Normally shot between 16 and 21 over on the courses I regularly play. I have seen a few really bad Adams, Callaway, Cobra, Nike, and Ping clubs. Being a designer in this industry I can tell you for a fact that some of the clones that are upper tier are designed in the same foundry that many mid to upper tier name brand models are designed in. The quality is excelent and the ability to get custom fit with these products is great. The one thing I’ve discovered is that there is a big difference between quality with regards to clone irons and woods. But their stuff looks great and I've heard nothing but good reviews on them. The later hurts the Golf Manufacturers and the integrity of their designs, thereby hurts all involved, Reps, Retailers, and yes ultimately the game of golf. A lot of research goes into the wood and as Frank Thomas once said, a 3 yr old Wood is obsolete with the technology of today. Sell or trade your used golf clubs online with 2nd Swing Golf, and put that trade credit toward your purchase. I for one would like to see more tests of component clubs similar to the Dynacraft Prophet Tour Iron test done a few months back. Truth is…clones are good for people that just cannot afford a Major brand and/or a custom set! Snake Eyes Sdf Soft Distance Golf Balls The Snake Eyes Sdf Soft Distance Golf Ball Has A Soft, High-energy Core And Ultra-thin Cover That Converts Swing Speed Into Long, Hot, And Straight Shots. Where are you going to get something for that? Snake Eyes Golf Clubs. Please read closer. it is the best $100 you’ll ever spend in your golf club will be right if you dont build to your stats, dont go by some charts, too many variables) it amazes me what quality you can get for so little,.i buy from most,.but like Diamond tour, and ingolf(tracy), very pleasent service. Tour Edge produces a full range of clubs, for men, women and juniors, from full sets to individual woods, irons, wedges and putters. You can do lab tests forever, but if a club does not feel right for your swing, it doesn’t matter how it did in tests. Have you ever tried hitting a quality clone? TRUST ME: It is the BEST stuff out there!!!! I know Wishon wasn’t. Snake Eyes are most known for there "make your own clubs" but compaired to callaway and taylormade there not the best clubs for the money. 0 0. The altered logo would be applied to the graphite shafts Yarn-Way was making for Liou’s Integra line. the consumer”. (Yes that myth is true), There are basically 3-tiers of golf club manufacturing to make it simple. Snake Eyes Quick Strike 18 Degree Hybrid Steel Stiff Flex 244683 Used Golf Club. Eliminating the human factor suggests we can hit a golf ball off the tee with precise consistency if we use the same club. For actual testing we used the same protocols we use for our ULTIMATE Reviews. Personally, I think his sentence would be more accurate. THIS IS A FACT. My opinion, I think that what ever works best for you is what you should buy. I started playing golf 4 years ago, immediately began keeping.g an hcap and I was around a 20. Clones what good are they? Golf is a game of honor. The quality is excelent and the ability to get custom fit with these products is great. Up close…ummm…not so much. My guess is that you have predetermined that a clone has to be an inferior product? As far as woods go, I stick with the name brands because there is a lot more to a wood than just to look like the other. Nearly all Club heads come from China. 77. I currently have both Pinemeadows and Giga Golf irons and couldn’t be more happy with them. It is easy to hit and offers tremendous ball … The brand doesn’t seem to make much difference in quality to me. They were almost new and i could tell they had only been used a handful of times. If you can’t afford the latest and greatest, do some research and find something that will work for you at a price you can afford. Although I have made several sets of look alikes mostly from Hireko I have found the Irons are great and although they should always be checked for loft and lie after assembly that using a good shaft the work just great. Funny how the name brand club manufacturers try to bury information that might hurt their status and sales. Research is provided by credible journalist who have been there, the FTC, and the U.S. “. If however, you place a premium on accuracy, though not as conclusive, there is some suggestion that the clone could be the more accurate of the two heads. Not surprisingly, the Burner also produced the greater shot height for 2 of our 3 testers. Incidentally, what we believe to be generally true is that it’s not just clones, but also respected component brands where the single biggest differentiation between their product and that of the big OEMs isn’t performance, but rather polish. The Harvey Penick Golf Academy is located in Austin, TX and has instructed over 17,000 golfers. The Snake Eyes Golf brand has been mass producing products since 1998. But I think it would surprise most to know that only by 5.8 yards (2.2%). Pinemeadows offers a lower end shaft as their standard, but you can upgrade too. But one you’ve never seen put through a test like we will today . 