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Get Sex Text Numbers for Public Makeout

At some point you’re going to run into a girl who just doesn’t want to share sex text numbers in public. You probably already know her. She’s the girl who can have a ton of fun with every single night. The problem is that once she gets to work, her naughty bits are on full lock down. It’s frustrating when you just don’t give a crap. You can sext all day long and never suffer any consequence. Hell, doing it in public probably adds to the excitement for you. So, how are you supposed to get your rubbin’ buddy to play during day? Well, let’s find out.

sex text numbers

Sex Text Numbers

First and foremost, you can’t expect a full sexting session out of her. That means that, no matter how hot and heavy things get at night, you can’t expect her to duck into the ladies room to give her undercarriage a polishing with you. You also can’t expect her to sneak into a stall to send you a close up of her fun bags. She has a job to worry about and that just can’t always happen. If she has boundaries, don’t try to cross them. They’re there for a reason and they must be respected.

Treat it like foreplay

The best thing that you can do is treat your daytime fun like foreplay for the main event. Tease her and talk about all the filthy things your perverted mind usually comes up. You need to keep things at that level. Keep her excited and interested and you’ll be rewarded when she finally gets home. She may even find a new passion for being secretly naughty at work. That’s really the best case scenario that’s possible here.

No Nudes

Keep the fact that she can’t send nudes in mind. That also means that she can’t receive them. Don’t ever send her your naughty bits, no matter how proud you are of them. It can get her into a lot of trouble if someone catches her looking at them.

Keep all this in mind and you’ll be sexting during the day in no time!


Find Out if She’s DTS (Down to Sext Chat)!

So you’ve been texting the same girl for a while and you want to bring things to the next level with her. The problem is that you’re not sure if she’s the kind of girl who would want to sext chat. You’re going to be running the risk of being run out of town and disowned by all your friends if you just go full speed ahead. Then there’s the other hand. You can miss out on something awesome if you don’t take a chance and see what’s up.

sext chat

Sext Chat Fun

Don’t despair. We’ve all found ourselves in this position. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Feel Her Out

You’re going to feel her out first. The last thing you want to do is flat out ask her if she wants to sext. That’s gross and will dry her out faster than the Mojave Desert. It’s going to kill the mood immediately and your budding, perverted relationship may never recover. What you’re going to do instead is be funny about it. Ask her how many guys she’s talking dirty to when she’s talking to you. Obviously, you want the answer to be zero, but it’s the way that she answers that you’re looking for. If it’s something like “Eew, gross, none!” then it may not be meant to be. She clearly doesn’t look kindly on sext chat with one hand. If it’s something like “Wouldn’t you like to know ;)” then you’re in! It’s a non-answer, but she’s clearly up to play.

Start by Being Funny

Now that you have a good answer, start slowly. Be funny about it. Send her naughty messages that you can write off as a joke at first. She’s going to start playing along at some point. As soon as that happens, it’s on! When she’s playful with you, hit her back with some extra naughtiness. Chances are very good that she’s going to respond in kind.

It’s on!

Okay, it’s on! You now have a new sext chat partner. You’ve broken through the barrier and felt her out. Now it’s time to talk nasty while you feel yourselves up!

Catch and Release

Phone Sexting

phone sexting

Five Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Phone Sexting

Phone sexting might be the greatest innovation since sliced bread. Not only, has it been a boon to personal relationships but also society as a whole. Used in an effective manner it can also help to encourage romance. Some of the benefits of communicating via text are that it’s fast, direct, discreet and free. Additionally, you can do it any time of the day or night and all you need is a cell phone. Nowadays, texting is more popular than e-mail for sending brief messages. It is fast emerging as the ‘go-to’ way for modern people to communicate.

1. It’s Fast!

Sexting can convey your message in mere seconds. This is particularly important today because of life’s fast moving pace. Plus typing up a sexy message only takes a few seconds. In under a minute you can share your sexual appetites live with anyone in the world. That’s particularly valuable to any person seeking to indulge their fetishes and fantasies.

2. Inexpensive

The average sexting session is quite inexpensive. Besides, many phone plans include free or unlimited text messaging. That means you can communicate with as many people as you want and as much as you want.  This makes sexting a great option and value. With the cost of some phone plans skyrocketing, it makes more sense to send a text rather than make a phone call. For many people, this can take a little stress off their budget. And leave more money in their pocket.

3. Discrete

Depending on the type of alert you set on your phone, you can receive messages silently. You can send and receive provocative texts anytime and anywhere. And all this without disturbing a soul. You can even be sitting in a crowd and have a private conversation via text. You can turn it into a personal space where only you and the person with whom you’re sexting exists.

