Having Sex on Your Period Has Some Benefits

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Gentlemen, you know that time of the month where the sex stops. A lot of women make their vagina off-limits during their period week and their partner usually doesn’t have a problem with it because of the mess if period sex. Period sex can be messy and period stains won’t compliment your new white satin sheets. The mess isn’t the only barrier blocking sex during this complicated week. A woman is usually at her least horny during her period week because of bloating and cramps. But try sexting to turn her on!

But you may be missing out on some of the pleasures and benefits of having sex while on your period. It can help the woman feel sexy during her worst moments of bloating and cramps. Nothing like a little period sex to make your woman feel like she is wanted even at her worst. Sex also can help with menstrual cramps, if you get your partner off. During an orgasm, your pelvic muscles contract and release, which helps with the pain and cramps during the menstrual cycle.

Not only does period sex help with the pains of menstruation it also is just a great time in general to have sex. During your period there is more lubrication down there and women have said the sex is better than usual while on their period. It’s also a good excuse to have shower sex because it’s less messy. Another benefit of period sex is the woman’s sex drive is higher because they are more sexually aroused and the hormones and blood flow are full affect.

Just like our sext lines are never closed, sex shouldn’t close down just because of a little blood. If one of the sexters maybe says it’s that time of the month for her that shouldn’t automatically make you feel squeamish. Period sex can actually be a great time for both, more lubrication for the man and you can fuck her menstrual pain away, so try sexting!