Vegan stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and packed with fresh herb-y, garlicky, citrus-y deliciousness. By shredding king oyster mushrooms, seasoning with spices, and baking, you can create a vegan mushroom pulled pork that rivals the real stuff! Cook for 15 minutes, stirring frequently, until the sauce is thick and sticky. Cook for about 5 minutes on low heat, stirring occasionally until the mushrooms start to brown and lose most of the moisture. For a nut-free dressing, try hemp or sunflower seeds. Vegan Coleslaw ▢ In fact, we actually just thinly slice the shiitake mushrooms and it works perfectly! First, you’ll need to shred the oyster mushrooms using a knife and fork until a pulled pork consistency is achieved. Thinly slice the mushrooms. The recipe serves 3 but can easily be made into 6 sliders or scaled up to make more servings. Blend until smooth and creamy. Heat 1 teaspoon of oil in a non-stick skillet and add the mushrooms. A Vegan 'Pulled Pork' Recipe for vegetarians. A quick and easy vegan recipe to get all that savory flavor and o... Today I show you how to make a tasty vegan pulled pork sandwich with king oyster mushrooms. That’s really how all the recipes on this blog more or less come to be. Share a photo in the comments! The Best Vegan BBQ Pulled "Pork" Sandwich with special guest: Black Pepper Potatoes! In a large bowl, whisk together the soy sauce, molasses, brown sugar, paprika and garlic powder. Bring the mixture to a boil on medium heat and then reduce the heat to a low simmer. If you’re using canned mushrooms, drain completely and squeeze to release any excess water. 10-Ingredient vegan pulled pork sandwich, made with mushrooms instead of pork. Are you looking for a vegan alternative to pulled pork? 4.04 from 58 votes. Bake: Drizzle with 1 Tbsp of the oil, paprika, salt, cayenne, and garlic. Sprinkle a pinch of salt to help them release moisture quicker. Nutrition info is calculated without the BBQ sauce since it will differ depending on which one you use. That means if you click on my link and buy something, I will earn a small commission from the advertiser at no additional cost to you. easy vegan pulled pork … Cover and simmer for about 5 minutes or until the sauce thickens. Using a small metal spoon, gently scrape out the "gills" on the underside of the mushroom. Forget the grill and grab some buns! Packed with meaty flavor (while being totally plant-based), your whole family is sure to love it! Bursting with flavour. This vegan pulled pork recipe made with mushrooms is far less complicated than it looks. Toss around to evenly coat the mushrooms, then bake for 20 minutes, or until mushrooms are a bit crispy and brown on the edges. Place the mushroom … Mix the tomato sauce, sugar, soy sauce, liquid smoke and paprika. BBQ Pulled Mushroom Burger Mushrooms are a marvellous meat replacement and are perfect for those who want to enjoy a meaty burger without using mock meats. Then, sauté the onions and garlic in a pan over medium heat until softened for 2 to 3 minutes. These little guys are great served as party finger food, a starter or a light main dish when paired with a fresh salad and crusty bread. It really helps the blog. Cook until the onions caramelize … The key is just to have some different sizes and textures to mimic real pulled pork… Apply a bit of pressure if needed. Mix all marinade ingredients to make the marinade, then pour over shredded mushrooms and mix. Cutting off the tassels just below that unshredded part of the mushroom, I proceeded to repeat the process with the middle third, and then finished with the upper third. If you enjoyed it, please consider leaving a star rating. Terms. This vegan recipe is packed with … Top the bottom half of the bun with some mushroom filling, add coleslaw then add the top bun. By shredding king oyster mushrooms, seasoning with spices, and baking, you can create a vegan mushroom pulled pork that rivals the real stuff! Using a fork, shred the king oyster mushroom stem to imitate "pulled pork". The vegan coleslaw is made from scratch with a creamy cashew mayo dressing similar to the one used in my. The recipes below is not for Vegan BBQ Pulled Pork Walking Tacos, it is for Vegan BBQ Pulled Mushroom Walking Tacos. ½ onion ▢ Cook the mushroom strips in the pan until wilted and caramelized, about 5 minutes. Vegan Stuffed Shells with Almond Ricotta (No Tofu) ». This recipe uses jackfruit: a large, spiky, fruit native to Asia. Add the shredded king oyster mushrooms to the sauce and mix well until fully covered. I won’t go too long into these because you need to get a cookin’. I love just winging it in the kitchen and seeing what happens! Depending on the size of the pan, you may need to cook the mushrooms and onions in two batches. It's super tasty, healthy, high in protein and ready in just 15 minutes! 2 cups shredded cabbage ▢ Cook until the onions caramelize and the edges of the mushrooms begin to crisp up, approximately 5 minutes. Today, I’m sharing an uber easy method using mushrooms again and incorporating even more texture from marinated artichokes! Serve immediately. Add the shredded cabbage to a bowl and set aside. For a less sweet sauce, add more vinegar or soy sauce. Stir in pulled mushrooms until they are well mixed in with the peppers and onions. Watch below to see recipe … In the accompanying video, I reference how I’m trying to emulate a pulled pork… You may also toast them if desired. Let’s share a few words that describe these Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches: Nostalgic. Taste the mushroom filling and adjust the seasonings as needed. It has a perfect, meaty, texture, easily absorbs flavor, and is full of nutrients! Mushroom Pulled Pork Use code LOADIT4U for $10 off your first shoppable recipe … Add the barbecue sauce and stir to coat in the sauce. 