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Want to text messages to women who will sext you back?  Our sexting app was designed for sexy messages and adult chat services.

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Best Sexting

best sexting

In Two Weeks I Spent $80 For The Best Sexting… Why?


Good God I love sexting! If you’re not then you need to get with the program.

My dad loves to talk about the days when there were no cell phones and video conferencing. If you wanted to make a phone call, you had to wait until you got home. Not to mention your privacy was only as long as the phone cord would reach. While he is ranting, I’m sexting. I went online to take a look at my bill today and discovered I’d spent $80 over the previous 14 days on sexting. You know what? I shouldn’t have, but I don’t care. And here’s the reason why.

Big beautiful Boobs! Even my father could appreciate the great access you get to boobs and all the other naughty bits. I like ’em sexy, though. I dislike when I receive close-ups, it just makes the image all blurry and you are unable to see the girl’s sexy body. Put a little distance between you and the lens or give me a full body shot. I’m also a big fan of the ladies who go nude but cover their adult bits with their hands or a magazine. I love the way they tease you making you want to beg for more…Yum.


Make All of Your Fantasies Come to Life!

Tell me what you wanna do to me. I don’t care if it’s never gonna happen. Get into the details, baby. The truth is the sexts I get from strangers are a lot hotter than the ones from women I know. That’s not to say I don’t love reading the details about what she wants to do. But there’s something about a stranger getting descriptive about putting this here and that there that makes me hold back a moan. Shoot, Is it getting hot in here lol! I’m wiping my brow just thinking about it.

Getting sext’s at the wrong time. There’s one thing I do love about sexting with someone I’m going out with. They know the best time to send one which is usually the worst. I’m talking about responding to the buzz on my phone during a meeting with my boss and seeing her in a thong and nothing else, or a sext about how just thinking about my erection is driving her crazy. Next thing you know I’m crossing my legs and can’t hear a word my bow-tied boss is saying. So, when I see I’ve spent $80 over 14 days, you know what happens? I tend to think, “Damn. I must’ve been having the best time of my life.”

Best Sexting




Do Men & Women Fake Adult Sexting or Is It Real?


As our culture becomes more sexually liberated than ever before, adult sexting has become increasingly popular. But several conversations have sparked an interesting question: is sexting real or fake? Without a doubt, many texts and sexually charged messages are for fun, but many college girls exchange sexy pictures and texts for money. We recently discovered this interesting concept during an interview with Ashely, a young college student.



Sexting for Money?


One of her friends told her about adult sexting for money when they were discussing the difficulties of paying tuition. Ashely expressed an equal amount of discomfort and interest about the concept. After thinking about it for several days, Ashely decided to jump out of her comfort zone and give it a shot, sending her first dirty picture.



Ashely’s Story


After learning about it from her friend, Ashely started searching the internet. She found that many people make a decent income by texting playful and sexy messages to strangers. Although it was a huge step outside of her usual personality, Ashely was in desperate need of the money and was also curious. She told us of how her first few interactions were not as bad as she thought they would be.



But after a few days, she started to have fun with her conversations. Ashely had never felt comfortable with her sexuality, but she had always wanted a way to open up in a safe environment. Texting strangers helped her achieve that goal faster than she thought possible. At that point, the money was just a bonus because she started to get into the conversations. “It was exciting to go home and see what adventures I could find,” said the young college girl. She would invest several hours each night with her new “job.” Having no boss or set schedule, the best part was that she could do it when and where she wanted.



How Much Does She Make


We know what question most people will have next; how much money does she make? Ashely was hesitant to tell us at first, but she later admitted to making nearly $40,000 a year. She went on to say “I almost felt guilty for making a full time living doing something I enjoy so much.” Sometimes I give my long time clients a free trial for their outstanding loyalty.


After speaking with Ashely about her interesting job, we did some research and talked to several other college students. It turns out that adult sexting for money is starting to become a mainstream trend for college students. But can you blame them? They are making money, exploring their sexuality and having fun. Now that is what I call a win-win situation!



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Dirty Text Messages

Dirty text messages

Having fun with Dirty Text Messages


Do you enjoy sending dirty text messages?  We do too!  In fact, we love it so much we made it our business. We have heard and seen a lot of interesting things over the years, but nothing compares to a bad yet humorous one-liner while sexting. These little creative tidbits can either get you an unbridled night of passion or get you into deep (hot) water.


Either it can be enjoyable or painful, it all depends on how you look at it.


  • What is that you are wearing?  
  • Want to play a game?  Response: is that not what we are doing?
  • I was thinking about you in the shower today.  Guys, really, never say this to a woman – it does not have the same effect.
  • I have got a surprise for you and it is not my cooking.
  • I am wearing red today, even in my pants.
  • What do you want me to (not) wear later tonight?
  • Let’s try tease and denial.  Response: No!  Response:  Why Not?  Response: Oh brother, it is tease and denial, no?

It can get really weird or funny too!

  • You and me and your friend Alice, in the back of my pickup truck?
  • I heard you just finished watching 50 Shades of Grey want to try some of them out?
  • I will be your prisoner tonight if you be mine and let me have my way with you.
  • The next time you pass by me, I am going to tap it, my phone that is!
  • I can probably reach climax just by watching you.
  • How about we pour chocolate syrup all over you?
  • I want to be naughty with you on my desk.
  • I know what you want, you know what I want, are you ready for it?


