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Three Simple Tips For Going Live

Who doesn’t find it boring, just hanging out on Facebook and Twitter all day? There must be a better way to connect online with people that are fun and exciting without ending up in jail! Live sexting websites and apps are the new modern way of chatting and sharing experiences with people who have the same desires. So, what if you decided to spice things up and spend some time getting to know “new” friends?

The Right Connection

Connecting with other people is a basic human behavior. And in this age of interactive text and high-definition video, it’s easier than ever to meet and greet other people looking to do the same thing. From making new friendships to live intimate sessions, there is something for everyone on their mobile phones. So if you’ve ever wanted to just reach out and touch someone, it’s now easier than ever.

Express Yourself in Words

You’ve found your favorite live phone sex site and are ready to partake in the activities. Where do you start? First and foremost, you need to speak up. If it looks like you would rather be somewhere else, you may become silenced before you even say a word. As strange as it sounds, some people simply grunt and breathe hard on the other end of the line. Even if you are on the shy side, take a chance. Don’t worry about sounding silly or stupid. Be yourself and allow your imagination to run free. Live sexting and phone sex sessions are all about letting loose and having a good time.

Screenshots Rock

Even in the world of live video chat, screenshots go a long way when trying make new friends. Specifically, those who are timid can express themselves in a way like never before. Just be sure your camera is in focus or you might end up looking like you have three heads. Unless you’re into that kind of thing lol!

Use an Open-Mind and Text Your Limits

For those who like to live in the wild side, live video chat is a great place to express yourself. It’s particularly exciting if you enjoy a little bit of exhibition without showing too much. It’s like having the Best of both worlds! Both men and women enjoy a good “peep” show! Feel free to be as daring as you want. What could be more exciting than someone you have an interest in eagerly watching you doing your “personalized” dance?

The most important thing is that you have fun while meeting other people. Don’t feel as if you have an obligation to do something just because they ask. Video chat sessions are about having fun, opening up and adding a little spice into your life.

No Strings Attached

Sext Text

sext text

Sex Text Me and spice things up!


Sex Text or Sexting to which it is often referred saved my marriage and spiced things up a whole lot!


Dirty chat on the phone comes naturally to me. It has been an integral part of my sexual existence since I can remember, sex text was a given.


Originally, I didn’t talk dirty for my own pleasure. I did it because I knew that it would get my husband to orgasm faster. An old “technique” passed on from mama. In those days, we were not supposed to enjoy sex, only tolerate it. If you could get your spouse to finish quicker, you could get more chores done.  


Welcome to the new millennium where sexuality is trending and what was once considered deviant or taboo is the new normal. It is a world where prudeness has lost it’s appeal to a more opened minded generation of sexually positive individuals.


For the most part, online dating has been readily accepted as a viable means in which to connect with others while sexting is often associated with cyberbullying.  


There is nothing wrong with sexting between consenting adults.  


Sexting saved my marriage because it opened up the dialogue between my husband and I. When my husband and I began to communicate in this manner, we did it for some “kicks,” we never dreamed how important it would become for our relationship and our marriage.


It gave us a fresh new start. We were able to fall in love once again. And, feel emotions that we had not felt since we first met.


We opened our eyes to the fact that dating and sex had taken a backburner to kids, life and work and that needed to change. We now take time to date, connect and enjoy each other’s company.  It may start on the phone, but it always ends up at the home.


How sexting can save your relationship.


  1. Learn what makes you and your partner tick!


There is something about hiding behind a screen and telling someone what you enjoy and what you want them to do to you sexually that is a whole lot easier than saying it to them directly. Sexting provides a boost of confidence when discussing your relationship.


Personal note: I was able to open up about my love of dirty talk and it has ignited a fire in me that I never knew existed, on the flip side, I also learned that my husband has voyeuristic tendencies. This is something we now want to explore further and of course, he could not be happier


  1.   It helps you to explore your deepest and darkest secrets, no matter what they are!


Sexting allows you to discuss fantasies without actually having to act on them. Sex is played out in my mind and the imagination where it is a whole lot safer.  


  1.     You can do it with whomever, wherever and however you choose


Some people may consider this to be a downside. You can sext with just about anyone quickly and discreetly, which can ultimately lead to cheating. My belief is that cheaters are going to cheat regardless of the medium provided to them.  On the other hand, you can use sexting as a way of introducing others into your life without the “physical” connection.  This can be appealing to both spouses.


Sexting saved my marriage by showing me that my husband still found me exciting and sexually attractive something that I had long questioned.  Now I do not have to, all I have to do is sext him and ask him.  


Honesty and trust is more easy to come by when you can simply hang up on someone if you do not like the sex text you get!


Texting or Sexting

Asian Sex Text

asian sex text

Asian Sex Text – it’s a fetish kinda thing!


Does the place where I live sound like it is where you are living at as well? A quiet place that has a lot a lot of banks, churches, and food establishments. A place that has no crime and the worst thing that happens is a kid scraping a knee. A place in my mind that is downright dull.


