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Find people who are interested in sexual discussions via text messenger right here!  Connect with the right people, not just anyone.

Sexting with Strangers

sexting with strangers

Shocking Ways Sexting with Strangers Will Make You a Better Person


If you have heard about the new craze of sexting, then you may have heard negative things. When you consider the absolute amount of technology with being able to flirt (and more), it isn’t so bad. People need to have an outlet. They should be able to pursue the things that make them happy.


Consider the following reasons why flirty texting (aka sexting with strangers)is positive.


Leave It Up to Your Imagination

On the one hand, it’s nice to have everything under the sun in the form of provocative pornography. The technology behind internet videos and pictures means you can get adult content  anywhere. Have you ever considered the fact that everything you see is just forced in front of you? By being able to sext with someone else, you are creating the content as you go!


Sometimes less is more if you leave it to your imagination.


Can Be Suggestive and Push the Envelope

It may be more difficult to flat out be blunt and suggest certain things face to face or on a date. When it comes to sexting with a stranger, you have the ability to suggest whatever you would like. Pushing the envelope is part of the fun with sexting. The person on the other end of the call may just surprise you back.

Sexting With a Stranger


Time to Think

Part of the fun with sexting is that you have time to wait. Even if you don’t like to do so, you must sit back and wait for a response. Patience is a virtue.  Time to respond also gives you time to create some good conversation.


Something to Look Forward to

The key to looking forward to something is that you are just like a kid on Christmas. Excitement takes over and builds anticipation. Knowing someone is sending messages to you is an exciting achievement in and of itself.


Generally Enjoyable and Harmless

If both parties agree and consent to the fun it is enjoyable. Its’s about going down an exciting path together where the one thing you can count on is privacy. Everything else is icing on the cake.


When sexting back and forth with a stranger, you know neither party will get their feelings hurt.  It is a non-personal connection between two adults.  Friends with benefits if you will.


When you think about the different types of trouble you could get into with sexual fetishes, you have a far better option with sexting. Not only is it fun and engaging, but you never know just what you are going to get once you get started.

People on kik who want to sext

people on kik who want to sext

There are People on kik who want to sext? Say it isn’t so!


Adult chat is quite good for the soul and it is not always negative and there are many people on KIK who want to sext.  The problem is KiK is not really meant for sexting.  It is a text messaging service that has underage people on it.  It was for this reason that we developed our own adult sexting app.


We wanted to take adult chat out of the forums and social platforms and into the privacy of each individual’s phone.


This made it safer and more discrete.


As you can see in this particular text below, the client explains that he is a lonely widower who has not had sexual feelings about anyone for a long time.  That was until he saw a chat host profile and fell into admiration with her. Reluctant to contact her, it took him 6 weeks to get up the courage to even do so.



His story is a bit sad, however, as you will see, a night of adult chat with a complete stranger provides him the confidence he needs to think about moving on.



  • Lonely: Hi princess I have been looking at your pictures for weeks your amazing looking, your incredible and beautiful
  • Princess: Hey honey how are you?
  • Lonely: Hello, I am good now
  • Princess: So sweet! how is your day?
  • Lonely: Your so darn beautiful girl
  • Princess: thank you how old are you?
  • Lonely: 46 to old for you but I wanted to tell you that your beautiful
  • Princess: thank you you are not too old I like mature gentleman are you married?
  • Lonely: I have had the most amazing dreams about you every night for 6 weeks
  • Princess: thank you baby can I see what you look like?
  • Princess: very nice pic thank you 😉
  • Princess: are you married?
  • Lonely: No I lost my wife about 6 years ago in a traffic wreck it’s been a long time your just amazing looking


  • Princess: I’m sorry to hear that do you have a Girlfriend?


