Why Do Women Moan During Sex?

A good lay hardly goes without a dramatic moan from women on webcam sex. Try it with a playful woman while doing phone sex. Give her a remarkable foreplay; kiss your way down to her dripping wet pussy, lick that place clean while you sensually caress her stiff breasts. If you are good enough you will notice the signals of readiness – dimmed vision, distorted speech and more. Now get her in position for a deep penetration and play that tambourine right .. During such an escapade a woman will moan in pleasure to signal that you are doing it right. Moaning is a spontaneous response to good sex- except when your woman is faking an orgasm. The amount of sex noises made differ from women to women. Some will let the whole building know that she is wild and good, while others will moan soft enough for her man.

Moan during sex

They often moan during sex

Aside from moaning as an automatic response to good sex, women moan for several other reasons as well. As I lightly mentioned in the above texts, women can fake their orgasm with cinematic moaning. Women with dominant personalities will use moaning to take control of the session. Through moaning they will influence the course of intercourse with words like oh yes, more please, stop, faster etc. Women who know how to moan objectively will signal their partners what they want during sex. Men love to have their ego massaged a little. Women who understand this will shower them with praises during sex to make them feel better about themselves. With their inflated egos, they will strive not disappoint thus benefiting the woman in the long run. Women can also moan to break the silence during sex. Complete silence is a notorious mood killer.

Discern fake moaning

Not all moaning should get to your head. Sometimes her moaning could have absolutely nothing to do with you. Your woman may be moaning because she watched it in a movie and felt like experimenting. You should however learn to discern fake moaning meant to make you feel good. Earned praises during sex are good for your self-esteem both in bed and outside. It is soul-crushing to discover that your womanís moaning were stage managed and that in no point during the numerous intercourses youíve had with her that you rubbed against the right spot and received honest praise.