A Sexpert Explains What Sex Parties Are Really Like

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Whether you’re curious about what happens at a sex party, you’re planning on attending one yourself or even want to know some details so you can throw your own, or just want some fodder for sexy sexting conversations; we’ve got some inside information for you. Sex parties are organized with rules, have detailed etiquette and don’t stray too far from regular parties. First off, you really want to know what kind of sex party you are going to attend. It’s a must to know the vibe, theme and scene of party before hand so you are not overwhelmed or under or over dressed when you arrive.

Sex parties try to be a judgment free zone; everyone is there for fun and, of course, sex. But obviously you never know how the guests are going to mix until the night kicks off. One thing that we take seriously when attending a sex party is your safety. If you start feeling overwhelmed you can always go outside and take a deep breath or call a friend on the phone. Here are some tips to go over before attending your first sex party.

Type of party means different vibes: Just like you have a type each sex party has a type. Some are for beginners (where you may want to start), some are for older folks and some are for the seasoned sexual deviant.

Sex parties can just be like regular parties: The name sex party has somewhat of a stigma in mainstream media, but they are not just horny, rabid sex freaks looking to bang every hole. Sex parties are actually about building connections and real relationships; so don’t set your expectations of hooking that high.

Safety is No. 1: This is huge concern, especially in the #MeToo era. Many sex parties have constituted a mandatory introduction time to discuss consent and how to have proper consensual sex. Some parties have handouts or pamphlets with the party’s rules, read it thoroughly before acting on any intercourse.

Common sense: The party isn’t just about you and your needs; the event is for everyone’s needs, wants and feelings. If you see something and want to be a part of the fun remember that it’s not just about you and put yourself in someone else’s shoes with some random person jumping in on your scene.

Sex parties sometimes get a bad rap in the eye of mainstream America just like sexy sexting conversations do too. We broke down the stigma of sex parties and now it’s time for you to make the jump and get on your phone and text our local chat lines. Just like sex parties have different themes, you choose the theme or what you want out of your convo when you first text into our chat line.