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Dirty Text Messages

October 22nd 2015

Having fun with Dirty Text Messages   Do you enjoy sending dirty text messages?  We do too!  In fact, we love it so much we made it our business. We have heard and seen a lot of interesting things over the years, but nothing compares to a bad


Sharing Sexting Pics

October 22nd 2015

Why do people enjoy sharing sexting pics? Did you know that if you are under 18 sharing nude sexting pics can be considered child pornography? Yes, it is true, parents beware, if your kids are sharing nude images via sexting with friends or partners,

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Sexy Text Messages

October 22nd 2015

  Why sexting and sending sexy text messages isn’t as bad as you thought it was   People send sexy text messages every day, they (we) are sexting more now than ever before.   Forget the alarmists and the naysayers, Sexting has pr

Sexy Quotes

I want to sext with live girls!

October 08th 2015

I want to sext, let me count the ways!   What started as a few flirty words to a stranger one day turned out to be the beginning of a lifelong career in the adult industry for me.   It was during this ten-minute exchange that I realized I p

Adult Chat

Sexting Messages

October 08th 2015

Remember the days when your mother told you to be careful of strangers on the street? Well, the same thing applies on the Internet and this probably matters even more. With all the digital talk, sharing of images and sexting going on in the world tod

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Sext Messages

September 28th 2015

Sext Messages offers busy couples a way to connect! I heard the familiar sound of the beep emanating from my phone while tucked in my bed watching a movie late one evening. My husband often texts me before leaving from work to advise me that he is on

Fetish Chat

Sexting Girls for Fetish Chat

May 04th 2016

Did you know that we have Sexting Girls specifically for Fetish Chat?   What is your FETISH secret?  Want to know mine?     While I won’t tell you exactly what it is but I might be inclined to give you a hint.  It has to do with a

I want to sext with a sissy slut

April 26th 2016

Do you want to sext with a sissy slut but not sure where to go? Well, then you are in luck because you have come to the right place. I want to sext is one of the only sexting sites that brings fetish chat directly to you.   We have all kinds of

I want to sext with my best friend’s mom – is it wrong?

April 12th 2016

  Wanting to sext, chat or have sex with your best friend’s mom is what many refer to as a MILF fetish. MILF translates into “Mother I would like to F*ck,”  regardless if it is a best friend’s mom or not. It usually refe

Hot Wife & Cheating Wife Fetish Chat

March 24th 2016

Hot Wife & Cheating Wife Fetish Chat is kind of like a hand in hand sport. There is a number of unspoken rules and jargon that will keep just the average joe out of the fun. It is that dangerous mixture of excitement as you are pretending that an

Adult Chat

The Princess and the PAPA, an adult chat story.

March 09th 2016

As you can read in the text below, adult chat is quite good for the soul and it is not always negative. In this particular instance, the client explains that he is a lonely widower who has not had sexual feelings about anyone for a long time.  That

adult chat

Let’s talk about sexchat

March 01st 2016

I want to sextchat with my partner but she never responds to me.!!!!  Is this you?  Pulling your hair out because keeping the passion alive in your relationship isn’t exactly easy. We all have moments when we prefer doing other stuff than having

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Want to sext girls?

February 24th 2016

Want to sext girls? Of course, that is the question, otherwise,  you would not be here. Sexting girls is pretty easy, but keeping them interested and focused on you is another.   This guy seems to have what it takes to sext girls, do you?  

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Sex Text Me and spice things up!

January 29th 2016

Sex Text or Sexting to which it is often referred saved my marriage and spiced things up a whole lot!   Dirty chat on the phone comes naturally to me. It has been an integral part of my sexual existence since I can remember, sex text was a given

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Free Sexting? Guys are into it!

January 19th 2016

Free Sexting? Guys are into it, but sorry Guys, it doesn’t really exist!   When the popularity of sexting started several years ago, it was considered a tool for cyber bullies, nerds, and weirdoes of assorted varieties. Remember, the same

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Sexting is the new Mobile Phone Sex

January 05th 2016

Don’t knock sexting until you try it!   These are prophetic words my mother said to me eons ago. While I am pretty sure this is not quite what she had in mind, I will use them to talk about sexting. I used to be a skeptic about sex texting

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