but really it's your choice. Cats are solitary and highly territorial creatures that often require weeks or months to adjust to changes in their environment and lifestyle. Learn how to help your cats get along. Dogs don’t always teach each other the right things. Give him the security of his usual routine and his own special time with you. Talk about stressful! Our third Ragdoll was another male who immediately bonded with our first male, leaving our female alone, poor thing. If your current cat is female, introducing another female may be problematic, even if they are both spayed. A male dog will have fewer issues with a new female dog, and vice versa. Cats are cats, male or female, if they’re spayed and neutered. They will get frustrated with a senior cat who prefers napping to playing. The revved-up kitten’s attempts at playful curiosity may end up being too stressful to the senior cat. Cats are territorial, and your cat may resent an adult feline intruder. I always tell my clients to be fairly certain they … All rights reserved. They can also be more aggressive over territory and get into more cat fights as a result. Female? Keep in mind that “success” doesn’t necessarily mean your cats will be best buddies. I’m getting a lab puppy and having trouble deciding if I should get a male or a female. Male or Female? Some cats become bonded to one another while others spend the rest of their lives avoiding and hissing at each other. Male cats are often significantly larger than female cats. At the end of the day, no "yes" or "no" answer is in place for whether two male cats will get along better than two female cats. |. Selecting your second cat. They are also a little larger than female cats. Another benefit of two cats is that they are sometimes cleaner than a cat living by itself. Introducing the Cats Keep cats separate at first. Both types of cat pay a lot of attention to status, but they go about it differently. There are exceptions, of course. Both cats need safe areas to decompress during this life-changing event — and it is a life-changing event. But if you want a calico cat, you pretty much have to get a female. Prefer to adopt an adult cat? When we asked our vet about what to get next, she said male, because females are “catty”. If your male cat is good with other cats then i think its fine to get another. Before you get another cat, think about the personality of the cat or cats you already have. This process takes time: count on 2-4 weeks if integrating a kitten and an adult, and 4-6 weeks (or longer) if integrating two adults. A very timid, shy cat would not do well with a very assertive cat. It all comes down to whether the personalities will mesh or compete. Obviously, we want them both to get along. Female cats tend to be more reserved than males but are far less likely to spray. Age and temperament are the most important factors. Site swapping: This is where each cat gets to explore the other’s territory without ever laying eyes on each other. Males roam further afield looking for a mate. Try not to let your cats even come into contact on … We have a male dog and are planning on adopting a new puppy. Better to have 2 female cats or 1 male and 1 female . First Male + Second Female 3. A male and female dog can live in harmony because they don’t have to compete over a position at the top of the totem pole. The boisterous young cat been living with 3 adult females — Cricket, Kilah and Tikvah — and none of them had the slightest interest in playing with him. Is she out-going? © 2020 Animal Humane Society. Intact male cats “spray” to mark their territory and “howl” for females (this is usually not a problem if you get him neutered). Not only did my male cat “accept” this male kitten, but they becam… I just spoke to a vet at SF SPCA yesterday, who said that statistically, they have success rates with second cats in the following order (assuming neutered cats) : 1. But sometimes if you bring another cat at home you must introduce them to each other slowly. If you have followed the introduction process and do not see any improvement after a month’s time — especially if one cat is terrorizing or injuring the other — long-term success may be unrealistic. While both male and female cats spray, males tend to do so more often than females. Cats that are introduced too quickly and fight may never learn to coexist peacefully. In some ways male and female cats follow the same stereotype as male and female humans. My first female Ragdoll was an only cat for a while and was very social with us. “It’s the same with cats.” However, there are always exceptions. Inter-male aggression. Introducing your new cat to your resident cat. Assertive? Pam Johnson-Bennett is the best-selling author of 8 books on cat behavior. Thinking About Adding a Second Cat to the Family? So getting it right can be important, especially if this is your first cat. Choose a cat with a complementary personality. Cats will groom each other’s ears and coat, often getting at places the cat … If you choose another take-no-prisoners type of cat then you’ll probably end up with lots of nose-to-nose confrontations as each cat tries take charge. For that reason, first impressions are extremely important when meeting other household pets. Your resident cat doesn’t understand why he no longer has the entire territory to himself and the newcomer must get to know an unfamiliar territory, unfamiliar humans AND an unfamiliar cat. We got a male, and they became close. Age and temperament are the most important factors. It is a fact that a female dog