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sexting messages

sexting messages

Sexting Messages should be safe!


Remember the days when your mother told you to be careful of strangers on the street?

Well, the same thing applies on the Internet and this probably matters even more. With all the digital talk, sharing of images and sexting going on in the world, it can be unsafe. It is not that difficult to imagine how some people can fall victim to sexual bullying or shaming with sexting messages.


We love sexting and encourage you to sext as often as you can. However, we also want you to be careful when doing so. Let’s face it, if you don’t feel safe, doing something you won’t enjoy it half as much.  We want all of our customers to enjoy the experience and come back often.


Here are some safe sexting messages tips to get you started on the right track.


    • If you are cheating on your spouse or having to sneak around in order to sext to avoid hurting someone, you should do it with a professional chat host because they are sworn to secrecy.


Cheating always has the potential repercussion of someone getting angry, hurt and seeking revenge. We don’t encourage you to cheat, we believe that it is best to discuss your relationship problems with your partner or ask a professional to help sort it out. However, we do advise that if you are going to do so, it is best to do it with someone who won’t go spreading sexting pics and messages of you on all of the social media platforms just for revenge.

Sadly, it can and it does happen.


    • If someone is a stranger on the Internet and you provide them with your phone number and name, you open yourself up to being stalked or hacked.


Always use caution whenever you deal with strangers on the Internet.  This is the main reason that many people prefer to sext with us.  Our chat hosts do not see your phone number, personal or financial information. They cannot trace you and they cannot send sexting pics or messages outside the system. It is completely discreet unless  you decide to connect with them outside of the system. We cannot do anything about that. It is up to you and the chat host to decide to further a relationship or not, however, we do not encourage that either

  • Use common sense


Sexting is supposed to be erotic fun and safe sext message exchange between two consenting adults nothing more.  If you are feeling uncomfortable or coerced into doing it, then you shouldn’t be.  Remember sexting is not for everyone and just because you want to sext, does not mean you will like it.  Some people do not, however, our results indicate that most people do.


If it is not for your, explore other options like phone sex or video chat and simply apply the same tips!


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