Frequent Sex Can Make You Look Better

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They always talk about that glow after having sex; maybe it’s actually true. Sex actually helps promote blood circulation, which is where that natural glow comes from. It’s not just helping your skin after the dirty deed is done but a hormone is released during sex that helps fight spots on your skin. So just put the debit or credit card away and save your money by ditching those expensive skincare products and just jump into bed or hop on the sexting phone.

Sex has just as many benefits for skincare are there are sexual positions. Sex increases your heart rate and blood circulation throughout the whole body. You have to work for that vibrant skin and lumpier lips. That hormone mentioned above is Oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which is released after an orgasm. Oxytocin helps with inflammation and makes skin rashes less noticeable. It’s not because you just had a marathon of love making that you’re so tired after sex, it’s actually another hormone called Prolactin. This hormone makes you extremely sleepy and sleep helps with wrinkles and saggy skin.

Wait, what?! Sex can make you look more vibrant? If you ever needed an excuse to use your sexting phone, here it is. Our sext lines are filled with men and women looking to fool around and get between the sheets. You can even give your sexting friend some of the skincare benefits that sex can cause. It could be your ticket into their bedroom because everyone is always trying to look better.