is smaller in size and tends to reach maturity faster than the male dog. A cat close in age to your resident cat may be a better match than one that’s much younger or much older. Diana L. Guerrero author of Resources for Crisis Management for Animal Care Facilities, says the decision to add a new cat should be based on your present cat's personality and its predisposition toward other animals. Females are generally worse at getting along with another female cat. Two cats might still wake the owner by tearing around the home, but at least the owner isn’t getting up out of bed to entertain the cat. I have never followed that theory and in all my years of doing professional behavior consulting, making good personality and temperament matches have been far more important than whether the cat is male or female. Adult female cats make great mothers and they can use their ... Three Things You Should Know Before Taking in a Second Cat. An active and assertive cat may overwhelm quieter and more timid cats, making introductions difficult. I prefer getting a female cat if I already have a male cat! You may find that two queens get along famously and are inseparable -- aww. Trying to socialize stray cats that border on feral presents a serious health risk to resident dogs, even friendly ones. Think about your resident cat’s personality in general. This is also an opportunity for key signposts—like cat trees, litter boxes, etc.—to take on a shared scent. Zorro was just what Dervish needed. However, once you’ve proven your worth, they too can be very affectionate. Hopefully, these tips will help with that decision. Thinking of adopting a second cat? She starred in the Animal Planet UK series Psycho Kitty, and is one of the most popular and sought-after cat behavior experts in the world. Tom cats (intact male) also have the reputation for being friendlier to humans than a female cat … With few exceptions, though, wild and domestic cats lead mostly solitary lives. In general, when it comes to deciding whether you should get a male or female, opposites tend to work best. BUY CAT VS CAT This is more common among unneutered cats. Holiday gift ideas for the cat lovers on your list. An easy-going cat may accept most other cats, while a timid and shy cat may be reluctant to accept another cat, depending on the new cat’s personality. Dervish, our “big orange-and-white guy,” was about a year old when we were waylaid by the stray kitten with the Abyssinian-looking face and mottling. Create elevated locations for cats who want to engage and also for those who don't. In the before-time, when your tom cat was an only-kitty and king of his castle, the entire house was his territory. However, to date, the evidence is inconclusive as to whether the gender of the cat has an influence over its ability to get along with other cats when the cats are neutered. Though cats can be very social, they are also territorial and may initially bristle at a new feline’s presence. Thinkstock. A long, long time ago, I saw a similar scenario play out between the first Dervish and his “little buddy,” Zorro. A female cat is more likely to be passive-aggressive. As for age, select either a cat of the same age with similar activity levels, or just take the plunge and get an itty bitty kitty. But if I get a male, will I wish I had gotten a female… In unowned, free-ranging cats, groups of cats tend to comprise related females and their offspring. by DANNA (ANTIOCH, TN) is it better to have 2 females, or one male and one female in a house hold. “We don’t do well if somebody just comes into our house and takes over,” Krieger says. If your adult resident cat is playful, healthy, sociable and energetic, then a kitten might be a good choice. Well, there’s no way to guarantee the choice you make will result in a harmonious household, but I do have a few tips to help you hopefully increase your chances of a successful match. Here are some tips that can increase your chances for establishing a peaceful multi-cat home. If your elderly cat is ill, has limited mobility or is impaired in any way then it’s not a good idea to add a second cat at all. Just be sure the kitten you choose is old enough to go through the introduction and isn’t put in a dangerous situation. Cats are territorial, and your cat may resent an adult feline intruder. Those differences in personality can have a profound effect on how two cats may get along. Before you decide to add a second cat to your family, ask yourself if your cat really needs a friend — and if you are prepared to meet the needs of a multicat household. They may fight over a female, for … One who is out-going and friendly but not on either extremes of the personality chart. On the other hand, you also don’t want to choose a cat from the opposite end of the scale. Conversely, a senior cat may not appreciate a young cat or kitten disrupting her golden years. Males, or toms, can be friendlier than females. 