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Who wants to sext?

who wants to sext

3 Things I learned about Anyone who wants to Sext from my daughter.


Communicating with a mate via texting or sexting is something that I am totally new at. It is almost laughable that my seventeen-year-old daughter knows more about the subject than her mother. If I ever actually discovered my daughter in the middle of a phone sex conversation, I would take away her cell phone privileges until she turned 40.


I know my daughter is no saint and that she and her friends are really into texting and discuss it constantly, but we have an agreement that as long as she is under this roof we play by my rules. For now, it is just me who is allowed to admit experimenting with this new form of “online dating”, however, I did ask her for advice so I cannot blame her.


Who wants to sext?  Apparently, everybody!


Here is what I learned about sexting from my daughter.


  • 1. Make Sure You Have the Right Number


My daughter suggested sending a sexy text to my date and without blinking an eye I sent it.  A few minutes later, I realized that the message was sent to my Boss. My very uptight Boss who immediately sent back a message wondering what the heck was wrong with me. Truth be told this was followed quickly with a message saying he didn’t realize that I felt that way and perhaps we should discuss it over dinner. Awkward!


Fact: You should always check that number before hitting send twice or learn to think fast on your feet like I did.


I came back with, “I needed your approval on something. Got your attention didn’t I?” Saved by a joke.


  • 2. Keep Them Guessing


You can’t let a person know that you really like them too soon. You have to keep them guessing. Tease with your words and leave them looking for more. Then, ignore all texts for a few days.


While it sounds kind of manipulative, it actually works!


One thing my daughter did help me a great deal with was realizing that if someone doesn’t text you back right away they are probably either doing the same thing to you or they are simply busy. There is no need to panic! This was a hard lesson to learn, I admit, I started to think he didn’t like me. Confidence here is key.


  • 3. Don’t Over Text


This is something I learned from the younger crowd, i.e my daughter’s friends who couldn’t wait to join in on the discussion and offer their own secrets.


Don’t send long text messages. People get bored easily. Remember, most people have really short attention spans. They are not going to get all that excited about really long text messages.


There you have it, the only advice that I will ever consider taking from my daughter and her friends about this subject ever again!


Who wants to sext? I do!