Sharing Sexting Pics

sharing sexting pics

Why do people enjoy sharing sexting pics?

Did you know that if you are under 18 sharing nude sexting pics can be considered child pornography? Yes, it is true, parents beware, if your kids are sharing nude images via sexting with friends or partners, they are committing a serious crime that could get them into deep trouble with the law. Adults, however, are free to do as they choose so long as they are sharing images of themselves or of other people (over 18)who have given them the consent to do so.


That being said, there are also copyright issues that need to be addressed with regards to sexting. Simply put,  it is safer to only share images of yourself so you can never be charged with this crime.


Everyone wants to be treated special and made to feel sexy.  Sharing images this way offers instant gratification and helps build a person’s confidence when people like it or make comments.


Humans are somewhat narcissistic by nature, we love to be loved and sharing sexting pics is a great way to meet new people.


Gone are the days of blind dates, at least now people have a means in which to see what a potential mate looks like before agreeing to meet with them.


Sharing sexting pics is safe for the most part, however, you should make sure that you can trust the other person you are sending your images to because you would not want to see a nude picture of yourself on the front page of some sleazy online website or worse a revenge porn type website after your relationship goes sour.


Like anything in life, use caution, use common sense and sharing pics is as fun and as simple as click and send.


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