6 tbsp water ▢ Meaty. To make this oil free simply sauté with broth or water. Chop the other types of mushrooms. Hearty. With a fork, shred the stems of the mushrooms and place them in a bowl. In this case, it was these vegan pulled BBQ mushroom sandwiches! Jackfruit is popular in many vegan recipes because it resembles the consistency of pulled pork. Set them aside in a bowl. Serve the mushrooms on the buns and top with the arugula, tomato and sliced pickles. Tried this recipe? Pour the dressing over the shredded cabbage and mix with a fork to combine. Mind-blowing . Make the BBQ sauce, if you don’t already have some on hand, to allow the flavors to infuse while you prepare the mushrooms. It includes sprouted wheat burger buns. To make the barbecue sauce, mince the onions and garlic and combine in a separate bowl with the remaining ingredients. This vegan pulled pork sandwich is super simple to make and takes less than 15 minutes. Dijon Vegan Pigs in a BlanketThese vegan pigs in a blanket are made with Fieldroast Frankfurters … The vegan barbecue sauce is made from scratch without ketchup for a richer flavour and you can tailor the sweetness to your liking. ½ cup cashews, soak in hot water for 15 mins to soften ▢ These Vegan Pulled Mushroom … … For another saucy sandwich similar to a pulled pork gone vegan, try this version made with TVP! For more information on this, please click. When the mushrooms and onions are done cooking, add the BBQ sauce to the pan and stir until the mushrooms are completely coated in the sauce. When the … 1 tbsp lemon/lime juice ▢ For more smokiness, add more liquid smoke. Good pulled pork can be made a variety of ways — in the slow cooker, oven, Instant Pot, and grill, and flavoring it may only require a handful of pantry staple spices and sauces. Doing this helps reduce the moisture content further (toss the gills into the yard, garden or compost!). Add all the spices and a tablespoon of oil and mix well. Pulling and shredding the mushrooms is a great way to create the texture of pulled pork with all of the flavour and none of the cruelty. Turn up the heat to medium-high and add salt and pepper to taste. Next add cooked lentils, carrots, coconut sugar, paprika, garlic powder, salt, pepper, BBQ sauce (see … By shredding king oyster mushrooms, seasoning with spices, and baking, you can create a vegan mushroom pulled pork recipe that rivals the real stuff! In a small blender cup, add the remaining ingredients to make the dressing. 1 tsp vinegar ▢ While keeping the heat low, stir in the barbecue sauce. Perfect on vegan sandwiches, tacos, nachos...or whenever you need pulled pork. Turn the mushroom caps, bottoms up, on a work surface. Print Recipe. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe away any dirt or debris from the king oyster mushrooms. Ingredients: 4 king oyster mushrooms* 1 tsp smoked paprika ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp cayenne pepper 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil 30 mL, divided 2 … For a richer sauce, add more tomato paste. Set on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Create the perfect vegetable pulled pork dish using King Oyster Mushrooms as a healthy vegan substitute. 2 garlic cloves ▢ Coat the shredded mushrooms with the vegetable oil and peri peri seasoning, it … Slice the pretzel buns in half. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Vegan Queso Blanco (Mexican White Cheese Dip) ». Mushroom Lentil Meatballs (vegan & gluten-free), Baked Tofu Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper. ½ tsp mustard or mustard powder … While holding the oyster mushroom in one hand, use a fork to scrape down the length of the mushroom creating strands. Cook until the onions caramelize and the edges of the mushrooms begin to crisp up, approximately 5 minutes. Turn up the heat to medium-high and add salt and pepper to taste. Try out this versatile dish with these 15 top-rated pulled pork recipes. When the oil is hot, add the mushrooms and onions and stir frequently until the mushrooms lose their water and the onions become translucent and soft, approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Mushroom is an amazing substitute in these plant-pased pulled "pork" nachos! Texture perfection. Published by Page Street Publishing Company. Divide … Make sure you mix well until the sugar is dissolved. Umami-filled. Thinly sliced shiitake and baby portobello mushrooms slathered in flavorful BBQ sauce makes this meaty and chewy  vegan pulled pork sandwich the perfect addition to any party. Check out the video below, or keep scrolling for my vegan pulled pork recipe! Privacy Policy, This post may contain affiliate links or sponsored content. Your email address will not be published. Reprinted with permission from Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill, copyright © 2018 by Linda & Alex Meyer. I even have an all mushroom version I RECIPE?!’d! Turn up the heat to medium-high and add salt and pepper to taste. Your email address will not be published. You might need … They should look shredded. Heat the oil in a large skillet on medium heat. .