  • Lonely: Not now took a long time, but it doesn’t matter I was just never interested until I saw your picture and that took 6 weeks
  • Princess: Oh Thanks baby you must be into brunettes 😉
  • Lonely: Yes that is very true I need to ask you a question do you like to have your kitty licked that was my favorite it’s been over 6 years
  • Lonely: Ibet you taste like cotton candy I’m sorry I know that I shouldn’t have asked you that
  • Princess: Tell me what your dreams were about babe
  • Lonely: Just thinking about tasting you and putting my tongue deep inside of your pretty kitty it gave me wet dreams I haven’t released in over 6 years
  • Lonely: better stop now I’m getting too excited
  • Princess: dont stop baby you can be yourself with me…
  • Lonely: Baby girl your going to make me jack off thinking about you I will explode it’s been so long
  • Princess: where do you want to cum baby maybe inside my sweet tight pussy?
  • Lonely: Oh yes princess I’m jacking off so fast and hard my balls are swollen and throbbing, I’m sorry it’s been so long I’m cumming all over the coffee table
  • Lonely: It’s been so long I can’t believe how much cum is squirting out
  • Princess: cum in my pussy baby give me your hot shot
  • Lonely: Oh baby I can’t believe how much you made me cum I wish you could see my coffee table
  • Princess: I wish I was there to lick it off baby
  • Lonely: So do I baby girl I’m cumming again it is so thick and creamy… thank you princess your amazing
  • Princess: Thank you baby I’m so glad to help you 😉
  • Lonely: Hi princess I just sent you a little tip let me know if you get it
  • Princess: Thank you baby your so sweet 😉
  • Lonely: Thank you princess you have no idea how much I needed that I can’t believe how much you made me cum I have a big mess to clean up


  • Princess: you are so nice by calling me a princess thank you


  • Lonely: I really needed you thank you your smoking hot… can I come back again sometime
  • Princess: anytime baby 😉
  • Lonely: Just wanted to thank you again princess its been so long since I’ve been this happy your very special and very beautiful thank you again
  • Princess: you are so nice do you have any more pictures baby?
  • Lonely: No never was into pictures that was the last one she took then she was dead 2 hours later I haven’t thought about that in years
  • Lonely: Sorry baby girl just thinking is making me crazy.. sorry princess I’m very sad talk later
  • Princess: don’t be sad baby… are you ok my darling?
  • Lonely: I’m sorry I didn’t want to get you involved your the best thing that has ever happened to me in years talk later thank you for being you
  • Princess: Thank you my dear
  • Lonely: I apologize for being so melancholy
  • Princess: Don’t apologize baby it is all good


He did connect with his princess often after this and eventually got married.  Now that is the power of adult chat!


adult chat


If you connect with people on kik who want to sext chances are you are probably not going to be intimate with them and you may risk getting in trouble if you talk to someone who is not 18.  Why even risk it when there are adult sexting services for this purpose?

People who want to sext

people who want to sext

“When it comes to Adult Sexting,”What Makes People Squirm?”


The only thing that makes me squirm is sounding like a newbie.  It turns some people off and lessons your chances for success. This sucks big time! If you don’t know how to sext, then you need to ask yourself some of these questions.


Take me for example. I often see myself as content with my sex life, but of course, it’s hard not to think of some experiences or fantasies that I maybe missing out on. To be honest,  I aspire something deeper, kinkier and more meaningful in my phone sex conversations and part of the reason that I got into adult sexting.They say you cannot teach an old dog a new trick, but since this new form of adult entertainment is still relatively new, it is best to be up on the basics of it.


I always ask myself these questions and if you do too, we think you will have a much more pleasant chatting experience.  The first time is always the hardest, it gets easier with time and experience.


It doesn’t hurt to go in with a bit of planning ahead, adult sexting is afterall an intimate experience for most people.


1. What do I really want to explore?
The question of the ages and one I usually reply, “Sexting is the best time to explore hidden fetishes and fantasies before you take it to the real world.” Fail here, hang up, Fail there, hang ups!


2. Should I really try something new?
Today’s sexually positive world has taken us to another level of redefining ‘yourself’, or at least that’s what the kids appear to be saying. In fact, they are not only saying it they are showing it with gender re identification. Change is possible, change is exciting. Having an army of teenage nieces and nephews has taught me that there are far worse things that they could have had than acne or maybe even promiscuity. So how does that fit into your lifestyle?



3. Am I comfortable with what I’m doing?
This is probably the most important question that you should ask and the one that will most likely be answered. Adult sexting is fun but you need to be comfortable if you are going to talk about fetishes and things that excite you otherwise it can get somewhat awkward.



people who want to sext



So we want to know, What Really Makes You Tick when it comes to Adult Sexting? BDSM?  Roleplaying? Just plain old Vanilla stuff?

Shh! We won’t tell.