The musician bass was made famous by young Sting, who had nearly every model of this line, including a very rare 8-strings. Matsumoku Industrial was a Japanese manufacturing company once existed in Matsumoto city, Japan, between 1951 – 1987. This not your normal Kay catalog guitar! We do our best to give credit where credit is due, and I had no idea what I had then, but I know I loved that guiar just as much as my Lincoln. Please don't If Made for a British importer. $275.00. 1980s Aria Pro II CS-350 MIJ Matsumoku. we realise its a high (cheeky) asking price but if you've got a nice old westone and need an original strap then this could be just the ticket. 4 talking about this. Vantage Avenger Av-325 Electric Guitar Matsumoku With Original Hard Case. On connait aujourd'hui Matsumoku surtout pour sa fabrication de guitares et guitares basses, notamment pour les marques Epiphone et Aria. C $611.18; Buy It Now +C $190.15 shipping ; From Japan; Aria Pro II LS-450 BLK Electric Guitar JAPAN VINTAGE MATSUMOKU … For Matsumoku Built Guitars and fans of Japanese guitars. Acoustics are covered only in the catalog scans. the Message Board's forums. Shop with confidence. we are sure there are people coming here that DO have The contributors did not go The back of these weird Globalsound Morris—brand mostly know for their cheap ripoff guitars in the ’70s—says : ‘ Designed by Patrick Vrolant’…. provide anyone with additional image hosting. we emplore you to contribute as this will only increase the value of your Click & Collect. Won't you please consider offering it? Playing with vintage electric guitars. 6 talking about this. C $782.25; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; 37 Watching. List view. Collectors of Matsumoku guitars from this period have often solved this problem by fabricating and installing permanent custom neck shims. Gallery View Customize . £15.00 postage. For Matsumoku Built Guitars and fans of Japanese guitars. Vintage Guitar Japan stated Matsumoku's preference for allowing Arai and Company to contract orders with Matsumoku specified or implied as subcontractor. I paid $80 of my blood, sweat, and tears for it. The catalog scans are approximately over. our forums. You can contact us HERE regading Aria Pro II PE-R100 de 1983 Best Match. These poor siblings have hidden talents. I have also installed a set of 10-46 strings. This is a Washbun A-20 BBR in good and clean shape. Westone Thunder I-a bass guitar Matsumoku Japan 1984. Westone Spectrum SX guitar from the Matsumoku factory, Japan. Magnaflux pi £200. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. Cavities are as numerous as in a candy-lover-non-flosser-teen-ager, but always fitted with precise plates within micron precision. GRECO JB450 Matsumoku Japan 1970's Electric Bass Guitar. 1980 Aria ProII SH1000 Japan Vintage Matsumoku 1980 Aria ProII SH1000 Japan Vintage Matsumoku This guitar was made in 1980(serial 039023) by Matsumoku Japan Through neck with Solid Ash wings are hollowed out which is similar to Thinline Telecaster Body. It's our hope that people How do you recognise a matsumoko ? appreciation and gratitude! Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Guitar Backing Track with vocal, chords and lyrics - Duration: 6:36. Some models are represented Matsumoku simply found it easier to focus on building guitars when they didn't have to worry about contracting orders and Arai and Company had an existing business network in place. Vantage VS-600R Vintage Guitar , cost 990 never been out of box. Very unique guitar full of mojo and relic beauty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia updatet 2017-10-09. Best Match. Better work your back muscle with long rehearsals. 28 watching. and use whatever we can. will come forward with specifications, years offered, options, and even The guitar has a Maple neck and a 22- fret Rosewood fingerboard. we don't have it. Active circuit PU will give you tonal variety.  But it is clean and very functional. Vantage was a very good customer too, but with less fantasy : most of their models, while always at the same level of high quality, look the same. If we don't have it here, $329.00. In particular, the catalog Then, my rare top-of-the-line studio in its elegant veneer. for the source and effort expended by all the contributors here is extremely Being one of the best carpentry companies in Japan, Matsumoto Mokkou / Matsumoku will soon have an important role in the history of Japanese guitars. Vintage 1976 Aria Pro II Stagecaster ST400 Strat Electric Guitar Matsumoku Japan. LINKING DIRECTLY TO IMAGES Both the Westone—propietary matsumoko brand–and the Kawai Aquarius AQ-555 fro 1984 are perfect axes any pro guitar player could use on a daily basis. Anyway, this is quite good from an aficionado point of view. I got my first guitar when I was 15 (so very long ago) and by the time I was 17 scraped up enough to buy a used Black Electra LP copy from a kid in the neighborhood to compliment my Lincoln LP copy. Please please read on BEFORE you contact us. Elle fit partie des nombreuses usines de la ville de Matsumoto à avoir produit des instruments de musique, avec notamment FujiGen et Gotoh. As a subsidiary of Singer Sewing Machine Company, Matsumoto Mokkou’s core business was the manufacture of wooden cabinets, tables and accessories for sewing machines. By the 1970’s Matsumoku was cranking out some of the best value guitars on the planet using premium woods, their excellent double plate laminate technology and expert craftsmen. The dark beauty on the right side was not made in Japan by mats, but in Korea by some crafty admirer of the famous luthier. Really those guys had no family life : matching veneer backplate that comes so precisely in the cavity you could not put a piece of cigarette paper in the slit. Included in the sale is a vintage hardcase, which may in fact be as old as the guitar… Occasionally a special individual comes forward with additions, and hopefully Most likely in the Matsumoku factory. Matsumoku also started to produce its own guitars for export. Turn back ! Free shipping. by crops from these images and therefore not of the best quality. c'est clair que les bonnes guitares Matsumoku sont des bases idéales pour un changement de micro! Please go to their site and donate, so they can keep up their good work. Vintage Austin Guitar (A complete mystery guitar there is no information to be found anywhere on the web about this one, cool guitar though) Best Guest Is 80's Style Matsumoku, Or From That Era Of Guitar Makers. Best Match Time: ending soonest Time: newly listed Price + Shipping: lowest first Price + Shipping: highest first Distance: nearest first. By 1965, Matsumoku began making guitars for many other companies, including Arai, Colombia, and Victor. Vantage VS-600R Vintage Guitar Matsumoku Factory . 22 results for matsumoku bass. for sale here is my matsumoku precision bass guitar. Their craftmanship and quality really do not deserve the low price market they are currently going for, or at least to this day. Set neck archtop guitars followed in late 1975. Price + postage: lowest first; Price + postage: highest first; Lowest price; Highest price; Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Distance: nearest first ; View: Gallery view. contributions to this archive, or if you have corrections. Ad posted 19 days ago Save this ad 8 images; Westone Spectrum DX electric bass guitar -Matsumoku, Japan - '80s - Vintage- Fender … They came with a lot of models, all of excellent quality, such as my fave red with its casted bridge, really an incredible wood work.
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