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sext text

Sex Text Me and spice things up!


Sex Text or Sexting to which it is often referred saved my marriage and spiced things up a whole lot!


Dirty chat on the phone comes naturally to me. It has been an integral part of my sexual existence since I can remember, sex text was a given.


Originally, I didn’t talk dirty for my own pleasure. I did it because I knew that it would get my husband to orgasm faster. An old “technique” passed on from mama. In those days, we were not supposed to enjoy sex, only tolerate it. If you could get your spouse to finish quicker, you could get more chores done.  


Welcome to the new millennium where sexuality is trending and what was once considered deviant or taboo is the new normal. It is a world where prudeness has lost it’s appeal to a more opened minded generation of sexually positive individuals.


For the most part, online dating has been readily accepted as a viable means in which to connect with others while sexting is often associated with cyberbullying.  


There is nothing wrong with sexting between consenting adults.  


Sexting saved my marriage because it opened up the dialogue between my husband and I. When my husband and I began to communicate in this manner, we did it for some “kicks,” we never dreamed how important it would become for our relationship and our marriage.


It gave us a fresh new start. We were able to fall in love once again. And, feel emotions that we had not felt since we first met.


We opened our eyes to the fact that dating and sex had taken a backburner to kids, life and work and that needed to change. We now take time to date, connect and enjoy each other’s company.  It may start on the phone, but it always ends up at the home.


How sexting can save your relationship.


  1. Learn what makes you and your partner tick!


There is something about hiding behind a screen and telling someone what you enjoy and what you want them to do to you sexually that is a whole lot easier than saying it to them directly. Sexting provides a boost of confidence when discussing your relationship.


Personal note: I was able to open up about my love of dirty talk and it has ignited a fire in me that I never knew existed, on the flip side, I also learned that my husband has voyeuristic tendencies. This is something we now want to explore further and of course, he could not be happier


  1.   It helps you to explore your deepest and darkest secrets, no matter what they are!


Sexting allows you to discuss fantasies without actually having to act on them. Sex is played out in my mind and the imagination where it is a whole lot safer.  


  1.     You can do it with whomever, wherever and however you choose


Some people may consider this to be a downside. You can sext with just about anyone quickly and discreetly, which can ultimately lead to cheating. My belief is that cheaters are going to cheat regardless of the medium provided to them.  On the other hand, you can use sexting as a way of introducing others into your life without the “physical” connection.  This can be appealing to both spouses.


Sexting saved my marriage by showing me that my husband still found me exciting and sexually attractive something that I had long questioned.  Now I do not have to, all I have to do is sext him and ask him.  


Honesty and trust is more easy to come by when you can simply hang up on someone if you do not like the sex text you get!


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