4. Direct

Intimate messaging is an excellent way to share your desires with someone. Because whether you are sending naughty pics, a sexy greeting or just a few seductive words, sexting gives you a way to convey your feelings in seconds. The person who receives the message can then decide to read and act on it immediately.Or leave it for a more appropriate time.

5. Enhances Romance

Nothing says ‘I am in the mood’ like a short text during the day telling your partner that you feel frisky. Communicating with your love interest via messaging makes being apart bearable. For many new couples, love thrives on reinforcement and sending a text or two a day. In fact, texting sweet nothings to each other is a staple of modern romance.

As you can see, there are many reasons to love phone sexting. Texting is now the new “norm” for beginning first-time romances. In fact, meeting via text is replacing the awkward introduction phase of dating. More couples actually get together only after they have communicated first by texting.

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Best Sexting

best sexting

In Two Weeks I Spent $80 For The Best Sexting… Why?


Good God I love sexting! If you’re not then you need to get with the program.

My dad loves to talk about the days when there were no cell phones and video conferencing. If you wanted to make a phone call, you had to wait until you got home. Not to mention your privacy was only as long as the phone cord would reach. While he is ranting, I’m sexting. I went online to take a look at my bill today and discovered I’d spent $80 over the previous 14 days on sexting. You know what? I shouldn’t have, but I don’t care. And here’s the reason why.

Big beautiful Boobs! Even my father could appreciate the great access you get to boobs and all the other naughty bits. I like ’em sexy, though. I dislike when I receive close-ups, it just makes the image all blurry and you are unable to see the girl’s sexy body. Put a little distance between you and the lens or give me a full body shot. I’m also a big fan of the ladies who go nude but cover their adult bits with their hands or a magazine. I love the way they tease you making you want to beg for more…Yum.


Make All of Your Fantasies Come to Life!

Tell me what you wanna do to me. I don’t care if it’s never gonna happen. Get into the details, baby. The truth is the sexts I get from strangers are a lot hotter than the ones from women I know. That’s not to say I don’t love reading the details about what she wants to do. But there’s something about a stranger getting descriptive about putting this here and that there that makes me hold back a moan. Shoot, Is it getting hot in here lol! I’m wiping my brow just thinking about it.

Getting sext’s at the wrong time. There’s one thing I do love about sexting with someone I’m going out with. They know the best time to send one which is usually the worst. I’m talking about responding to the buzz on my phone during a meeting with my boss and seeing her in a thong and nothing else, or a sext about how just thinking about my erection is driving her crazy. Next thing you know I’m crossing my legs and can’t hear a word my bow-tied boss is saying. So, when I see I’ve spent $80 over 14 days, you know what happens? I tend to think, “Damn. I must’ve been having the best time of my life.”

Best Sexting




Do Men & Women Fake Adult Sexting or Is It Real?


As our culture becomes more sexually liberated than ever before, adult sexting has become increasingly popular. But several conversations have sparked an interesting question: is sexting real or fake? Without a doubt, many texts and sexually charged messages are for fun, but many college girls exchange sexy pictures and texts for money. We recently discovered this interesting concept during an interview with Ashely, a young college student.



Sexting for Money?


One of her friends told her about adult sexting for money when they were discussing the difficulties of paying tuition. Ashely expressed an equal amount of discomfort and interest about the concept. After thinking about it for several days, Ashely decided to jump out of her comfort zone and give it a shot, sending her first dirty picture.



Ashely’s Story


After learning about it from her friend, Ashely started searching the internet. She found that many people make a decent income by texting playful and sexy messages to strangers. Although it was a huge step outside of her usual personality, Ashely was in desperate need of the money and was also curious. She told us of how her first few interactions were not as bad as she thought they would be.



But after a few days, she started to have fun with her conversations. Ashely had never felt comfortable with her sexuality, but she had always wanted a way to open up in a safe environment. Texting strangers helped her achieve that goal faster than she thought possible. At that point, the money was just a bonus because she started to get into the conversations. “It was exciting to go home and see what adventures I could find,” said the young college girl. She would invest several hours each night with her new “job.” Having no boss or set schedule, the best part was that she could do it when and where she wanted.



How Much Does She Make


We know what question most people will have next; how much money does she make? Ashely was hesitant to tell us at first, but she later admitted to making nearly $40,000 a year. She went on to say “I almost felt guilty for making a full time living doing something I enjoy so much.” Sometimes I give my long time clients a free trial for their outstanding loyalty.


After speaking with Ashely about her interesting job, we did some research and talked to several other college students. It turns out that adult sexting for money is starting to become a mainstream trend for college students. But can you blame them? They are making money, exploring their sexuality and having fun. Now that is what I call a win-win situation!



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