Sexting with Strangers

sexting with strangers

Shocking Ways Sexting with Strangers Will Make You a Better Person


If you have heard about the new craze of sexting, then you may have heard negative things. When you consider the absolute amount of technology with being able to flirt (and more), it isn’t so bad. People need to have an outlet. They should be able to pursue the things that make them happy.


Consider the following reasons why flirty texting (aka sexting with strangers)is positive.


Leave It Up to Your Imagination

On the one hand, it’s nice to have everything under the sun in the form of provocative pornography. The technology behind internet videos and pictures means you can get adult content  anywhere. Have you ever considered the fact that everything you see is just forced in front of you? By being able to sext with someone else, you are creating the content as you go!


Sometimes less is more if you leave it to your imagination.


Can Be Suggestive and Push the Envelope

It may be more difficult to flat out be blunt and suggest certain things face to face or on a date. When it comes to sexting with a stranger, you have the ability to suggest whatever you would like. Pushing the envelope is part of the fun with sexting. The person on the other end of the call may just surprise you back.

Sexting With a Stranger


Time to Think

Part of the fun with sexting is that you have time to wait. Even if you don’t like to do so, you must sit back and wait for a response. Patience is a virtue.  Time to respond also gives you time to create some good conversation.


Something to Look Forward to

The key to looking forward to something is that you are just like a kid on Christmas. Excitement takes over and builds anticipation. Knowing someone is sending messages to you is an exciting achievement in and of itself.


Generally Enjoyable and Harmless

If both parties agree and consent to the fun it is enjoyable. Its’s about going down an exciting path together where the one thing you can count on is privacy. Everything else is icing on the cake.


When sexting back and forth with a stranger, you know neither party will get their feelings hurt.  It is a non-personal connection between two adults.  Friends with benefits if you will.


When you think about the different types of trouble you could get into with sexual fetishes, you have a far better option with sexting. Not only is it fun and engaging, but you never know just what you are going to get once you get started.