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How to find (and keep!) Sexting Buddies


Sexting Etiquette

As anyone who’s done it knows, there’s no other social situation quite like sexting. It’s not quite the same as a hook-up, but it’s also not a casual chat either. There are issues of consent involved as well, which makes things even more complicated. Daunted? Don’t be – just keep these simple tips in mind.

Be Body-Positive

Not all sexting involves pictures or video, but when it does, things can get awkward very quickly. You may not have any idea what the other person looks like at first. Or, put on the spot when they suddenly send you a sexy photo and you realize you don’t find them attractive. Something is too big, too small, too hairy, too jiggly, too strangely shaped – but whatever the reason for this, you should try to show as little of that negative reaction as possible to your partner. It’s okay to just end the encounter if you really don’t have any interest left, but even though they’ll probably guess what happened, don’t point it out. Treat them as you would want to be treated in that situation.

Respect Your Partner’s Time

Don’t let the fact that your partner is behind a screen make you forget that they’re a real person with a life and concerns of their own. Just because your sexting date didn’t involve travelling to a physical location doesn’t mean it isn’t rude to be noticeably late or to cancel abruptly. On the same note, try not to let the session run too long unless it’s clear that that’s what you both really want. Few people have the spare time to go on sexting indefinitely, and you can always set up another session for when you’re both free again.

Ask Permission to Take Keepsakes

It’s obviously fine to enjoy whatever pictures and messages you get while you’re in the middle of a sexting session, but if you plan on saving them for later, you should ask your partner first. If they say no, it’s absolutely vital that you respect that and let those logs and photos go, no matter how much you might want to keep them. Doing otherwise (or keeping them without ever asking regardless) is a serious breach of trust that will not be appreciated by your partner if they ever find out, and in some circumstances could get you in trouble with the law. Don’t take that chance.

Be Willing to Go Above and Beyond

Being a good sexting partner means matching or exceeding the other person’s engagement level. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re truly uncomfortable with, but try your best to accommodate any requests your partner makes. If they want to try something a little off-beat, indulge them. If they want something a little elaborate (thing scripts and costumes), try and make it happen. This extra effort won’t go unnoticed, and they’ll probably go out of their way to please you in return.


Love xxx – Mary Joe


Want To Sext?

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I want to sext

i want to sext


I want to sext, chat or have sex with your best friend’s mom is what many refer to as a MILF fetish. MILF translates into “Mother I would like to F*ck,”  regardless if it is a best friend’s mom or not. It usually refers to an older woman or what is termed as “cougar,” by some.  Believe it or not, Milf sexting is one of the most popular fantasies that our chat hosts explore with clients. There is something extremely hot about a young stud wanting to have sex with an older woman that just gets everyone’s juices flowing. However, the best friend thing is a touchy subject because no one really wants to imagine their BFF getting it on with mom in the backroom.


For some people, this is just not cool and could be a potential friendship deal breaker.


Then there was sexting!


Sexting came along and changed the rules of taboo sex because it’s discrete and non-physical. The jury is still out if they consider sex texting or phone sex is cheating or not, so, at least for now the concept of sexting is justifiable for exploring fetishes.


Is it wrong to say I want to sext with a best friend’s mom?  Of course not, but should you do it?  That is another question entirely.


In dealing with things in life, the best course of action you should follow is common sense.  If you would be upset about it, then you probably should not do it. However, if you really cannot stop yourself from wanting to have sex with your BFF’s mom then sexting is probably the best way to go about doing so. It is less likely that Dad or Junior will walk in on you while you are sucking on his mom’s big toe. Sexting is great fun, but like everything in life, it must be in moderation and properly otherwise you could end up with your foot in your mouth, literally!




Sharing Sexting Pics

sharing sexting pics

Why do people enjoy sharing sexting pics?

Did you know that if you are under 18 sharing nude sexting pics can be considered child pornography? Yes, it is true, parents beware, if your kids are sharing nude images via sexting with friends or partners, they are committing a serious crime that could get them into deep trouble with the law. Adults, however, are free to do as they choose so long as they are sharing images of themselves or of other people (over 18)who have given them the consent to do so.


That being said, there are also copyright issues that need to be addressed with regards to sexting. Simply put,  it is safer to only share images of yourself so you can never be charged with this crime.


Everyone wants to be treated special and made to feel sexy.  Sharing images this way offers instant gratification and helps build a person’s confidence when people like it or make comments.


Humans are somewhat narcissistic by nature, we love to be loved and sharing sexting pics is a great way to meet new people.


Gone are the days of blind dates, at least now people have a means in which to see what a potential mate looks like before agreeing to meet with them.


Sharing sexting pics is safe for the most part, however, you should make sure that you can trust the other person you are sending your images to because you would not want to see a nude picture of yourself on the front page of some sleazy online website or worse a revenge porn type website after your relationship goes sour.