The art of teasing is very important when it comes to dirty text messages because the person on the other end of the line cannot feel the emotion behind the text and can read it the wrong way.  Imagine someone reading this as “What the hell is that your wearing instead?” Hence the introduction of the emoji.  Emoji can provide a bit of insight into the emotion behind the text, for example if you put an emoji of a smiley batting his or her eyes, it has a better effect.

While these are funny, they are not very likely to get you into “Sexiest texter” of the month club anytime soon.

In other words, let a professional teach you how to text if you have not tried it or at least try it with someone you trust first!  Our chat hosts have years of experience and they can help you get through the first and awkward phase of learning how to send dirty text message so you can eventually try it out on someone you like.


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Sexy Text Messages

sexy text messages


Why sexting and sending sexy text messages isn’t as bad as you thought it was


People send sexy text messages every day, they (we) are sexting more now than ever before.


Forget the alarmists and the naysayers, Sexting has proven itself to be much more than a trend. The polls are in! 61 percent of men and 48 percent of women sext according to a survey gathered in 2013.  Since then it has grown exponentially.


In our modern times, sexy text messages can be thought of as the new love letter: Sometimes a bit sexy, sometimes a bit naughty, and sometimes even a little bit discrete. As technology has become the driving force in communication, the sex life of modern men and women has been altered.


A Fun Way To Get To Know Another Person’s Desires


From how they meet to the way that they date, everything has changed between men and women. Today people meet on apps, such as Tinder and Zoosk, or websites, such as arousr.com and Match.com, to name but a few. Before men and women are ready to take that next step and sit face to face, they may get to know each other intimately through a series of dirty and horny chats. Often, this sort of intimate encounter allows men and women to ‘test the waters.’


For those looking to know another person intimately, there is no better way to get to know someone than by probing their most intimate fantasies. Think of sexting as a way to communicate your most passionate interests. By the time you are together, you will share a deep knowledge of one another on a very personal level.


It Makes Life Better


Imagine attending yet another Thanksgiving at your sister’s house. Now, imagine that same Thanksgiving, but with the addition of sexy messages being sent to your loved one under the table; the dinner is instantly better. Every day with sexting is just better. Everyday life turns into a thrilling and fun event when a sexy message makes an appearance. The possibilities are never-ending when you engage in constant foreplay.


Yes, It’s Safe


Sexting is not 100 percent safe, but then again what is? Did you know that you are more likely to get into a car accident than have someone share your sexts?  Everyone does it and what’s more, everyone knows that everyone does but no one will admit it. Sound familiar?  Let’s face it, the truth is that it is much safer than traditional sex, and far more people have regretted traditional sex than the number of people who have regretted sexting. Statistically speaking, the act of engaging in sexting is much safer than driving a car, riding a bicycle, or even having sex.


Be Bold And Try It Today


Each day, millions of lives are enriched by sexts, and more men and women are discovering the benefits of them every day. For those who are hesitant to try it, you may want to wait to sext with someone you trust, or try one of our professional chat hosts and get 100 free credits!


Sexting Messages

sexting messages

sexting messages

Sexting Messages should be safe!


Remember the days when your mother told you to be careful of strangers on the street?

Well, the same thing applies on the Internet and this probably matters even more. With all the digital talk, sharing of images and sexting going on in the world, it can be unsafe. It is not that difficult to imagine how some people can fall victim to sexual bullying or shaming with sexting messages.


We love sexting and encourage you to sext as often as you can. However, we also want you to be careful when doing so. Let’s face it, if you don’t feel safe, doing something you won’t enjoy it half as much.  We want all of our customers to enjoy the experience and come back often.


Here are some safe sexting messages tips to get you started on the right track.


    • If you are cheating on your spouse or having to sneak around in order to sext to avoid hurting someone, you should do it with a professional chat host because they are sworn to secrecy.


Cheating always has the potential repercussion of someone getting angry, hurt and seeking revenge. We don’t encourage you to cheat, we believe that it is best to discuss your relationship problems with your partner or ask a professional to help sort it out. However, we do advise that if you are going to do so, it is best to do it with someone who won’t go spreading sexting pics and messages of you on all of the social media platforms just for revenge.

Sadly, it can and it does happen.


    • If someone is a stranger on the Internet and you provide them with your phone number and name, you open yourself up to being stalked or hacked.


Always use caution whenever you deal with strangers on the Internet.  This is the main reason that many people prefer to sext with us.  Our chat hosts do not see your phone number, personal or financial information. They cannot trace you and they cannot send sexting pics or messages outside the system. It is completely discreet unless  you decide to connect with them outside of the system. We cannot do anything about that. It is up to you and the chat host to decide to further a relationship or not, however, we do not encourage that either

  • Use common sense


Sexting is supposed to be erotic fun and safe sext message exchange between two consenting adults nothing more.  If you are feeling uncomfortable or coerced into doing it, then you shouldn’t be.  Remember sexting is not for everyone and just because you want to sext, does not mean you will like it.  Some people do not, however, our results indicate that most people do.


If it is not for your, explore other options like phone sex or video chat and simply apply the same tips!