29 items found from eBay international sellers. Golfsmith operates over 40 retail stores nationwide, including “superstores” in Houston, Dallas, and Denver. Snake Eyes was a defunct manufacturer of clubs several years ago, and their assets were acquired by GolfSmith. Clubhead speed, and launch angle are both significant factors in determining ideal spin. Your tests compared apples to oranges, so your results didn’t surprise me. Bottom Line: For some folks a clone will do…depends on what kind of player they are -or want to become….I’ve used a Pinemeadow clone putter and holed just as many shots as I have with an Odyssey White Hot Two Ball…methinks the main problem with clones might be psychological as one wonders how much better the real thing is…and of course clones have zero resale value if that becomes an issue later on down the road…. the gentleman helping me at golfsmith said for my swing speed and overall play that the snake eyes … Two of our testers hit the Heated first, while the 3rd hit the Burner first. May 30, 2019 - Golf Products or packaging that I had a hand in designing. Written by L Mayhew 2007 ©. Golfsmith has acquired Lynx Golf, Inc., Snake Eyes Golf Club Inc., and Black Rock Corp, maker of the Killer Bee golf clubs. See more ideas about Golf, Golf clubs, Snake eyes. !1 I have saved myself a ton of money building the clubs myself! I’m talking pure clones not Bang, Geek, Krank, etc. Also, Gunmetal mentioned Maltby suffered from the poor clone quality. Location: Peoria,AZ,USA. Bottom line though is that no matter what fitting is the biggest goal, whether or not the clubs are name brand or knock-offs. All you did was test one club head… pretty worthless really. They are an excellent club, so forgiving on hits off the heal or toe. I’m a 73 year old guy with a bag full of unmatched clubs (some clones, some brand names, all with the same grip) that worked his handicap down to 6 at the age of 72. Tour Edge Golf. That’s the sound of the hammer hitting the nail right on the head. Whether you are the golfer that spent $1200 on a set of irons and feel the need to justify that expense to your friends and wife Or you are the name brand rep that doesn’t allow a pro shop to sell the clone brands side-by-side your name brand product. Thanks for the help. Most people probably don’t realize that GolfWorks was the innovator of custom perimeter weighted clubs, both irons and woods. Knock-Offs/Clone Golf clubs operate in a gray area as described in the article “Pssst . What’s the harm in buying a Knock-Off/Clone? Having been in manufacturing all my life and seen what quality can and cannot be, I wonder about the quality of all clubs today. We have equipment for Men, Women and Juniors of … As someone who makes his own clubs and tries to keep up with the latest in the golf club component world, I find it interesting that you would lump Golfsmith, Golfworks and Hireko into the same category as clones. To make this as apples to apples as a comparison as we possibly could, we pulled the stock shaft on the Burner, and outfitted both drivers with the new Mugen Black shaft (60 gram, stiff flex) from Harrison Golf. The only problem you may face is that they are typically built for a specific person with a specific build and swing. These perform great. Essentially, you were saying that all clone companies operate in the same way. Vulcan makes a full line of equipment but is best known for its hybrids. Snake Eyes Golf Putter Headcover Black/White Mallet Head Cover Good. Some golfers place an absolute premium on distance. Who is going to take those remarks seriously? Cool. In my humble opinion Geek and Krank and maybe Bang are all longer than the Rocketballz Driver with similar shafts. So, of all the clubs I’ve ever owned, one club was .7g past tolerance. Snake Eyes … Four years later, in March 2001, the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles ruled that R.J. Liou, Kent Graphtec and Trophy Sports, a separate company started by Jethro and his mother, Yeh-Chyn, in late 2000, had breached the settlement by continuing to sell Big Bursars. (E.M. Lynn, By far the best feeling head/shaft combo I’ve ever had. You are subscribed to email updates from Snake Eyes Golf Clubs To stop receiving these emails, you may unsubscribe now . Thanks guys, have fun. Snake Eyes golf equipment at golf store. As with our test of the Shotmaker, shafts were spined and FLO’d. Factory heads seldom are more than 1-2 grams off specification. “There are different levels of counterfeiting,” says Debra Peterson, a U.S. customs official who was involved in Project Teed Off. i’ve built mell clubs for 12 yrs.i made a mellow yellow driver,9.5 degrees, with a proforce