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Want to Sext like a Professional?

professional sexting

Are you ready to step up your sexting game? If you are a busy professional, you already know how to search for jobs and clients. You already use the internet for professional networking, so why not consider using your experience to catch a few fish. The same skills you apply to build your career and gain clients will help you to get noticed.

Here are a few tips from a chat host for finding love in cyberspace.

Post Professional and Popular Photos

When you go to an important meeting, you dress to impress. You should look just as sharp for your future dates. The photos you upload will likely be the first things potential matches will notice. You want to make a good first impression, so choose these shots wisely.

The main picture that shows up on searches should be the best one that you post. It is worth it to get this photo taken professionally at a studio. When choosing your other photos, try going through your social networking profiles. Look for your most popular pictures. If your friends gave a photo lots of likes on Facebook or Instagram, your future sexting buddies will likely love it too.

Sell Yourself as a Unique Individual

You always write to stand out from the competition when you are sending messages to prospects. You know better than to use those same worn out lines on your resume. Avoid the same mistake when writing your dating site profile descriptions.

If you write “I like to have fun,” potential dates will click or swipe to the next profile. Grab your future match’s attention by writing detailed descriptions of how you have fun. “I love to walk my feisty dog to neighborhood music festivals” is much better.

Always Assess and Update Your Approach

We all make mistakes, but the way to get ahead in your professional career is to learn from your errors. When you are engaging in phone sex or sexting, you also need to learn as you go. Keep a list of things that go wrong. Use these mistakes to assess the weaknesses of your approach and switch up your strategy.

For example, let’s say your date stops texting you after your first outing together. In this case, you should go through your old messages and think about what you said on your date. If you can’t recall any embarrassing things coming out of your mouth, let it go. Maybe that person wasn’t ideal.  The lesson here is to stop approaching the wrong kinds of people. And, when you find the right ones, learn from it.

Be Picky but not Too Picky

You are so busy with your exciting career that you haven’t gone out on a date since last year. That’s okay because you know you are awesome, so don’t rush things. If you throw yourself at the first person who likes you, you may regret it later. You don’t want to be that person who ends up meeting a boring person.

Don’t go to the opposite extreme and make every potential date think that you are too picky. You won’t get many messages if you write “he must be six feet and have a degree in Circus Economics,” on your profile page. When you date online like a professional, you don’t have the opportunity to actively weed out the wrong matches. In this case, you simply go with the flow and hope it works out.  Either they will call you back or they won’t.  As a regular person, you do not have the luxury of this.  So, you need to be a bit more attentive to your needs. All you need to do is look sharp and make your profile unique. By taking your time and keeping your approach fresh, you will meet the right date someday.