Like anything in life, use caution, use common sense and sharing pics is as fun and as simple as click and send.


Want sexy pictures of hot models, fetish girls or alternative tattoo junkies?  Look no further, tap on the link above and connect now!


Sexy Quotes

Sext Messages

sext messages

Sext Messages offers busy couples a way to connect!

I heard the familiar sound of the beep emanating from my phone while tucked in my bed watching a movie late one evening. My husband often texts me before leaving from work to advise me that he is on his way home just so I do not worry.


Working evenings as a professional cleaner, he arrives home after I have fallen fast asleep and we don’t get to see one another much during a work week. There was something different this particular evening in the text message that he sent me. It had a sort of “sexy” tone to it and feeling a little frisky I wanted to see if he was opening the door for a similar response, on a whim I wrote,”I will be waiting for you in bed with my friend.” My friend, of course, being my trusty sex toy.


Reading that one sext message sent my husband into an hour long dirty sexting frenzy that I am pretty sure he won’t soon forget.

I am certain it made him have to pull over on the highway on several occasions to avoid crashing. Thus began our love affair with phone sex and sexting and created a much-needed sexual outlet for us. Two busy professionals working different hours, we don’t often get a chance to connect and sexting offers us a way to set the mood with a little foreplay so we can find the time to connect even if for a few moments late at night.


Needless to say, that evening when my husband arrived home we had some of the most passionate and intimate sex that we have had in years. It reignited our fire and created something within us that neither of us wants to let go of. Sexting has since become a vital part of our regular sexual routines. I use the word routine loosely as ours sex like if anything but routine. We like to mix it up quite a bit, sexting only seemed like a natural progression.


For those of you who have never tried using sext messages or sexting to liven up your relationship, you really should give it a shot. It just may enhance your sex life like it did ours. At the very least it will offer you an outlet for some of your own desires, fetishes or fantasies. Doing it with a professional chat host is the best way to start because they can show you the ropes and get you comfortable with the logistics of it, things like key terms and phrases.


Flirting with your partner ignites the passion in your relationship and can actually remind you of the reasons that you fell for the person in the first place. Not to mention texting with a stranger has a kind of voyeuristic appeal to it, if you are into that.


Didn’t you exchange dirty messages or talk on the phone during the time that you were dating? Sexting is another way to do just that, however, it is slightly more risque.  Who can resist that?


Sexy Quotes on Arousr.com

Sexting Pics


Sexy Quotes on Arousr.com


My topic tonight will definitely be different from most days because recently I touched on so many different sex-related issues that I wanted to spruce things up a little bit to get your juices flowing just a little. I have spoken a great deal about the positive aspects of sexting issues while trying to keep things real. It is really hard to be completely honest and offer up all my sexting tips without sounding trashy. I will leave the trash talk for phone sex with my partners! (wink)


I am not sure that you may have noticed throughout my blogs, that I try to remind everyone that I am speaking to both genders, even if I keep referring to men. Women sometimes act the very same when it comes to phone sex because it is a very discreet form of sexual expressions.


“Sexting pics helps when Getting it On!”


 “Why do people sometimes find the need to cheat or seek sexual gratification elsewhere?” Is it because we fall out of love or lose interest in each other? Not always, sometimes it is just a matter of nature itself.  It means your partner may have a fetish that he or she needs to explore in order to be satisfied.  Yes, it is true! Some people actually have a fetish about wanting to see, chat and have sex with other people.


How does someone who is married deal with this if their spouse is not willing to try cuckolding or roleplaying in order to satisfy their own needs?  Unfortunately, many will have to resort to cheating and/or exploring behind the person’s back.


Do you want your mate to fantasize and have sex with someone else in order to have SEX instead of participating with you? No, so why is sharing a difficult thing for many people?  Jealousy, and a lack of trust! Simple as that!  Some people simply do not have enough trust in their partners to feel comfortable enough to share this type of experience. It is not a very good way to deal with the issue as it will most likely end in disaster.


Sexting has become the new way to cheat because for some reason some people seem to be ok with it because they never actually meet the person in real life.  In some ways this is true, however, anything you do behind a partner’s back will result in hurting them if they find out.  Crime only pays when you don’t get caught!


Professional sexting alleviates the problem of cheating because many partners will feel much better about allowing partners to explore their fantasies and fetishes with professionals because there is little chance that sexual encounters will be carried out in the real world.


For this reason, sexting is gaining popularity.  It allows partners to help one another explore things they never thought possible before simply because of the discretionary aspect of it.


Want to sext?  Want to try sharing sexting pics  What is stopping you?  Nothing, if you are honest and open enough about it.  Who knows, your spouse might even enjoy it.