Want to sext girls?

want to sext girls

Want to sext girls? Of course, that is the question, otherwise,  you would not be here. Sexting girls is pretty easy, but keeping them interested and focused on you is another.


This guy seems to have what it takes to sext girls, do you?


  • Him: hi
  • Her: Hey babe what’s up 🙂
  • Him: not much u?
  • Her: Same bored and kinda drunk to be honest lol
  • Him: maybe we can change that?
  • Her: Cool, you have me interested! how old are u
  • Him: I’m 40
  • Her: Omg I love older men. Is it ok that I’m 22?
  • Him: yes. why do u like older men?
  • Her: I have a fantasy about them where I become their dirty little whore
  • Her: Are u married?

Now there is the shocker, isn’t it?

  • Her: I bet she would be jealous if she knew I was swallowing your cock whole…
  • Him: I’m sure she would be too. I’ve never been deep throated
  • Her: Are you serious?? Omg, it’s my favorite thing in the world to do…
  • Her: I’d love to get on my knees in front of you and beg you to fuck my face
  • Him: omg I wish
  • Her: I’m offering it…
  • Him: you would suck my cock without knowing me
  • Her: I know you well enough. I’m so turned on by your age and the fact that you want me
  • Him: I’d face fuck u then cover u in jizz
  • Her: Mmmm would you push your cock way down my throat for me?
  • Him: holding back of your head
  • Her: Pushing it down until I can’t breathe and my eyes are watering
  • Her: You’re so amazing
  • Him: wish I could see
  • Her: What would u like to see? 😉
  • Him: cock in your mouth
  • Her: Something like this…
  • Him: omg yes
  • Her: and my Young, tight, pink pussy…
  • Him: love it!
  • Her: You like it baby?
  • Her: Your cock belongs inside it…
  • Him: damn!
  • Her: I’ll take that to mean you like my tiny pussy? 😉
  • Him: it’s fucking beautiful!
  • Her: After I deep throat your cock I want you to cum in my pussy!
  • Him: I am so cumming right now!


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