty to like about Bandcamp. Again, you need to post with regular consistency to stay relevant to your fans and followers. If they end up closing their doors, your account will be gone. Since people are more familiar with YouTube versus music-specific sites like SoundCloud or Bandcamp, having your music present on the platform flat out makes sense. Fri Oct 30, 2020. Reposting these photos is a subtle yet significant way to create a stronger connection with your audience and let them know you’re listening to them. That way, anyone visiting your profile can know exactly what you have going on. Use other social networks, your website and your email list to direct traffic to your Bandcamp page. Required fields are marked *, you should not do more than you can do well. Post something new, several times per day if possible. Which social media platform is most effective for marketing your music? Drooble? By Tom May 26 May 2020. Publish new music on an ongoing basis. Reddit? #yyys #allpointseast #london ⚡️⚡️ our beating heart for you! Like, retweet and comment. That can help you reach a lot of people with your music. Sure, you can share photos and get people to look at your profile. But in my opinion, you’re a little limited with what you can do with the platform. On YouTube, you can upload your videos and share them with a massive community. I know what a lot of other musicians and experts out there are saying. Remember though, none of what you’ve learned will matter if you don’t know how to get your music out there and earn from it. You can even let Sprout’s ViralPost choose the best posting times for you, so you get the most out of all of those photos and posts you’ve curated. We still want to hear from you, though. He has started record labels, distribution … Doors at 7! I agree that it’s a good place to build your online presence, and some even do well at it. Plus you can access a free social media calendar template below, to help you plan, organise and share awesome posts. Feel free to bug him on Twitter or check out his website (brentwrites.com). You’ll get a lot out of it if you’re an extrovert. SoundCloud has been standing on precarious footing for a while. Yet, they don’t seem interested in buying the whole thing. Making sure you’re set with how to promote your music on YouTube can help ensure you’ve got visibility on the best channels. However, a smart social presence is undoubtedly the best way to grow your audience and fill space at your gigs. To start, make sure that your video descriptions are fully filled out including tags and links. We’re a new service provider…we power social fan pages and social hubs for bands & artists. Learn best practices. Encouraging user-generated content in the form of tagged fan photos is a brilliant way to interact with fans and show them a bit of love, too. Make no mistake: social media isn’t some sort of silver bullet for musicians with stars in their eyes. social media and mass music streaming platforms. As far as the social networking aspect is concerned, people can follow you and share your music on their favorite social networks. But it doesn’t have to be so hard! By optimizing your profiles from the word “go” and always having fresh content in mind, managing your accounts becomes second nature. Steeve Ave Posted at 05:59h, 14 May. Both features let you reduce the amount of time you need to spend each day just figuring out what to post and when to post it, so you can spend more time on everything else on your to-do list. Instagram has quickly risen to become one of the most relevant social media tools for artists simply by being a vehicle for photos and videos with statistically more hits and reach over text posts on Facebook and Twitter. Advertise. Maybe they love your new song. Share your posts on your fan page to your personal profile. Like, retweet and comment. The common thread between many of the biggest musical names on YouTube? a few tix left for some of our upcoming shows with the amazing @lizzobeeating – get em while u can, A post shared by HAIM (@haimtheband) on Apr 19, 2018 at 2:59pm PDT. A post shared by YEAH YEAH YEAHS (@yeahyeahyeahs) on Jun 4, 2018 at 8:15am PDT. These social media platforms have opened up many more opportunities for musicians to network and share their music with a wider audience. The music business has always had to react to change – new formats, new technology and new business models mean an industry in a constant state of transformation. Tough luck. Instead, we’d like to direct you to our post on How social media has affected the music industry. You’ll need to dedicate at least some of your marketing muscle to getting your fans to your Bandcamp page. When he's not battling the latest buzzwords, you can often find him strumming the nearest guitar. And, generally you won’t experience any backlash for making mistakes early on.