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Want to sext?  You are in the right place!  We have free sexting trials, hot women and a variety of sexting buddies.  Want to sext?  So do we!

Sexting with Strangers

sexting with strangers

Shocking Ways Sexting with Strangers Will Make You a Better Person


If you have heard about the new craze of sexting, then you may have heard negative things. When you consider the absolute amount of technology with being able to flirt (and more), it isn’t so bad. People need to have an outlet. They should be able to pursue the things that make them happy.


Consider the following reasons why flirty texting (aka sexting with strangers)is positive.


Leave It Up to Your Imagination

On the one hand, it’s nice to have everything under the sun in the form of provocative pornography. The technology behind internet videos and pictures means you can get adult content  anywhere. Have you ever considered the fact that everything you see is just forced in front of you? By being able to sext with someone else, you are creating the content as you go!


Sometimes less is more if you leave it to your imagination.


Can Be Suggestive and Push the Envelope

It may be more difficult to flat out be blunt and suggest certain things face to face or on a date. When it comes to sexting with a stranger, you have the ability to suggest whatever you would like. Pushing the envelope is part of the fun with sexting. The person on the other end of the call may just surprise you back.

Sexting With a Stranger


Time to Think

Part of the fun with sexting is that you have time to wait. Even if you don’t like to do so, you must sit back and wait for a response. Patience is a virtue.  Time to respond also gives you time to create some good conversation.


Something to Look Forward to

The key to looking forward to something is that you are just like a kid on Christmas. Excitement takes over and builds anticipation. Knowing someone is sending messages to you is an exciting achievement in and of itself.


Generally Enjoyable and Harmless

If both parties agree and consent to the fun it is enjoyable. Its’s about going down an exciting path together where the one thing you can count on is privacy. Everything else is icing on the cake.


When sexting back and forth with a stranger, you know neither party will get their feelings hurt.  It is a non-personal connection between two adults.  Friends with benefits if you will.


When you think about the different types of trouble you could get into with sexual fetishes, you have a far better option with sexting. Not only is it fun and engaging, but you never know just what you are going to get once you get started.

Enjoy sexting?


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How to find (and keep!) Sexting Buddies


Sexting Etiquette

As anyone who’s done it knows, there’s no other social situation quite like sexting. It’s not quite the same as a hook-up, but it’s also not a casual chat either. There are issues of consent involved as well, which makes things even more complicated. Daunted? Don’t be – just keep these simple tips in mind.

Be Body-Positive

Not all sexting involves pictures or video, but when it does, things can get awkward very quickly. You may not have any idea what the other person looks like at first. Or, put on the spot when they suddenly send you a sexy photo and you realize you don’t find them attractive. Something is too big, too small, too hairy, too jiggly, too strangely shaped – but whatever the reason for this, you should try to show as little of that negative reaction as possible to your partner. It’s okay to just end the encounter if you really don’t have any interest left, but even though they’ll probably guess what happened, don’t point it out. Treat them as you would want to be treated in that situation.

Respect Your Partner’s Time

Don’t let the fact that your partner is behind a screen make you forget that they’re a real person with a life and concerns of their own. Just because your sexting date didn’t involve travelling to a physical location doesn’t mean it isn’t rude to be noticeably late or to cancel abruptly. On the same note, try not to let the session run too long unless it’s clear that that’s what you both really want. Few people have the spare time to go on sexting indefinitely, and you can always set up another session for when you’re both free again.

Ask Permission to Take Keepsakes

It’s obviously fine to enjoy whatever pictures and messages you get while you’re in the middle of a sexting session, but if you plan on saving them for later, you should ask your partner first. If they say no, it’s absolutely vital that you respect that and let those logs and photos go, no matter how much you might want to keep them. Doing otherwise (or keeping them without ever asking regardless) is a serious breach of trust that will not be appreciated by your partner if they ever find out, and in some circumstances could get you in trouble with the law. Don’t take that chance.

Be Willing to Go Above and Beyond

Being a good sexting partner means matching or exceeding the other person’s engagement level. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re truly uncomfortable with, but try your best to accommodate any requests your partner makes. If they want to try something a little off-beat, indulge them. If they want something a little elaborate (thing scripts and costumes), try and make it happen. This extra effort won’t go unnoticed, and they’ll probably go out of their way to please you in return.


Love xxx – Mary Joe


Want To Sext?

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I want to sext

i want to sext


I want to sext, chat or have sex with your best friend’s mom is what many refer to as a MILF fetish. MILF translates into “Mother I would like to F*ck,”  regardless if it is a best friend’s mom or not. It usually refers to an older woman or what is termed as “cougar,” by some.  Believe it or not, Milf sexting is one of the most popular fantasies that our chat hosts explore with clients. There is something extremely hot about a young stud wanting to have sex with an older woman that just gets everyone’s juices flowing. However, the best friend thing is a touchy subject because no one really wants to imagine their BFF getting it on with mom in the backroom.


For some people, this is just not cool and could be a potential friendship deal breaker.


Then there was sexting!


Sexting came along and changed the rules of taboo sex because it’s discrete and non-physical. The jury is still out if they consider sex texting or phone sex is cheating or not, so, at least for now the concept of sexting is justifiable for exploring fetishes.


Is it wrong to say I want to sext with a best friend’s mom?  Of course not, but should you do it?  That is another question entirely.


