Venus Butterfly

Venus butterfly

If you see or hear the words “venus butterfly” on our phone chat lines it doesn’t mean the person you are talking to is a florist or their favorite hobby is gardening. Actually, a venus butterfly is a pretty kinky sex toy and sex move so we highly doubt you’re talking to a housewife with a Pinterest wall full of gardening pictures. Venus butterfly refers to a sex act that involves both eating out a vagina and fingering it simultaneously. Some say it’s actually part of tantra’s sex practices because of the slow, intimate practice of the sex act.

The venus butterfly is also a type of external vibrator that fits over the vulva and clitoris. It’s meant to be hands-free, and is attached by two elastic straps that fit over the legs. While talking to your lover passionately on the phone to get her juices flowing, tell her you wish you were there to “honor” her, which is what oral sex is called in Tantra. With the venus butterfly you would slowly tease her in-between her thighs as you head towards her vagina with your mouth wide open.

Pull back the clitoral hood and start to stimulate her clit with short and long strokes with your tongue while fingering her until she reaches a 10 on the pleasure scale. The venus butterfly technique takes a lot of concentration and coordination to be fully effective and get your girl coming like Old Faithful. Jump on our phone lines now if you’re looking to capture your venus butterfly today, our texting lines are filled with well experienced exquisite honeys. Maybe you’ll be lucky and meet someone on our phone sex lines with an external venus butterfly vibrator. That would be sure to get your rocks off instantly. The one-on-one live sexting chat is an intimate experience with just you and the text friend, maybe an extra buzzing friend if she is a freak.