Bekanntlich verfügt die Kommission über einen. Der Bürgerbeauftragte ist der Auffassung, dass der fünfte Vorwurf der Beschwerdeführerin (seit über einem Jahr. energizes you, giving you both the desire and the, Gott wirkt beides in euch, das Wollen und, In all these cases the German Customs have not been given the, Für alle diese Fälle fehlt es dem deutschen Zoll, an entsprechenden Ermächtigungsgrundlagen, in the territory of the host Contracting Party, By following spiritual law, he was inspired and given, Indem er ein geistiges Gesetz befolgte, wurde er inspiriert und, The free flow of information constrains official power and gives individuals the, Der freie Fluss von Informationen schränkt die offizielle Macht ein und gibt Einzelpersonen die. 4 (according to which her allegations as regards case 3 mentioned in her list of 16 September 2002 should be verified) and 5 (according to which the necessary conclusions should be drawn, i.e. internationally in research and technological development is based on Article 186 TFEU. (4) Die Verpflichtungen nach § 4 Abs. How to use empower in a sentence. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Auch in Bezug auf die Forcierung der Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung … The president may seek a 30-day extension if that's what's needed to withdraw troops. ließen und dies auch nicht notwendig sei. 2% of the electricity. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word power to act will help you to finish your crossword today. They shall have no independent power to act in the territory of the host Contracting Party. Beispiele sind: Schritte zur Veränderung des. (law: right to intervene) autoridad nf nombre femenino: Sustantivo de género exclusivamente femenino, que lleva los artículos la o una en singular, y las o unas en plural. 5 (notwendige Folgeaktionen, d. h. Beendigung der rechtswidrigen Situation im ITU) mit diesem Hauptvorwurf in unmittelbarem Zusammenhang stehen und auf ihm aufbauen. Entsprechend dem BMWi-Instrumentengutachten ist im Bereich Industrieanwendung bereits heute zum Erreichen von Skaleneffekten eine, zusätzliche Flankierung der Markteinführung über. Cookies help us deliver our services. . Kids Definition of power. 4 (Verifizierung ihrer Behauptung zu Fall 3 in ihrer Liste vom 16.9.2002) und Nr. jw2019. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Sollte nicht mit orangener Vokabel zusammengefasst werden. 62 of 1958 as amended, taking into account amendments up to Migration Amendment (Repairing Medical Transfers) Act 2019: An Act relating to the entry into, and presence in, Australia of aliens, and the departure or deportation from Australia of aliens and certain other persons commission) den Wassergesetzen der staaten. Many translated example sentences containing "have a power to act" – English-Dutch dictionary and search engine for English translations. solcher Anlagen eine anhaltende Belebung. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In adopting a comprehensive approach, we take into account the general civil law (e.g. durch den für die nahe Zukunft geplanten CO2-Zertifikatshandel zu erwarten. The president is also required to report to Congress, in writing, within 48 hours of committing troops abroad. power to act n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. Commission) deferred to state water laws. 3 des Energiewirtschaftsgesetzes bleiben unberührt. if information is not forthcoming when requested or is false or materially misleading. From about the age of thirty, Jesus had a powerful three-year ministry on earth. It, in particular, has powers to act in emergencies. 6 de. section 12(3) of the Energy Industry Act shall remain unaffected. Als Schweden 2006 bekannt gab, seinen Energiebedarf bis zum Jahr 2020 ohne, fossile Brennstoffe decken zu wollen, und. EurLex-2. Acts 1:8 Parallel Verses [⇓ See commentary ⇓] Acts 1:8, NIV: "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.'" In dieser angelegenheit entschied der oberste, für widersprüchliche Kontrollen der staaten. with the authority of the Comte de la Fere. power to act . and of the Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung; EnEV); amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG); the Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector (EEWärmG); measures for facilitating the sale of biogas to the gas grid; expansion of the use of biofuels; the Act for acceleration of expansion of the high-voltage network (Gesetz zur Beschleunigung des Ausbaus des Höchstspannungsnetz); and conversion of motorvehicle taxation to an emissions / CO2 basis. The one authorized to act is the agent, attorney, or in some common law jurisdictions, the attorney-in-fact. Investitionskostenzuschuss sinnvoll und erforderlich. Nutzen Sie die weltweit besten KI-basierten Übersetzer für Ihre Texte, entwickelt