1. If you’re thinking about adding to your cat family, you may be confused about whether that second kitty should be an adult or a kitten. Adult male cats may threaten, and sometimes fight with, other males. In these situations, when female cats go into heat in their first year of life, they’re often very vocal, very restless, and unusually affectionate. You know your dog the best, and you can tell by the way Rover acts around other dogs in the park if he is going to be happier with a male or female partner. Your Current Dog’s Gender. A word of caution if you have an elderly cat who is ill: I do not recommend bringing another cat int… Rehoming one of the cats or keeping them permanently separate may be necessary for everyone’s safety. If you are choosing a second dog for the family, should you get a male or female? Success depends largely on the personality of your present cat: if he’s easygoing and the new cat is also laid back, you may have little trouble if you introduce them slowly and correctly. If you're able to choose from a group of kittens, avoid a kitten that’s hissing, growling or engaged in serious battle with his mates. As for whether to get a male or female, many people have believed for years you should get a cat of the opposite sex. While following this protocol will maximize your chances of success, know that some cats simply never learn to coexist peacefully. Male? I prefer female but I had an amazing yellow lab female for 15 1/2 years. Entire cats . Female cats are often more cautious and may take longer to trust you. With a male and a female, the male can continue being the alpha, and the female can be the top female in the pack. After all, just like people, all felines are separate individuals with distinct temperaments. Is she a take-no-prisoners type of cat? Male cats are said to be more even-tempered and predictable than female cats and even more laid-back and relaxed than their female counterparts. While certain temperament differences may sometimes play a role, there’s no actual proven theory that says one is more affection or friendly than the other. The last thing your elderly cat needs is more stress. Don’t worry too much about the gender of the cats involved. Do males tend to get along better with other males, or would a female puppy be a better choice? Don’t worry too much about the gender of the cats involved. Adult cats will usually accept a new kitten much more easily than they will accept a new adult cat. Now, the behavior of a dog may depend on its training, but the sex of a dog can dictate its ability to learn from that training. If so, then look for a second cat who won’t compete with that personality. As for whether to get a male or female, many people have believed for years you should get a cat of the opposite sex. That's only if it hisses at them or growls. Realize that either of these scenarios might happen. I have never followed that theory and in all my years of doing professional behavior consulting, making good personality and temperament matches have been far more important than whether the cat is male or female. There are female cats who come into the shelter who are wonderful with other cats, and there are males who refuse to like other cats, so always ask a staff member or volunteer about a particular cat you’re interested in! Kittens have very little respect for territory and boundaries. For an elderly resident cat, don’t try to match her up with a kitten. The main differences only consistently apply when cats aren’t spayed or neutered. The decision of whether to get a male or a female puppy is entirely dependent on the preference of the owner-to-be. Male cats tend to be much larger than females. In this article we’ll look at popular reasons for getting a second dog, and how that might work out in practice. If your older cat is happy, comfortable and content, carefully think about whether the stress of having to adjust to life with another cat will really be of benefit or not. I’m not sure if getting another female will remind me too much of her or not. They can get along in groups, but given their druthers, they don’t seek out buddies. Female cats can sometimes be more territorial with each other than (neutered) male cats. If your cat goes outdoors at all, keep these these safety factors in mind. If both dogs have been neutered, there’s an even higher chance the two dogs will get along well. Answer from Kate Hi It is best to have one of each rather than two females or two males. Female cats can be just as territorial as males. Many male cats have a cuddly “lap cat” personality. Is the cat male or female? Your goal in facilitating introductions is to set the stage for the cats to peacefully share their living quarters, but understand you simply cannot “make” them like each other. We’ll also look at how your life will change with another dog in the family – good and bad – and at those situations where getting a second dog is not such a good plan. Remember that while gender can matter when adopting a second dog, temperament and characters are as equally important. Be sensitive to what a big change this is for your resident cat. Adult cats will usually accept a new kitten much more easily than they will accept a new adult cat. But once you bring in a second cat, male or female, the newcomer will want to stake a claim for some personal space, shrinking the borders of your first cat's kingdom. How can you be sure you’ll bring home a cat who will be a good match for your resident cat? Introducing a second cat into the home should be a careful, gradual process. Tips for Preventing Cat Behavior Problems during COVID-19 Isolation, Some Common Reasons Why Cats Stop Using the Litter Box, The “Must-Have” Checklist for Solving Your Cat’s Behavior Problem, Seven Things That Make Sense to Your Cat… But Not to You. … Young cats do better with a playmate close to their own age. In fact, it is often more difficult to introduce a second female cat or a second male dog to a household than it is a member of the other species. First Male + Second Male 2. For caring, compassionate advice and resources to address all your animal concerns.
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