Have you ever noticed that this place probably has a large Asian community?


This was a shocking surprise to learn that the dullest county in the United States also has one of the largest Asian communities. In fact, it is bigger than the white community that was here before.


I am all about racial miscegenation so I threw myself into the mix.


There are a lot of Asian women at my college, but there is an unspoken rule about races at this college  They don’t mix. I made the first attempt to break this stupid rule and was not greeted with much hospitality. Oddly enough, the first Asian women that I talked to  ended up being the first girlfriend that I had here.  So much for stupidity!  It was a great relationship, we had intelligence conversation, joked around about anime, and was even able to just talk about stupid stuff because we had the same type of humor.  We have moved on but I have great memories of that time.


What is the entire point of me bringing any of this up?


I saw a question recently on an Asian Sex Text social forum that stuck with me. It said, “‘How do you get asian women to have sex with you?” My initial reaction was to laugh at the stupidity of this question like there is a different way to ask Asian women than any other women. It’s all the same, bro.


I finally gathered myself and simply answered, “Speak with asian women.” Do not let unspoken rules and stupid stereotypes bog you down, we are all humans at the end of the day and the fact is many men like Asian women – it’s a fetish kinda thing!

You can start off with sexting one of the many Asian women we have on this site, they are patience and enjoyable to talk to.

Sharing Sexting Pics

sharing sexting pics

Why do people enjoy sharing sexting pics?

Did you know that if you are under 18 sharing nude sexting pics can be considered child pornography? Yes, it is true, parents beware, if your kids are sharing nude images via sexting with friends or partners, they are committing a serious crime that could get them into deep trouble with the law. Adults, however, are free to do as they choose so long as they are sharing images of themselves or of other people (over 18)who have given them the consent to do so.


That being said, there are also copyright issues that need to be addressed with regards to sexting. Simply put,  it is safer to only share images of yourself so you can never be charged with this crime.


Everyone wants to be treated special and made to feel sexy.  Sharing images this way offers instant gratification and helps build a person’s confidence when people like it or make comments.


Humans are somewhat narcissistic by nature, we love to be loved and sharing sexting pics is a great way to meet new people.


Gone are the days of blind dates, at least now people have a means in which to see what a potential mate looks like before agreeing to meet with them.


Sharing sexting pics is safe for the most part, however, you should make sure that you can trust the other person you are sending your images to because you would not want to see a nude picture of yourself on the front page of some sleazy online website or worse a revenge porn type website after your relationship goes sour.


Like anything in life, use caution, use common sense and sharing pics is as fun and as simple as click and send.


Want sexy pictures of hot models, fetish girls or alternative tattoo junkies?  Look no further, tap on the link above and connect now!


Sexy Quotes on Arousr.com

Sexting Pics


Sexy Quotes on Arousr.com


My topic tonight will definitely be different from most days because recently I touched on so many different sex-related issues that I wanted to spruce things up a little bit to get your juices flowing just a little. I have spoken a great deal about the positive aspects of sexting issues while trying to keep things real. It is really hard to be completely honest and offer up all my sexting tips without sounding trashy. I will leave the trash talk for phone sex with my partners! (wink)


I am not sure that you may have noticed throughout my blogs, that I try to remind everyone that I am speaking to both genders, even if I keep referring to men. Women sometimes act the very same when it comes to phone sex because it is a very discreet form of sexual expressions.


“Sexting pics helps when Getting it On!”


 “Why do people sometimes find the need to cheat or seek sexual gratification elsewhere?” Is it because we fall out of love or lose interest in each other? Not always, sometimes it is just a matter of nature itself.  It means your partner may have a fetish that he or she needs to explore in order to be satisfied.  Yes, it is true! Some people actually have a fetish about wanting to see, chat and have sex with other people.


How does someone who is married deal with this if their spouse is not willing to try cuckolding or roleplaying in order to satisfy their own needs?  Unfortunately, many will have to resort to cheating and/or exploring behind the person’s back.


Do you want your mate to fantasize and have sex with someone else in order to have SEX instead of participating with you? No, so why is sharing a difficult thing for many people?  Jealousy, and a lack of trust! Simple as that!  Some people simply do not have enough trust in their partners to feel comfortable enough to share this type of experience. It is not a very good way to deal with the issue as it will most likely end in disaster.


Sexting has become the new way to cheat because for some reason some people seem to be ok with it because they never actually meet the person in real life.  In some ways this is true, however, anything you do behind a partner’s back will result in hurting them if they find out.  Crime only pays when you don’t get caught!


Professional sexting alleviates the problem of cheating because many partners will feel much better about allowing partners to explore their fantasies and fetishes with professionals because there is little chance that sexual encounters will be carried out in the real world.


For this reason, sexting is gaining popularity.  It allows partners to help one another explore things they never thought possible before simply because of the discretionary aspect of it.


Want to sext?  Want to try sharing sexting pics  What is stopping you?  Nothing, if you are honest and open enough about it.  Who knows, your spouse might even enjoy it.