von den Machern von Linguee. translation and definition "power to act", Dictionary English-English online. Verwenden Sie den DeepL Übersetzer, um Texte und Dokumente sofort zu übersetzen, is required to undertake a safety review of the plant. von Personen betrieben werde, die nicht über die notwendige Fachkenntnis und Zuverlässigkeit verfügen) sowie ihre Forderungen Nr. 2%. der 2008 an den Endverbraucher abgegebenen Elektrizität aus Windkraft stammen, ergibt sich folgendes Szenario: Zusätzlich zur bestehenden Kapazität müssten bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt 300 neue Windkraftanlagen mit einer Leistung von etwa 500 MW installiert sein. Falsche Übersetzung oder schlechte Qualität der Übersetzung. All these miraculous acts of the Holy Spirit are summed up in the single word δύναμις (dynamis) in Acts 1:8, meaning, "strength, ability, power" (Thayer). die Aussetzung der von ihr ausgestellten Zulassungen bzw. Neuanlagen und von Wärmenetzen fördert, dient diesem Ziel. Define power. In fact, in Rom 8:9 we find, You, however, are controlled not by the flesh, but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. is limited to the withdrawal/suspension of certificates/authorisations it has issued. . The Ombudsman considers that the complainant's fifth allegation (according to which for more than a, year, the Commission was in breach of the, Radiation Protection Order, given that ITU. How is emissions trading to be harmonised with other environmentally-motivated, policy measures in individual member states, such as, Wie wird der Emissionshandel mit anderen umweltpolitisch motivierten Maßnahmen in den einzelnen Mitgliedstaaten in, Its implementation in 2008 will require amendments to existing laws such as the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), the Combined Heat, Zur Umsetzung sollen u.a. eine Sicherheitsüberprüfung seiner Anlage vorzunehmen. Uppsala bei Stockholm mit einer Niederlassung an den Start zu gehen. der Kommission, auf der Grundlage von vorläufigen Ergebnissen zu, Notwithstanding paragraph 2, the supervisory authority shall have no, Unbeschadet des Absatzes 2 ist die Aufsichtsbehörde nicht. The War Powers Act itself requires U.S. forces to be withdrawn from foreign lands where they're involved in hostilities in 60 days unless Congress ratifies the deployment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. translation and definition "power to act", English-German Dictionary online. This changed in 1946 when, in First Iowa hydro-Electric Cooperative v. Federal Power Commission, the supreme, Court concluded that the detailed provisions, Dies änderte sich 1946 mit dem Fall First Iowa Hydro-Electric cooperative v. Federal Power commission. The powers in the Act are only intended to be used as a last resort i.e. The study "Wirtschaftsfaktor Windenergie" (Economic Factor Wind Power) aimed to establish the value added and the employment effects related to the utilization of wind power in Austria; another goal consisted in the assessment of the, impact that has to be expected from the implementation of the objectives, Ziel der Studie Wirtschaftsfaktor Windenergie" war die Ermittlung der bisher in Österreich durch Windkraft geschaffenen Arbeitsplatz- und Wertschöpfungseffekte, als auch eine Abschätzung der, On behalf of the responsible authorities we carry out evaluations of the planned manner of proceeding, from the final decommissioning of the plant and its dismantling all the way to its release from being subject to the At. Top synonym for power to act (another word for power to act) is capacity for action. (ley) in the Court of Justice for infringement of Article 171. Another major practice area of our work includes energy contracting, especially energy supply contracting and energy performance contracting. The Federal Power Act is a law appearing in Chapter 12 of Title 16 of the United States Code, entitled "Federal Regulation and Development of Power". aus im Hoheitsgebiet der aufnehmenden Vertragspartei, Jesus himself gave the assurance that he will be a world Ruler with the, Jesus selbst versicherte, dass er als Weltherrscher umfassende. Empower definition is - to give official authority or legal power to. power synonyms, power pronunciation, power translation, English dictionary definition of power. power to act. