Sexting or Texting is Ideal For Married Couples

We all deserve a fun sex life, having inflaming experiences with people we have hots for. Sex is healthy, and exploring one’s sexuality is pretty awesome because the more you learn about your body and sexual needs, the better sex experiences you will have, and your orgasms with be more unforgettable! What do you think about that? And this doesn’t change when you get married. Are you married? Have you forgotten how to drive your partner crazy? Here’s a suggestion on how to spice up your sex life! Have you tried sexting? With the right sexting partner, this can be magical. But here are some helpful tips on whether to try sexting or texting!

Sexting or texting is ideal for couples?

Pretend you have just met your partner

Sometimes seeing the same person over and over again gets old. You just need something new, more diversity. People are like this, we need new things to be happy in life, we need something we have never experienced before from time to time. Repetition becomes boring, but if you don’t want to get sick of your relationship and your spouse, sometimes you can pretend you are someone else. You have just met, and you are complete strangers. Imagine you are telling your dirtiest secrets to a complete stranger… Isn’t that tempting? You can also both try sexting with other people, but share the experiences with your spouse.

Pretend You are Someone Else

This can also be amusing and arousing! You can play any role you want, and send any texts you feel like. Text about your imaginary job, and you can pretend you are a very powerful tycoon who has many companies, and your spouse can pretend to be a slutty model wannabe who will do anything to make it in this world. The sky is the limit!

Learn Sexy Words on Sexting or Texting

Sexting is fun if you know your vocabulary! Certain words will definitely inflame your sexting mate, especially if you know what they like. If this is your spouse, you probably already know what they are into. If you and your spouse sext with strangers, it takes time to learn these little details. But google what sex words turn people on the most. This can come in handy!

Talk About Your Fantasies and Kinks

Sexting with a hot babe can be even more enticing if you are outright about your kinks. If you and your spouse sext with models from various sexting sites, you should try revealing your fantasies and kinks. Maybe the model helps you and your partner become more sexually open, or you just get some really hot ideas!

Send Nudes, But Try Something Different

If you are sexting with your spouse, you can send them nudes, but try something you have never done before. Maybe make a really hot pose, or buy exceptionally sexy underwear… Maybe you can send nudes of you and your spouse to a model from a sexting site… This all depends on your needs and preferences. You can even copy famous pictures of celebs and send both your version and the original one at the same time. You can always experiment here, and the internet is teeming with ideas!

Just because you are married, it doesn’t mean you must get sick of your spouse. You can always find ways to feel hots for each other. You can sext with your partner, or you two can try sexting with strangers, and be open about this. No need to be jealous, you can share everything! Sexting is ideal not just for married couples, but for all couples! And now you have some fundamental ideas on how to start with it.