stiff shaft.took it to course and was smashing it.a scratch golfer ask to hit it.he drove on an average,15 yards pass his ping driver.but would he let me make him one or buy mine?no way.i”ve made lots of clone clubs,but never made another like the bang mellow yellow.aas amatter of fact,i just received a new 10.5 degree mellow yellow head. Golfsmith operates over 40 retail stores nationwide, including “superstores” in Houston, Dallas, and Denver. Golfsmith has acquired Lynx Golf, Inc., Snake Eyes Golf Club Inc., and Black Rock Corp, maker of the Killer Bee golf clubs. Do not know how close they are to spec or how they rate to the other good non OEMs. I have seen a few really bad knockoffs. While not a tremendous amount in raw form, from a percentage standpoint it works out to an increase of 15.7%, which when you’re trying to keep a ball in the short grass, probably is a significant amount, and helps to explain the difference in accuracy between the clubs. The Golfsmith Snake Eyes 600C heads are a beautiful set of forged iron heads. They both feature “dual-crown” technology, and of course, a lower center of gravity for higher launch, and lower spin. It’s your money to spend where you chose… I just found better places to spend it. The clone guys will tell you that the name brand stuff is overpriced and doesn’t perform any better than the OEM stuff they were designed to look like. And some use the exact same molds. I play a complete set of Ping I20’s purple dot. So bottom line don’t leave this subject here Golf Spy please do a test of clone irons! Well.i found the clone world years ago,.and love em. Free Shipping. Obviously, many big brand clubs are really good and almost always lead the trends in golf technology (maybe not originally came up with all of the ideas). I will say this…often times the quality of things like welds, finishes and materials are not as good as the name brand model. recently i decided to go the custom club route. There is a difference in this world with having “the right” to do something, and doing something with honor. Square headed drivers made from wood in the 1800’s. So thinking that only clones and counterfeits are made there is just preposterous. If a component seller such as Diamond Tour wants to be fully legitimate, they need to invest fully in true component companies such as SMT, and abandon the practice of selling Clone clubs. Both sets have the same loft per club. Sorry the average golfer is not able to drop $3-400 for a driver or fairway wood. It is a matter of time and money right now. Definitions: One of our regular group has a son-in-law who is in the club building business. Will replacing them with the new name brand technology make a significant improvement to their game? Make offer - SNAKE EYES PYTHON 5 IRON GOLF CLUB REGULAR FLEX GRAPHITE SHAFT. Used equipment from Wishon or KZG virtually have no resale value and offer a tremendous value. $29.99. The 2nd tier often makes some of the mid-size golf companies that a lot of you play but they also make some of the top components and clones for companies like. Ball Speed As you might expect, higher clubhead speed produces higher ball speed. Actually, Steve, Tom Wishon has LOTS of golf club patents in his name. Clones destroy the credibility of Maltby, Wishon, Alpha, KZG, and even what Jeff Summit is doing today with Hireko. Golf Clubs; snake-eyes; Golf Clubs. I choose to play them because I refuse paying the inflated prices to pad their advertising budgets and salesman’s expense reports. Summing up what I said, clones made me a lot of money but I couldn’t sell them now due to pretty much zero qc on the part of the importers. The only problems with clones is that there aren’t clone golf bags! HeIl, we may even have completely different views on what “best” means. Driver - Ti-460 driver head, Pro-launch 65 Wood shaft, and Snake Eyes G8 grip I love this driver! I would actually like to see more tests done on off brand stuff, like the KZG’s or Warrior custom golf (you know who you are, I played them to). If not then YOU are nothing but BRAND WASHED. It may still happen, but it is less and less. Wanna buy some clubs? Copyright 2020. which are probably built to higher and tighter specifications than are branded merchandise. It just isn’t very admirable. ... Utry ® gives you the freedom to take Golf Clubs, GPS or Rangefinders to your course and to use at your pace! Well today you’re going to find out once and for all. 0 … MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. In 1992 he designed the first interchangeable shaft driver head as well. I picked these up as a 20 HC and played them. I worked for Arnold Palmer Golf back in the dark ages and built and sold clones and knock offs for 20 years. They must have played some part in your tests. Callaway threatened to sue Kent Graphtec over its Big Bursar driver, alleging patent, trademark and trade dress (trademark-design) infringement.