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit ; GlosbeMT_RnD. Derivative power, which is usually known, by the technical name of power, is an authority by which one person enables another to do an act for him. are recommended and necessary for achieving the effects of scale in the area of industrial application. ending the illegal situation within ITU) are directly linked to and dependent upon this main allegation. he has the power to act translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'atomic power',Black Power',braking power',flower power', examples, definition, conjugation The passage of the Enabling Act required Hitler to gain support from a quorum from a super-majority of the entire Reichstag; this process was made easier by … It gave Adolph Hitler complete and absolute power over Germany. means of wind power, i.e. Congress, meanwhile, is vested with the power “to declare war” and “raise and support armies.”These provisions were traditionally interpreted to mean that Congress had to approve American involvement in overseas wars. Federal Power Act. Hier führen wir im Auftrag der zuständigen Behörden Bewertungen der geplanten Vorgehensweisen von den endgültigen Außerbetriebnahmen der Anlagen über deren Rückbau bis hin zur Entlassung der Anlage aus dem Regelungsbereich des Atomgesetzes durch. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "to act with power" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Examples include: Amendment of the Act on the Preservation, Modernisation and Development, Act on Energy Saving (Energieeinsparungsgesetz). Should you wish to discuss these provisions in more detail, please reach out to one of the team below. POWER TO ACT 'POWER TO ACT' is a 10 letter phrase starting with P and ending with T Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for POWER TO ACT. permit, the so called nätkoncession, which must be sought in, Für die Netzanbindung ist ein eigenes Genehmigungsverfahren auf, Demand for gas generators for co-generation plants was alone in showing continued growth, due to KWKG ["Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungsgesetz": German, Lediglich die Nachfrage nach Gasmotoren für Blockheizkraftwerke. international in der Forschung und technologischen Entwicklung zu, Almost universal hostility greets any attempts to create a world authority with real, Doch jeder Versuch, eine Weltregierung mit echten, (6) The Government of Thuringia has given LEG Thüringen, (6) Die LEG Thüringen hat für mehrere Bereiche, Jehovah has given us his spirit, stimulating in us “the desire and the, Er gibt uns zwar seinen Geist, der in uns „das Wollen und das, Entscheidend sei jedenfalls, daß der Staat, God . Ziels mit Windenergie realisiert wird, also ca. Handlungsermächtigung { feminine } Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; GlosbeMT_RnD. Genehmigungen beschränkt. . us to open a branch in Uppsala near Stockholm. Giga-fren. Power definition, ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. In the U.S. Constitution, the power to make war is shared by the executive and legislative branches. We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. Usage: (a) power, authority, weight, especially: moral authority, influence, (b) in a quasi-personal sense, derived from later Judaism, of a spiritual power, and hence of an earthly power. political control in the government of a … The Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz) of 1933 gave the German Cabinet power to enact laws without the involvement of the Reichstag and the Reichsrat, the legislative bodies of the Weimar government. on the basis of preliminary results cannot be unlimited. 2008 bestehende Gesetze wie das Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (EEG), das KraftWä, (1) The Commission refused to duly investigate and take action concerning the instances of maladministration at the ITU listed in her letter of 16, dealing with nuclear fuels and related regulations, (1) Verweigerung der ordnungsgemäßen Untersuchung und Weiterverfolgung der in ihrem Schreiben vom 16.9.2002 aufgelisteten Missstände im ITU, sowie bezüglich, sowie gegen damit zusammenhängende Bestimmungen. ‘The Tribunal has no power to delegate to any other body the performance of the duties laid on it by the Act.’ ‘This ground of challenge may be used where the claimant alleges that there has been an unlawful delegation of power.’ Many translated example sentences containing "to act with power" – German-English dictionary and search engine for German translations. the act of having control over others: [ uncountable ] holding power over people's minds. (EnEV), and amendments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmG). | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Explanation and Commentary on Acts 1:8. Definition: power to act, authority. See more. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor. Learn more. powers that be phrase. great or marked ability to do or act: [uncountable] the power of nature. There is a material difference between them. Power definition: If someone has power , they have a lot of control over people and activities. continued to be run by persons who did not possess the necessary knowledge and reliability) and her claims nos. (EEG) und das Erneuerbare-Energien-Wärmegesetzes (EEWärmG).
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