In dealing with things in life, the best course of action you should follow is common sense.  If you would be upset about it, then you probably should not do it. However, if you really cannot stop yourself from wanting to have sex with your BFF’s mom then sexting is probably the best way to go about doing so. It is less likely that Dad or Junior will walk in on you while you are sucking on his mom’s big toe. Sexting is great fun, but like everything in life, it must be in moderation and properly otherwise you could end up with your foot in your mouth, literally!




sexy quotes

Want to sext girls?

want to sext girls

Want to sext girls? Of course, that is the question, otherwise,  you would not be here. Sexting girls is pretty easy, but keeping them interested and focused on you is another.


This guy seems to have what it takes to sext girls, do you?


  • Him: hi
  • Her: Hey babe what’s up 🙂
  • Him: not much u?
  • Her: Same bored and kinda drunk to be honest lol
  • Him: maybe we can change that?
  • Her: Cool, you have me interested! how old are u
  • Him: I’m 40
  • Her: Omg I love older men. Is it ok that I’m 22?
  • Him: yes. why do u like older men?
  • Her: I have a fantasy about them where I become their dirty little whore
  • Her: Are u married?

Now there is the shocker, isn’t it?

  • Her: I bet she would be jealous if she knew I was swallowing your cock whole…
  • Him: I’m sure she would be too. I’ve never been deep throated
  • Her: Are you serious?? Omg, it’s my favorite thing in the world to do…
  • Her: I’d love to get on my knees in front of you and beg you to fuck my face
  • Him: omg I wish
  • Her: I’m offering it…
  • Him: you would suck my cock without knowing me
  • Her: I know you well enough. I’m so turned on by your age and the fact that you want me
  • Him: I’d face fuck u then cover u in jizz
  • Her: Mmmm would you push your cock way down my throat for me?
  • Him: holding back of your head
  • Her: Pushing it down until I can’t breathe and my eyes are watering
  • Her: You’re so amazing
  • Him: wish I could see
  • Her: What would u like to see? 😉
  • Him: cock in your mouth
  • Her: Something like this…
  • Him: omg yes
  • Her: and my Young, tight, pink pussy…
  • Him: love it!
  • Her: You like it baby?
  • Her: Your cock belongs inside it…
  • Him: damn!
  • Her: I’ll take that to mean you like my tiny pussy? 😉
  • Him: it’s fucking beautiful!
  • Her: After I deep throat your cock I want you to cum in my pussy!
  • Him: I am so cumming right now!


Sext Girls

I Want to Sext with Girls!

sext with girls

I Want to Sext With Girls, let me count the ways!

What started as a few flirty words to a stranger one day turned out to be the beginning of a lifelong career in the adult industry for me.

It was during this ten-minute exchange that I realized I probably had a fetish for “teasing and denial,” but since I was young and naive, I would have never admitted it. In fact, I probably would have downright denied and kicked and screamed at the slightest insinuation that I was even aroused by the thought of such “demonic” things.

My catholic upbringing did not warrant such pleasures to women. I was taught to simply close my eyes and let my husband have his way with me. While that may sound kinky by today’s standard, it was anything but, my own sexual gratification was not part of that equation.

Things have changed since those days and it is getting better.  Most women above forty are still missing out on self-sexual gratifications because of inhibitions drilled into them at a very young age.

Younger women are just beginning to accept and understand how important sex is to them. As a result, they are exploring different options and trying new things. Part of this enlightenment came from a generation that is considerably more liberal about things such as homosexuality, and the other part is most likely the result of worldwide feminist views and an increase in social networking.

Social media has provided the world with one valuable thing, an opening of the collective mind. It has taught us tolerance, acceptance, and the value of humanity and sexuality.  Of course, we still have a long way to go.

The good news is that most us are out of the starting gate and heading down the raceway to a new world of self-discovery.  I myself am way ahead of the pack when it comes to this because I work in the industry and have seen the flip side of the coin.

In the past few years since I have been working as a marketer for the adult industry, I  have learned a great deal about my own sexual preferences and desires. I came to accept things about myself that I did not know existed and did not want to admit they even did but have since come to realize that it is part of who I am and if I am going to learn to accept and love anyone else, I need to learn to accept and love myself first.  Part of loving yourself is recognizing that you have needs both emotionally and physically.

This realization allows me for the first time in my life, to enjoy sex the way I always should have. My husband is mutually benefitting from this. It is definitely a win, win situation!

When you get down to the bones of it, part of my job is to “flirt and tease” in a professional manner with clients in an attempt to win them over. It is part of marketing and whether you want to believe it or not, sex makes up a great deal of it, because sex sells.  This constant flirting made me realized that I enjoy and might have a “fetish” for this type of mind stimulation or ‘titillation” associated with sex.  To prove it, I took it to the next level and decided to try sexting.

Oh how I want to sext with girls, let me count the ways.  I kissed a girl and I like it! All of these familiar phrases are the best way that I can describe the feelings that I had to you about this experience.

What I know now that I did not know then was the only thing stopping me from enjoying sex was me. I felt a sense of shame. I began to believe that I shouldn’t enjoy sex and that it was wrong.  In a recent argument with a friend who scolded me for posting a rather innocent but sexy image on Facebook, I realized that women are not objectified by pornography but rather by other women who shame them for expressing themselves in this manner.

It is not for us to judge, but rather to support women in achieving their own sexuality.  It is then that we will truly be equal with men.  Sex is the only thing that still exists between us that is different.  We need to change this if we want to seriously become a HUMAN of earth.